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Online store

Building a contact center for online stores from scratch takes from several hours to 1-2 working days, depending on the complexity of the tasks. Using the tools and capabilities of Oki-Toki, you will receive a multifunctional contact center without connecting additional software and equipment.

Functionality for online stores

Choose the tools you need to run your contact center!

Режимы автообзвона
  • callback mode . First, a call is made to the operator, a message is played, and then a call is made to the customer. This mode is used for working with VIP clients and when processing hot clients.
  • progressive mode . The slowest of the modes. Works only for operators in the Ready status, occupying one line per free operator. This mode does not create “dropped” calls. Mainly used to work with warm clients.
  • power dial . A method of reducing connection waiting, in which for each agent in the Ready and PCP status, the dealer occupies a specified number of lines with calls. This mode is chosen by microcredit services and owners of “bad or generated” bases.
  • predictive mode . The mode of dynamic adjustment of the number of lines for a constant load of operators while maintaining the proportion of dumped calls at a predetermined level. Effective from 15 operators on one dialer. The efficiency of operators’ work increases by 2-3 times.
  • limitless mode . The mode of using lines without restrictions. Usually used for calling from IVR, notifying customers about a promotion or service
Flexible diler settings
  • Controlling the number of dialing attempts. Set the dialer how many dialing attempts it should make for each number. It can be either a certain amount or until the call is successful.
  • Controlling the interval of dialing attempts. Specify for dialer with what frequency he should attempt to call back: once an hour, several hours, a day.
  • The ability to expand the database in real time. Add new numbers to the dialer database at any time without stopping its operation.
Setting call priorities
  • By task creation time : newest first or oldest first.
  • By scheduled call time : most overdue or most timely first.
  • By task priority : urgent, normal, low.
  • By the number of attempts : maximum or minimum.
Operator control
  • Automatic survey about the quality of service.
  • Questionnaire for assessing the quality of the operator’s work.
  • Indicators of the level of service of operators and queues.
  • Presence control at the workplace.
  • Accounting for the employment of operators.
  • Operator regulations.
  • Operator billing.
  • Operator statuses.
  • Interception and listening to a call.
CRM integration
  • Integration with RetailCRM, Leadvertex, Bitrix24, amoCRM (coming soon).
  • Transfer of order parameters and subscriber data from external CRM.
  • Uploading call data and records to CRM.
Voice messages (IVR)
  • Record voice messages yourself or with the help of Yandex TTS robots.
  • Connect your inboxes and set up voice greetings for them.
  • Notify customers about the status of the order and delivery when outgoing calls.
  • Program an IVR dialogue with a subscriber, as a result of which a connection with a specific department or operator is possible.
  • Allow the subscriber to answer IVR questions using tone dialing or voice.
Call line

Connect your IP telephony to receive and process calls. Store all information on calls in one system!

  • connection of any number of communication providers;
  • routing of outgoing calls according to tariffs and operator prefixes;
  • control of permitted directions;
  • setting a limit on communication costs;
  • automatic monitoring of communication quality;
  • automatic SMS and email notification when spending limits are reached or communication quality deteriorates;
  • reports on the cost, number and duration of calls.
Call Recording

Full recording of conversations in mp3. Integration with Google Drive. Free storage for 1400 hours of calls.

Request statistics

Detailed statistics, summary reports and cuts on the total number of calls, lost calls, downtime, etc. Use reports to optimize your call center!


  • Additional payment
  • Operator's workplace € 1
  • For 1 operator per day

  • One time payment
  • Connection and service settings € 100
  • One-time fee for connecting and setting up the service

It is profitable to pay for Oki-Toki!

Pay for what you use

With our service, you only pay for what you use! More work – you pay more, and very little – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty account

For the use of our service, we credit c.u. to a special account. Bonus funds can be used to pay for any Oki-Toki instruments.


If you are unable to replenish your Oki-Toki account, you can always take out a loan that is enough for a week of work.


Representations in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Services are provided under an offer agreement. Payment by bank transfer or Visa/MasterCard. Sending documents via EDI.

Reviews about Oki-Toki from other services


Iulia Raiscaia

Feedback from the Startpack service Pros: extensive functionality, a huge number of reports. The company itself is ready to develop new products to improve the quality of work. Integration of statistical data, disciplinary reports and reports. A convenient platform for a company with a large number of clients. Linking a personal manager to a client, which is important at the first stages of working with the program. Full automation of calls, recording and archive of all telephone conversations. API integration. At the same time, the cost of these services on the market is low. Cons: Lack of a number of widgets when moving to a new opera place, although this can be considered as an advantage, since it does not scatter the attention of the operator when calling


Bogdan Koshevoy

Feedback from the Voipoffice service We have been working with Oki for more than 3 years. Excellent service for the implementation of projects and at a very good price. If there are people, pay, if there are no people, don’t pay. We have already implemented a large number of projects on the Oka platform. Very convenient widgets for tracking indicators and flexible settings. If you want to quickly launch a project that will work stably, I definitely recommend Oki. We have not had situations in 3 years that the oki did not work for more than 4-5 minutes and this happens very rarely.



