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Call Center for Debt Collection and Microfinance Organizations

Utilize dialer, voice broadcasts, automation, and CRM integration to contact debtors quickly and efficiently!

Functional Capabilities for Collection Agents

Choose the Tools Essential for Your Collection Agency's Operation!

Automated Dialing with IVR Robot

Leverage the powerful combination of “Robot Auto Dialing” and IVR (Voice or Standard) to familiarize clients with new services or products, also providing them with the opportunity to choose the direction of the conversation’s evolution.

Automated Dialing and Message Playback by Robot

Implement automated voice broadcasts using a robot, playing pre-recorded messages to subscribers. The automatic playback of recorded messages using a dialing program for debtors will save vital energy and time of your agents.

Automated dialing with agent-assisted customer response

Optimize your agents’ working hours by using dialer for number dialing. Establish connection with an agent when a client responds. Use various modes when dialer debtors, focusing on the quality of your database.

Callback on Missed Incoming Calls

Don’t miss a single call. Set up automatic callbacks for missed incoming calls.

Integrations for Automating Call-Outs and Sales Processes

Boost your sales volume by setting up the integration of Oki-Toki with your other systems.

Voice IVR for Inbound Line

Connect a voice IVR to the incoming line, set up triggers for specific words, phrases, and their synonyms, and distribute calls among agents and departments.

Call Recordings

Record and listen to the conversations of agents and managers with customers to enhance the level of service.

Customer Personalization

Address the customer by name during an incoming call or provide them with the necessary information from their account (such as debt amount or credit) when making a robot call.

Integration with SMS Services

Connect the necessary SMS distribution services and send the required information to the customer directly from the Oki-Toki dashboard.

SLA Reports

Utilize SLA reports to monitor the response time of agents to inquiries.


  • Additional Payment
  • Agent's Workspace € 1
  • For 1 agent per day

  • One-Time Payment
  • Activating and Setting up the Service € 75
  • One-time fee for service connection and setup

Paying for Oki-Toki is beneficial!

Pay for What You Use

In our service, you only pay for what you use! More work – you pay more, and a little less – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty Score

For using our service, we credit units to a special account. You can use these bonus funds to pay for any Oki-Toki tools.


If you’re unable to top up your account in Oki-Toki, you can always take out a loan to cover a week’s worth of work.


Representations in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Services are provided under the offer contract. Payment by non-cash transaction or using Visa/MasterCard. Document dispatch through electronic data interchange.

Reviews on Oki-Toki from Other Services

Oki-Toki Google Chrome browser

Cloud-Based Call Center for Debt Collection Agency and Microfinance Institutions

The call center plays a crucial role in the operations of microcredit companies and microfinance organizations (MCCs and MFOs). Choosing the right solution for the call center is a key task that requires a thorough analysis of capabilities and economic efficiency.

One such solution is our service, Oki-Toki, which offers a wide range of features and integrations for a variety of MCC and MFO tasks such as loan issuance and debt recovery. Moreover, Oki-Toki can help optimize costs for call center support.
h3>Oki-Toki for Effective Interaction with Clients of Micro-Credit Companies/h3>
Customer interaction is a key success factor for microfinance organizations. Oki-Toki assists in this by offering innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience. Oki-Toki ensures efficient interaction with customers through various communication channels such as phone calls, messages, and emails. As a result, call center agents can swiftly respond to customer requests and provide necessary information.

The flexibility and scalability of Oki-Toki is yet another advantage. The platform effortlessly integrates into existing contact center systems, enabling agents to manage customer inquiries efficiently and enhance their service.

In this way, contact centers can focus on their core business, while Oki-Toki takes care of customer engagement.

Ultimately, Oki-Toki becomes a valuable partner for microcredit organizations, helping them to interact effectively with customers. With its innovative features and flexible platform, contact centers will enhance their service quality, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty.
h3>Oki-Toki: The perfect solution for a microfinance company’s call center/h3>
In a fiercely competitive microfinance landscape, every missed call becomes a missed opportunity. So how can a microfinance institution overcome the challenge and “catch” a client? The key factor is the ability to handle as many calls as possible at once. However, loan queries tend to come in an irregular flow, with peaks in the daytime, fluctuations between seasons, holidays, and vacations. Flexible working schedules and the ability to quickly onboard additional agents are necessary for successfully addressing this issue.

Oki-Toki can help to solve this problem:

  • Boost Your Call Center’s Throughput. Register an unlimited number of agents, connect them from any location with internet access, and distribute them amongst groups and projects. Promptly react to increased call flow by adding additional agents and adjusting work schedules. Manage your call center’s budget, paying for services per day of use and tracking agents’ active hours.
  • Integrate Oki-Toki with your existing CRM seamlessly. Special tools and ready-made plugins simplify integration, letting you maintain your routine work process while maximizing the benefits of the call center solution.
  • Automate Debt Collection with Auto Dialing. Oki-Toki offers a solution that significantly streamlines and speeds up the process of reminder notifications and informing. With speech synthesis and recognition of subscribers’ voice responses, microfinance organizations can operate efficiently and cost-effectively in the call center, freeing up time for other critical tasks.

