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Microcredit and collectors

Use dialer, voice mailings, automation and integration with CRM to call debtors as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Functionality for collectors

Choose the tools necessary for the work of the collection office!

Dialer by robot with IVR

Use the combination Robot dialer and IVR (voice or regular) to familiarize customers with new services or products, as well as provide an opportunity to choose the further development of the dialogue.

Robot dialer and message playback

Make voice mailings by a robot, playing pre-recorded messages to subscribers. Automatic playback of a recorded message using a program for dialing debtors will save the efforts and time of operators.

Dialer with transfer to the operator when the client answers

Optimize agent work time by using Dialer to dial numbers. Establish a connection with the operator when the client answers. Use different modes when calling debtors automatically, focusing on the quality of your database.

Callback on missed calls to the incoming line

Don’t miss a single call. Set up automatic callback for missed incoming calls.

Integrations to automate the call and sales process

Increase the number of sales by setting up the integration of Oki-Toki with your other systems.

Voice IVR on incoming line

Connect a voice IVR to an incoming line, set up triggers for certain words, phrases and their synonyms, and distribute calls among operators and departments.

Call Recordings

Record and listen to the conversations of operators and managers with customers to improve the level of service.

Customer personalization

Address the client by name during an incoming call or provide him with the necessary information from his account (the amount of debt or credit) when calling the robot.

Integration with SMS services

Connect the necessary SMS mailing services and send the necessary information to the client directly from the Oki-Toki account.

SLA reports

Use SLA reports to control agent response time to calls.


  • Additional payment
  • Operator's workplace € 1
  • For 1 operator per day

  • One time payment
  • Connection and service settings € 100
  • One-time fee for connecting and setting up the service

It is profitable to pay for Oki-Toki!

Pay for what you use

With our service, you only pay for what you use! More work – you pay more, and very little – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty account

For the use of our service, we credit c.u. to a special account. Bonus funds can be used to pay for any Oki-Toki instruments.


If you are unable to replenish your Oki-Toki account, you can always take out a loan that is enough for a week of work.


Representations in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Services are provided under an offer agreement. Payment by bank transfer or Visa/MasterCard. Sending documents via EDI.

Reviews about Oki-Toki from other services


Iulia Raiscaia

Feedback from the Startpack service Pros: extensive functionality, a huge number of reports. The company itself is ready to develop new products to improve the quality of work. Integration of statistical data, disciplinary reports and reports. A convenient platform for a company with a large number of clients. Linking a personal manager to a client, which is important at the first stages of working with the program. Full automation of calls, recording and archive of all telephone conversations. API integration. At the same time, the cost of these services on the market is low. Cons: Lack of a number of widgets when moving to a new opera place, although this can be considered as an advantage, since it does not scatter the attention of the operator when calling


Bogdan Koshevoy

Feedback from the Voipoffice service We have been working with Oki for more than 3 years. Excellent service for the implementation of projects and at a very good price. If there are people, pay, if there are no people, don’t pay. We have already implemented a large number of projects on the Oka platform. Very convenient widgets for tracking indicators and flexible settings. If you want to quickly launch a project that will work stably, I definitely recommend Oki. We have not had situations in 3 years that the oki did not work for more than 4-5 minutes and this happens very rarely.



Feedback from the Otzovik service We have been working with Oki since 2018, we found them when we opened an online store. The service is very flexible. At first we had a couple of operators, and we bought only 2 operator positions. Now there are more operators, we spend, of course, also more, but there are no “extra” and imposed payments. There are 10 operators – you pay only for 10 operator places. You don’t need, for example, a voice robot – you don’t pay for it, you need it, you connected it. But there is a personal manager only at the stage of connection and the test period. Generally satisfied.



Feedback from the Indexcall service There are pluses and minuses in the operation of the system. Although in general a positive impression. From the conveniences: a clear interface and work from the browser, the capabilities of the dealer. IVR is very cool. Creating voice greetings or scripts is really cool. Of the minuses: the raw interface of the operator’s workplace, there are a number of shortcomings. It’s a little annoying that many related functions are in different sections. It would be nice to add more hints. In general, more satisfied with the work than not.

