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Obtaining an API key
Adding a task (number) to the dialing list
Removing a task (number) from the dialing list
Call log
Adding call data
Getting call data
Obtaining a call record
Summary reports on queues and users
Changing the agent’s status
Exporting contacts from the CRM
Verifying the existence of a value in the list
Complete order data (SHOP module)
API for the dialer list

API v.1

h3>Obtaining an API key/h3>
The API key is created in your user settings.


h3>Adding a task (number) to the dialing list/h3>
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Method: POST or GET

*The API key is generated in your user settings, as shown in the first part of the documentation.

Transmission of variables:

Standard method in a POST or GET request.
Unconventional method. The POST or GET variable json_request must contain a json string with data to add a task.

Authorization by user’s api token. The request must contain the variable api_token with the user’s token.

Mandatory data:

dialer_id – the dialer number in which to add a task.
phones – phone numbers, maximum 5. Either by comma or json substring (if transferred in json_request)

Optional data:

contact_id – contact number from the Oki-Toki CRM,
bp_id – process number from the Oki-Toki CRM,
date – the time for which calls are scheduled, in the format 21.02.2017 12:00:00,
import_id – import number,
priority priority from 0 to 2,
region region in the time zone format. for example Europe/Kiev (if the region will be specified but will be empty, then the auto-correction of the zone (if enabled) will not work, the client schedule will not work, and the call will go according to the schedule of the auto dialer),
ttl task lifetime, in seconds,
user_id user number to assign a task,
details – json substring with additional information, for example {“name”:”John”, “order”:”12″}
force_create – 1 or 0. If force_create=1, in the dialer settings uniqueness is enabled and the task does not

This is added due to its very uniqueness, then when adding all existing tasks conflicting with the unique key added one will be automatically cancelled. The task_id is the task number in dialer. If specified, the phone numbers will be added to the task with the specified number, if it is in operation.

reset_task_id – represents the task number in the dialer system. If a specific task number is provided, the system will attempt to locate this task and set it to work, rather than creating a new one. If phone numbers (phones) are specified, only those tasks will be put to work. If the task does not have any specified numbers, one will be added to it. If no numbers are indicated, all the phones in the task will be queued.
A return message will then confirm successful task addition with its number, or a message of any encountered error.

h3>Removal of task (number) from the auto-dialer/h3>

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