Feedback from the Otzovik service We have been working with Oki since 2018, we found them when we opened an online store. The service is very flexible. At first we had a couple of operators, and we bought only 2 operator positions. Now there are more operators, we spend, of course, also more, but there are no “extra” and imposed payments. There are 10 operators – you pay only for 10 operator places. You don’t need, for example, a voice robot – you don’t pay for it, you need it, you connected it. But there is a personal manager only at the stage of connection and the test period. Generally satisfied.



Feedback from the Indexcall service There are pluses and minuses in the operation of the system. Although in general a positive impression. From the conveniences: a clear interface and work from the browser, the capabilities of the dealer. IVR is very cool. Creating voice greetings or scripts is really cool. Of the minuses: the raw interface of the operator’s workplace, there are a number of shortcomings. It’s a little annoying that many related functions are in different sections. It would be nice to add more hints. In general, more satisfied with the work than not.

Call center for an online store

Customers contact the call center of an online store to find out information about an order or product, to clarify availability, price, terms of delivery or payment, or addresses of pickup points. Sometimes a client needs help in choosing a product, a chatbot cannot cope with this – a consultant is needed who knows the range and properties of goods. The call center is called to inquire about vacancies, to give advertising information or to agree on cooperation, and yes, special departments can be created to work with a corporate client. But bots (robots) can be useful for many simple tasks, such as reporting order status information, activating a promo code, or listening to information about marketing promotions. This is a modern way to optimize the work of a call center for an online store. Come visit us to use it.

Benefits of a cloud call center for an online store

The cloud service is suitable both for call centers of large online stores with a large staff of employees, and for new, developing companies. A call center for an online store created in the cloud does not require additional software and hardware, and at the same time allows you to add up to 500 operators. However, the advantage of a cloud-based contact center for the Oki-Toki online store lies not only in the convenience of expansion, but also in saving money with seasonal fluctuations in the load on the call center, ease of operation that allows the use of home operators, and free assistance of consulting engineers from technical support. Oki-Toki took into account the specifics and prepared ready-made solutions for the call center for the online store. So, in the Oki-Toki cloud call center there are ready-made, “out of the box” tools necessary for daily work:

  • Queues of incoming calls;
  • Routing and cost accounting for outgoing calls;
  • GSM gateways to save on communication;
  • Callback to save on 0800 numbers;
  • Handling lost calls (callback);
  • Dialer for order processing;
  • Automation scripts for robots (voice menus).

The Oki-Toki service has integration with several CRMs: RetailCRM, Leadvertex, Bitrix24, amoCRM. If your CRM is not listed, then integration can be done using the Webhooks tool.

High-quality service in the contact center of the online store

The quality and speed of service are parameters that directly affect customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly work on their improvement. To this end, the Oki-Toki team has developed and implemented such tools as IVR, recording a conversation with a client, as well as a function for monitoring the work of operators. Voice messages (IVR) will help improve the quality of service. Voice messages recorded by announcers or synthesized by a robot will help notify the client about the status of an order or delivery. Depending on the settings, the client will be able to answer the questions of the robot by voice or using the keyboard. To facilitate the work of supervisors and the head of the call center, the operator control function has been implemented, which includes:

  • Automatic survey of customers about the quality of service;
  • A questionnaire that allows you to evaluate the quality of the operator’s work;
  • Indicators of the level of service and waiting time in the queue;
  • Monitoring the presence of personnel at the workplace;
  • Accounting for the operator’s employment;
  • Standards and billing of work;
  • Intercepting and listening to calls.

Call center price for an online store

The price for a call center created using the Oki-Toki cloud service is formed very simply: the client pays only for what he uses. This is the basic principle. In addition to him, there are several more related to money:

  • If it is not possible to replenish the account in the system on time, you can always take a loan and work for another week;
  • When using the service, bonuses may be credited to the client’s account, which can later be used for payment;
  • Free trial period with access to all features of the call center for 14 days.

You can order a call center service for an online store by creating an account in the system . After registration, you will be sent a demo access to Oki-Toki to get acquainted with all the possibilities. At the end of the test period, you can pay for the Oki-Toki service using a Visa / Mastercard or by bank transfer.

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