Gain the advantage in a highly competitive microfinance environment with Oki-Toki. We’ll help your company face challenges and effectively “catch” every client.

How Oki-Toki solves the microcredit call center issues

Imagine a microcredit company where the contact center plays a significant role in achieving global goals: increasing sales and efficient debt recovery. But what specific tasks can be addressed with software to ensure success? Oki-Toki is ready to answer this question and offer the following intriguing solutions:

  • Flexible agent management: Scale your team of agents in real time to handle increased call flow and avoid losing customers.
  • Time tracking: Accurately track your agents’ working hours and maintain discipline with an automated timekeeping system.
  • Agent control and training: Evaluate and improve agent performance, educate them, and ensure a high level of customer service.
  • Call Automation: Free up your agents’ time from routine calls by automating and directing them with an intelligent system.
  • Contact Logging: Record all interactions with customers for analysis and service improvement.
  • Flexible connection of phone lines and numbers: Add new lines and numbers easily and quickly for effective scaling of your operations.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: We are ready to integrate with your CRM-systems and tools to streamline and optimize your workflow.
  • Expense Management: Oki-Toki offers a flexible payment model, allowing you to only pay for what you really use. This way, you can achieve greater economic efficiency.
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Oki-Toki – your reliable partner for an efficient call center of a microcredit company. Achieve greater success and become a leader in your industry with our innovative solutions.
h3>Beneficial Oki-Toki tools for MCC/MFO call centers/h3>
Effective interaction with customers and call center optimization are important factors for success in the microcredit sphere. Oki-Toki tools will help you increase productivity, improve service quality, and make your call center more efficient:

  • Dialer and message playback: You can automatically alert customers using pre-recorded or synthesized messages. This will save a lot of time and effort when communicating with your customers.
    • You can use this tool to send payment reminders or provide important information about new products and services. Such automation will help you keep customers informed without spending extra time and resources.


  • Advanced multifactor reporting: providing call center managers with all the necessary information about its operation. You will receive real-time agent performance data, as well as comprehensive reports over extended periods.
    • Will present statistics on the number of processed calls, average waiting time, call durations, and many other indicators. It will enable you to analyze the effectiveness of your call center and make well-informed decisions for its improvement. 
    • /ul>

    • Work hours tracking and flexible schedules:To manage your call center’s load as effectively as possible, you need a tool that allows for flexible adaptation to changing conditions. This means that you can optimize costs by adjusting the number of agents based on the call center load.
      • During periods of high activity, it will help you quickly scale your team, and during periods of low activity, it will allow you to reduce the number of agents. This approach will help you save resources while ensuring a high level of customer service.
      • /ul>

      • Monitoring Disciplinary Standards: Supervisors play a key role in the efficient operation of the contact center. Tools to monitor discipline and adherence to standards by agents will assist them in this endeavor.
        • You will receive notifications of rule violations and standards to respond promptly and prevent potential issues. This will enable supervisors to more effectively monitor work and ensure compliance with customer service standards.
        • /ul>

        • Scripts and Call Recordings: Well-prepared agents are the key to a successful call center. Oki-Toki offers the ability to create scripts for handling calls, as well as recording conversations for supervisor review.
          • This will assist in training new agents, simplify the learning process, and reduce their workload. Agents can use pre-made dialogue scripts to effectively interact with customers, and supervisors can review and analyze conversations for further team improvement.
          • /ul>

          • Customer Cards and Integration: Organized and structured customer data – is a key element for a successful contact center. Oki-Toki offers customer cards where you can save the entire history of communications and integrate them with other systems and applications.
            • You will receive customer information from the database and its automatic display on the agent’s screen during a call. This will help you provide personalized service and increase customer trust.
            • /ul>

            • Custom Tools: Oki-Toki is always open to good ideas and suggestions. If you have specific requirements or ideas for creating tools that will help improve your call center’s efficiency, we are ready to implement them. Moreover, if your idea is unique and genuinely enhances the operation of the call center, we may offer you to implement this idea for free. We strive to be your reliable partners and assist you in achieving standout performance.
            • /ul>
              Oki-Toki is your reliable partner for micro-credit call centers. We will help you enhance performance, optimize processes, and achieve success. With us, you can expand your agent team, schedule work, and promptly respond to client calls. Integrating with your CRM will be simple and convenient, and our auto-dialer will help collect debts and free up agent time. We are always ready to provide technical support and offer consultations.

              Don’t put it off – start implementing a ready-made solution for your call center today!

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