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A tool for systematizing, controlling and automating the process of communication with customers.

How to use Conversation Scripts?


Sales scenarios

Create your own sales scenarios for different projects, making it easier for operators to work with objections and rejections. Connect Callback or Dialer to the scenario in Oki-Toki, and the operator will not forget about the call to the client, the filling history will remind you of the last “touch”, and automatic notifications will send the CP without the participation of the operator.


Questionnaires for surveys and research

Use a handy visual designer to create survey questionnaires. To launch a survey, you will need such Oki-Toki features as a powerful dialer with extensive customization options, phone and address validation, and API integration. Connect to operator surveys from anywhere in the world. Track the time spent on each question. Provide detailed statistics to the customer.


Conversation scenarios for an incoming line

Connect conversation scripts to the incoming line to optimize the processing of calls. Conversation scenarios in Oki-Toki can not only prompt the operator, but also help to keep a history of calls, schedule calls, load lists or send automatic messages, for example, from a CP or with information about an order.


Conversation scripts for robots

Automate the processing of calls to your call center with conversation scripts for robots. Our robots do not need to be trained on your conversations – they are born with the skills inherent in good operators: a pleasant voice, manners, literacy and a sense of humor.

Where to use Conversation scripts

Холодные продажи
cold sales

Upload your sales scripts and track the performance of telemarketers.

Сценарии разговоров
Polls and questionnaires

Use Conversation Scripts to conduct market research, social or political surveys.

Прием обращений в интернет-магазине
Receiving requests in the online store

Record and process calls to the call center, hotline or technical support of the online store.

Прием заказов в СРА-сетях и товарке
Acceptance of orders in CPA networks and goods

Process calls and make additional sales with Conversation Scripts.

5 tasks that the Conversation Scripts tool solves

Process Automation

Simplify basic operations by automating processes with Conversation Scripts. What can you do:

  • Send automated messages to respondents via email or SMS.
  • Set up automatic notifications to responsible or customers, for example, about a sale or an application.
  • Schedule your next call. Set up remembering the last answer in the scenario with the ability to continue it.
  • Set quotas for surveys with the ability to automatically stop calling when the quota is reached.
  • Integrate with other CRMs to collect or send data during a conversation

Improving Efficiency

Oki-Toki conversation scenarios simplify the work of experienced operators and help beginners quickly turn on. You can:

  • Flexibly set up transitions between questions and answers.
  • Add explanations to questions, descriptions of answer requirements, and miscellaneous trivia for learning.
  • Use a single interface for all your call center projects.
  • Create your own conversation script templates.

Data collection

Using Conversation Scripts, you can eliminate the human factor like “forgetfulness” when entering required answers and unify data collection.

  • Use the binding of answers to the contact fields in the card.
  • Set survey quotas.
  • Keep a history of changes in the card. Create dropdown lists to save responses in a single format.
  • Set required fields.
  • Use automatic data validation during filling (addresses, names, etc.).

Operator training

Conversation scenarios in Oki-Toki simplify the process of integrating new operators or launching new projects as much as possible.

  • Use the “Sandbox” to train employees without affecting the statistics of work projects.
  • Easily add new operators to your project by displaying prompted questions sequentially instead of memorizing questions.
  • Test the “weak points” of the script before starting work.

Drawing up reports

Optimize your call center with Conversation Scripts. You will be able to track:

  • Individual KPIs for operators.
  • Involvement in work.
  • General statistics for the company.
  • Project statistics.

Aggregated data with different slices is already ready in our “ Reports ” tool.

Additional features of Chat Scripts

Preservation of the duration and authorship of each of the answers.

Validation (verification) of the entered values.

Connecting a list of possible values.

Response history with UNDO option.

Ability to copy scripts.

Ability to import scripts from Google docs and Msword

Ability to manage scripts via API.

Frequently asked questions about the Conversation Scripts tool

Are there multiple levels of questions?

Yes. There are no depth restrictions.

Can scripts be imported/exported?

Yes. You can import from Google Documents.

Can I use your CRM with my PBX?

It is impossible to connect CRM separately without our PBX.

Can I connect my SIP number to CRM?

Yes, no problem.

Is there a fee for using CRM?

Payment for the use of CRM is included in the subscription fee.

Is it possible to connect external storage to your service?

You can connect Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk.

Is it possible to listen to the operator's conversations in real time?

Yes, through the “Users” widget in the operator’s place.

Can the operator receive calls to a personal phone if necessary?

Yes, for this you need to add another communication tool in the user settings.

Use additional tools as needed


The omnichannel platform combines calls, web chats, email, social networks, instant messengers and mobile applications. In such a unified environment, it is very convenient for people to work, and the combined data creates the conditions for the work of bots – reliable and functional assistants.