Oki-Toki is a call center for microcredit organizations

Since the call center is one of the key tools for microcredit and microfinance organizations (MCC/MFOs), choosing a solution for it is an important task that requires a careful analysis of opportunities and cost-effectiveness. Diverse tasks (issuing loans and collecting debts) require a wide range of functionality and integration capabilities from the call center for the MCC . The Oki-Toki service is capable of solving all the tasks of MFIs and MCCs in dealing with telephone calls and, at the same time, will significantly optimize the cost of maintaining a call center.

What should a ready-made solution for a call center of a microfinance company be able to do?

Missed call – lost money. With the current competition in the field of microcredit, it is difficult to expect that the call center will call back and “pick up” the client, i.e. as many calls as possible should be taken at once. And given the uneven flow of applications for loans (peaks during the day, fluctuations between seasons, holidays, vacations), this requires either a staff of operators or flexible work schedules and the ability to quickly connect additional people. Oki-Toki allows you to register an unlimited number of accounts for operators, connect them from any place where there is an Internet connection, distribute them among groups and projects, and create complex schedules. Daily payment for using the service and advanced accounting of operators’ working hours will allow the call center of a microfinance organization to keep the budget within reasonable limits during personnel maneuvers. Using your own, familiar and well-customized CRM in a company is often an obstacle to the introduction of new products. Therefore, it is important that the purchased MCC call center solution has the ability to quickly and reliably integrate. The Oki-Toki cloud service has several tools for this and ready-made plugins for common products like AmoCRM, Bitrix24. The work of collecting debts takes almost most of the time of the call center of a microcredit company . It involves a huge flow of outgoing calls, a significant part of which remains unanswered. Another large part is a routine (reminders, informing), which can (and should) be automated. Dialer for MCC/MFO – is crucial when choosing a call center solution , as debtors prefer not to answer calls and block numbers, and this can only be overcome by automation. Oki-Toki dialer is perhaps the best solution available on the market, since it was initially focused on large call centers, and not on replacing office PBXs. Thanks to speech synthesis and recognition of voice responses of subscribers, Oki-Toki will allow you to establish an efficient and cost-effective workflow in the call center of a microfinance organization .

What tasks can Oki-Toki solve in the call center of a microcredit company?

When ordering a solution for a contact center, the manager of a microfinance company sets global goals (to sell and collect) and general tasks (to improve, speed up, simplify, reduce the cost, etc.) But what exactly should it do? We, at Oki-Toki, believe that at a minimum it is:

  • Operational management of the number of operators.
  • Accounting for working hours and maintaining discipline.
  • Control and training of operators.
  • Call automation.
  • Logging of all contacts with the client.
  • Connection of any number of telephone lines and numbers.
  • Integration with everything the company needs.
  • Cost management (pay only for what is used today).

Useful tools of Oki-Toki — a call center for MCOs/MFIs

  • A combination of dialer and playback of a previously recorded or synthesized message will help automate informing customers.
  • Developed multi-factor reporting will give managers a variety of data on the work of the call center, both operational and for long periods.
  • Operator time tracking and sophisticated scheduling will allow you to respond flexibly to changing workloads and optimize costs.
  • Monitoring disciplinary standards will make the work of supervisors more effective and reasonable.
  • Scenarios/scripts, conversation recordings and the ability to listen to the conversation by a supervisor will simplify the training of new call center operators for a microcredit organization and reduce the burden on them.
  • Customer cards with the preservation of the entire history of communications and integration opportunities will streamline the customer base.

If you think that this is not enough and you have ideas for creating custom tools to increase the efficiency of your microcredit call center , we are open to good ideas, and we can implement very good ones for free. Order a ready-made call center solution for microfinance organizations by sending an application!

Leave a request and get detailed advice from a specialist.

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