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Call center for delivery service

Use oki-toki tools to organize the workspace of a hotline agent, automate customer order notifications, and send alerts directly from the dashboard.

Колл центр для службы доставки

Functional capabilities for delivery services

Choose the tools necessary for the operation of the delivery service!

Incoming call processing

Process all calls in one dashboard. Connect your telephony and save on communication costs.

Callback for missed calls

Set up a callback for missed calls and process customer inquiries who couldn’t reach you in the shortest possible time.

Automatic notifier

Connect an automatic notifier with a speech synthesizer to automatically notify clients in voice mode.

Integration with external CRM or using an internal one

Connect your CRM and transfer all information in both directions. Or, use our CRM for keeping track of all clients’ data.

Call scripts

Design call scripts on your own or using ready-made templates.

Sending client information by email or SMS

Connect the necessary SMS broadcasting services to send the requested data from the dashboard directly during the call.

Call center performance monitoring

Use built-in tools to monitor the quality of agent work: the number of accepted and missed calls, average call duration, agent’s time on the line, etc.


  • Additional Payment
  • Agent's Workspace € 1
  • For 1 agent per day

  • One-Time Payment
  • Activating and Setting up the Service € 75
  • One-time fee for service connection and setup

Paying for oki-toki is profitable!

Pay for what you use

In our service, you only pay for what you use! More work – you pay more, very little – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty account

For using our service, we credit u.e. to a special account. Bonus funds can be used to pay for any oki-toki tools.


If you can’t replenish your account in oki-toki, you can always take a credit that will last for a week of work.


Representations in Russia and Ukraine. Services are provided by an offer agreement. Payment by non-cash payment or Visa/MasterCard. Sending documents by EDI.

Reviews on Oki-Toki from Other Services

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Cloud Call-center for Delivery Service

The reliability of a courier service, online store or transportation company is determined by the speed of order processing and constant control over each stage of their execution. To achieve high performance indicators and quality service, there is a reliable helper – a call center for delivery service.

  • Convenience for clients. Placing and discussing order details over the phone is a quick way to solve any questions and difficulties in the purchasing process, as no computer or internet is needed. Also, in oki-toki, there is a chat system where clients can communicate with agents.
  • Automation of client services. Part of the client service can be easily automated with the help of voice messages or a virtual agent. The robot can perform simple tasks such as notifying about order completion, receiving feedback, and even accepting a repeat order.
  • Expanding the client base. Agents of the call center for delivery service not only process incoming calls but also actively work with potential clients, providing information on attractive offers and special promotions. In this way, you will expand your client base and improve your business efficiency.
  • Accepting orders and arranging delivery. The call center will be useful for the delivery service, as it can help clients in placing an order or clarifying details. Agents will quickly consult clients, answer all calls and messages, and clarify order details. For example, in oki-toki, it’s possible to organize a dialer for customers who are waiting for the courier at home to confirm the delivery time.

Call center for delivery service — a ready solution from oki-toki 

Creating a multi-channel call center is an integral step for a delivery company. However, outsourcing all the work is not the best idea. The company’s employees are familiar with the “pitfalls” and can answer questions that external specialists may encounter for the first time. Nevertheless, creating a standard call center has its drawbacks, especially the high cost. But there is a solution – using cloud technologies. Clients of the cloud service oki-toki pay only for the services used, which means lower costs for a smaller workload. 

The functional capabilities of oki-toki are suitable for different types of call centers in the delivery sector, including courier services, online stores, food delivery, products, goods, and services.

Specialists of the cloud service oki-toki can quickly help set up a call center that meets the company’s needs and train your employee to configure our service. oki-toki does not require you to have specialized employees, as our technical support is ready to help with complex issues.

The cloud service oki-toki offers a convenient solution for companies wanting to create an efficient and affordable call center for delivery. It will help minimize costs, improve agent performance, and leave a positive customer impression.

Advantages of working with oki-toki

The cloud service oki-toki offers a ready-made solution for the delivery service, which will significantly improve the call center’s work process. Thanks to this solution, agents will be able to quickly process customer requests and provide a high level of service. 

Let’s consider the main tools included in this solution:

  • Incoming call processing. With oki-toki, you can connect different numbers to process calls from various sources or channels. Connecting your own telephony to the service will save on communication costs. All calls will be conveniently processed in each agent’s personal dashboard.
  • Callback for missed calls. The Callback feature allows you to timely connect with customers who could not reach. This increases the customer orientation of the company and ensures prompt feedback.
  • Automatic notifications setup. Using the auto-notifier, you can set up voice notifications about the delivery method, payment, and order status. This will significantly reduce the load on agents and accelerate communication between the supplier and the customer.
  • Integration with an external CRM or using an internal one. oki-toki offers its own CRM system to keep track of data or the possibility to integrate with the existing CRM of the client company. This will help automate business processes and ensure efficient information exchange.
  • Connecting SMS and e-mail campaigns. oki-toki allows sending information to clients via SMS and e-mail, for example, delivery times, order status, cost. SMS can also be sent directly from the agent’s station and during a call. This will improve interaction with clients and enhance communication efficiency.
  • Chats. Delivery service agents can communicate with clients in the chat, provide information about delivery methods, payment, order status, and quickly answer questions. Clients can use the chat on the website or reach out through messenger, and agents will respond from oki-toki.
  • Reporting. Reports can show call duration, the number of processed requests, as well as listen to conversations, view transcripts, and export calls for further analysis.
  • KPI. You will be able to track agent occupancy, control late arrivals and cases when an agent leaves the shift early. Using evaluation sheets, you can analyze agent dialogues and assign scores.
  • Agent evaluation. You can conduct an automatic survey of customers about the quality of service or after talking with an agent, the customer can rate from 1 to 5. 

The tools of the cloud service oki-toki will help the call center of the delivery service increase income and always stay in touch with buyers. Our ready-made solution will allow you to control the work of agents, provide quality service, and ensure communication with clients. Do not miss the opportunity to use all the advantages of oki-toki for your delivery call center.

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