Terms of use

Basic provisions of the user agreement

1. Personal logins

Personal logins to the system are the property of individuals – their owners. The Company cannot delete the user’s login, but may exclude his access to all data arising from his work or block his use. Oki-Toki policy does not support the sharing of one login by several persons. In the event of a conflict situation related to the sharing of a login, the issue of its ownership is decided by the service representative.

2. Staff sharing

Upon request and with the consent of the companies, a representative of the Oki-Toki service may grant one or a group of logins belonging to one company the visibility and control of these accounts for another company. This action does not provide access to the host company’s data, but allows its authorized employees of the company to grant the necessary rights to guest logins. In the future, authorized employees of the host company can independently exclude access to guest logins. The company providing employees can independently revoke their logins from their host company. Data resulting from the work of guest employees is the exclusive property of the host company.

3. Moving from one company to another

The employee’s belonging to the company is recorded in his personal login. Only an authorized employee of the company can exclude a personal login from the company. A login that does not belong to any company can be connected to any company by its authorized employee.

4. Licenses and interaction between clients in Oki-Toki

The employee’s belonging to the company is recorded in his personal login. Only an authorized employee of the company can exclude a personal login from the company. A login that does not belong to any company can be connected to any company by its authorized employee.

5. Data retention management

All data of the company is its property. Responsibility for the change, damage or loss of data due to the work of users of the company lies with its authorized employees. The service makes every possible effort to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of company data, namely: a 7-day archive of company data, backup of data storage servers, logging access of company employees, a data change log, restricting employee access only from certain places on the network. The company can order and use additional security tools: voice encryption and automatic daily data archiving. The Oki-Toki service recognizes the possibility of a short-term, i.e. up to 20 minutes of loss of access by the client to the data storage under the influence of unforeseen circumstances or actions of 3 persons (DDoS attacks, outages in the data center, etc.) The service recommends using a set of measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of data: personal logins, complex passwords , group roles, access restriction by network addresses and daily data archiving.

6. Managing the reliability of access to the service

To ensure the reliability of access (receiving and processing calls), the service has two independent layers of protection against failures. Companies using the service need to use them to ensure 100% availability. The service makes it possible to process calls in case of failures, but allows limited functionality. The first layer is backup call forwarding to landline phones that work in case of loss of access to the database, interruptions in power supply or Internet access in the customer’s Call Center. The second layer: redirects on no answer or busyness at the telecom operator. We recommend ordering this service in case of failure of the communication equipment of the Oki-Toki service. The Service does not assume responsibility for the lack of access if the access requirements are not met.

7. Internal failure protection

The Oki-Toki service has a transparent redundancy of all servers, ensuring operability in the event of a failure of any of them without reducing functionality. To reduce delays in voice processing, we recommend using regional voice servers appropriate for the client’s location.

8. Disclaimer and Call Recordings

The Service is not responsible for its use for illegal business activities. We do not carry out a control function, but according to complaints about our service, we can restrict access to the client’s operators or terminate the contract. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine, the company is obliged to notify the client about the recording of conversations. The service is not responsible for the consequences of non-compliance with this and other requirements of the laws by the client.

9. Changes and Bug Fixes

The service makes every effort to improve the usability, reliability and functionality of the system. Changes that do not affect the client’s data are made to the service without prior agreement with the client at the time when it is necessary for the operation of the service. Changes may cause a denial of normal access (except for protection against failures) to the service for no more than 5 minutes, as well as instability for a short period. Correction of errors in the operation of the service takes place in priority mode and as quickly as possible. An error is an undeclared operation of the service, identified by the client and filed by a request or a call to a service representative within a period not exceeding from the moment the error was detected to make and process calls for an hour and one day for reports.

10. Create new features and improvements

We make efforts to consistently develop the service, carefully analyzing and systematizing the ideas of customers, correlating them with the advanced standards of the industry. We can deviate from our planned path in three cases: when the idea is easy to implement and useful to other clients, when a useful idea is supported by adequate money from the client, and when the idea, but rather a practical task, limited in its applicability, is generously paid by the client.

11. Documentation and information

The official reference documentation for the service is the Oki-Toki Lessons blog. Additions to the documentation are announced on the company’s twitter. All profound changes in the work of the service, noticed problems and the timing of their solution are published on Twitter. The responsibility for the timely study of the documentation and the inconvenience associated with ignoring the documentation cannot be attributed to the service. In the absence or incompleteness of information on the documented service modules, the service undertakes to provide it as quickly as possible.

12. Compensation for losses and financial liability

The Service does not provide compensation for direct and indirect losses arising from the inoperability or misuse of the Service. If desired, the client can sign an additional agreement that provides for the timing of response to problems and financial responsibility within the agreement.

13. Termination of use and debt

The service continues to store the client’s data even in the absence of payment from the client, but not more than 2 months. If, after this period, the client expresses a desire to continue working, then the experience of his previous work does not cancel the need to pay for the connection. If the client needs to temporarily stop using the service, then the service can take on obligations to store data for a long time, subject to payment of ½ basic licenses per month.

14. Refund Policy

In case of refusal of the Service, the Client may demand the return of unused funds within a period not exceeding 45 days from the date of termination of the use of the Service. Only funds received from the client are subject to return, the Service cannot return in kind bonus accruals, gifts.

15. Privacy Policy

The Oki-Toki service does not sell, exchange, transfer, or in any way use the data resulting from the work of customers using the service. We undertake to inform, at least on the website, about the upcoming transfer of data to the new owner of the service in the event of its sale, merger or acquisition. The Service does not install any software that can collect or modify user data on his computer. We use and store users’ personal data for authentication and information purposes, as well as to provide personalized technical support. The service does not store user passwords in a human-readable form. The service’s privacy policy prohibits its employees from learning user passwords for any purpose. The user can contact support@oki-toki.net with a request to delete personal data and they will be deleted completely, without the possibility of recovery. Service availability (per calendar year): Not less than 99.9% (no more than 8 hours of downtime per year). Escalation: 3 levels (Support, Engineers and CIO).

Critical deficiencies (module failure or significant performance degradation)Critical deficiencies (module failure or significant performance degradation)
Time of receipt24/7Working days from 10:00-18:00 (GMT+4)
Response timeImmediatelyAccording to the task queue
Compensation1 month free serviceNot provided

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