Omnichannel from Oki-Toki

The omnichannel platform combines calls, web chats, email, social networks, instant messengers and mobile applications. In such a unified environment, it is very convenient for people to work, and the combined data creates the conditions for the work of bots - reliable and functional assistants.


What is an omnichannel platform?


An omnichannel platform is a “seamless” combination of communication channels into a single system. The main thing in this idea is the client and his attitude to communication with the company. Additional tools in the platform provide convenience for business and company employees, such as a single client profile or a single operator workplace.

The client always contacts through the channel that is convenient for him. Then work with the client can move to another channel of communication. The omnichannel communication system allows you to work seamlessly with such requests.

The client does not need to repeat his question, which was discussed on another communication channel, and the operator does not need to keep many windows open and copy information between them, but the manager, analyst, quality control department and operator see communication as one chain of messages.

Requirements for an omnichannel system

Single workplace of the operator

From it you call, send mail and messages to clients, colleagues in the contact center and see the performance of your work.

единое рабочее место оператора
Communication integration

integration with your messengers: whatsapp, viber, telegram, Skype, social networks: Facebook and Instagram and calls, website and email.

интеграции с средствами комуникации
Unified message automation and helper bots

Bots help you not only with Q&A threads, but also with FAQs, advanced skills, data extraction from messages, Pocket Analytics, and dozens of other tasks to ensure that communication leads to your goals.

Единая автоматизация сообщений и боты помощники
Reporting across all communication channels

Agent Channel Reporting, Customer Experience Reporting, and Customer Journey Integration with Google Analytics.

Отчетность по всем каналам связи
Unified customer profile

An omnichannel client card and bots are assistants that help to fill it and keep it up to date.

единое рабочее место оператора
интеграции с средствами комуникации
Единая автоматизация сообщений и боты помощники
Отчетность по всем каналам связи

How does omnichannel selling work?

Suppose a company has a website with an adaptive version – you can enter your personal account using a unique login and password or an account in social networks. The company also attracts customers through social networks where the target audience is present: within the framework of the site, a manager or a bot can communicate with the client.

When the client sends an application or places an order, the data goes to CRM, call tracking data, end-to-end analytics go there, and are supplemented with suggestive algorithm data .

A manager, support employee or call center operator sees the history of the request and makes an offer taking into account the interests of the client. The database stores the entire history of interaction, so the buyer does not have to waste time on formalities when re-applying.

To maintain interest and stimulate purchases, the company uses mailing lists, discussions in the SS and personal messages with information about promotions, sales and other profitable offers, and also creates comfortable conditions for issuing an order.


We combined calls, mail, social networks and instant messengers so that you could manage several projects at the same time and using the tools for the CC supervisor, operator and manager created the best conditions for communication with the client.

Questions and answers

Cost of an omnichannel solution

The cost of the solution starts from 22.5 euros per month .

Customization and refinement of the omnichannel solution

The Oki-Toki service has a developed API that allows you to implement almost any new functionality.

How is the distribution of requests received through different channels?

In our system, all requests are lined up in a single queue.

Is there a server solution for internal contact centers?

The omnichannel solution from Oki-Toki is available in two versions – cloud and server options .

Integration of the Oki-Toki omnichannel solution with its own CRM

Oki-Toki has a developed API for integration with third-party services of any complexity. Leave a request on the site and our experts will help you.

Leave a request and get detailed advice from a specialist.

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