  • 5 dialer modes: Preview/Callback, Predictive, Progressive, Ultra, Power,
  • flexible settings for the number and interval of attempts,
  • the possibility of using in conjunction with an autoinformer,
  • adjustment of calls according to the time zone of customers,
  • integration with external CRM,
  • automatic processing of lost calls.
Conversation scripts

A tool for systematizing, controlling and automating the process of communication with customers.

  • automatic messages to respondents by mail or SMS,
  • automatic notifications of responsible or customers, for example, about a sale or an application,
  • integration with other CRMs to collect or send data during the dialogue,
  • creating your own conversation script templates,
  • survey quotas,
  • linking answers to contact fields in the card,
  • training of employees without affecting the statistics of work projects,
  • individual KPIs for operators and much more.
Speech analytics

Call scoring, transcripts and speech analytics are three Oki-Toki tools that will allow you to control the quality of calls in your call center!

  • automatic selection of an audio recording for verification,
  • voice distortion to eliminate subjectivity,
  • statistics of operators’ assessments and the work of the quality control department,
  • karaoke mode (matching the text of the audio recording and highlighting the text while listening),
  • tracking interruptions, pauses, the use of obscene (obscene) words in a conversation with a client,
  • tracking the compliance of the questionnaire with the transcript of the conversation.

Reviews about Oki-Toki from other services


Iulia Raiscaia

Feedback from the Startpack service Pros: extensive functionality, a huge number of reports. The company itself is ready to develop new products to improve the quality of work. Integration of statistical data, disciplinary reports and reports. A convenient platform for a company with a large number of clients. Linking a personal manager to a client, which is important at the first stages of working with the program. Full automation of calls, recording and archive of all telephone conversations. API integration. At the same time, the cost of these services on the market is low. Cons: Lack of a number of widgets when moving to a new opera place, although this can be considered as an advantage, since it does not scatter the attention of the operator when calling


Bogdan Koshevoy

Feedback from the Voipoffice service We have been working with Oki for more than 3 years. Excellent service for the implementation of projects and at a very good price. If there are people, pay, if there are no people, don’t pay. We have already implemented a large number of projects on the Oka platform. Very convenient widgets for tracking indicators and flexible settings. If you want to quickly launch a project that will work stably, I definitely recommend Oki. We have not had situations in 3 years that the oki did not work for more than 4-5 minutes and this happens very rarely.



Feedback from the Otzovik service We have been working with Oki since 2018, we found them when we opened an online store. The service is very flexible. At first we had a couple of operators, and we bought only 2 operator positions. Now there are more operators, we spend, of course, also more, but there are no “extra” and imposed payments. There are 10 operators – you pay only for 10 operator places. You don’t need, for example, a voice robot – you don’t pay for it, you need it, you connected it. But there is a personal manager only at the stage of connection and the test period. Generally satisfied.



Feedback from the Indexcall service There are pluses and minuses in the operation of the system. Although in general a positive impression. From the conveniences: a clear interface and work from the browser, the capabilities of the dealer. IVR is very cool. Creating voice greetings or scripts is really cool. Of the minuses: the raw interface of the operator’s workplace, there are a number of shortcomings. It’s a little annoying that many related functions are in different sections. It would be nice to add more hints. In general, more satisfied with the work than not.

Conversation scripts - a professional tool for your call center

Did you know,

  • how to ensure timely completion of customer cards?
  • how to quickly train operators?
  • how to provide unified service?
  • who handled this client 2 or more calls back?
  • At what stage of the conversation is the client most likely to refuse?
  • who talks more, who calls, and who is absent? (Does it matter? The main thing is sales? Yes! But there are nuances)

Are you sure that the manager during a stressful conversation will not forget how to properly handle the objection? Only one tool helps to close five of the six questions above – Conversation Scripts!

5 tasks that conversation scripts solve

We at Oki-Toki offer improved tools for creating scripts and monitoring their usage.


Automation in Oki-Toki Conversation Scenarios is needed to simplify basic operations, for example, displaying the necessary questions, sending a CP to the client by mail, SMS with a template text, or transferring data to the customer’s CRM. Poll quotas will help you stop the call process earlier if the data for the criteria has already reached the limit.

Unification and simplicity

Oki-Toki conversation scenarios simplify the work of experienced operators and help beginners quickly turn on by using a single interface, automatically opening the desired conversation scenario and prompts at each stage.

Data collection

The purpose of any conversation in a call center is to collect data. For example, this could be a comment on a call, identifying the purpose of the call, a survey, or completing a sale. Using Oki-Toki conversation scripts, you can eliminate the human factor like “forgetfulness” when entering required answers and unify data collection. Saving the filling history will help to understand the situations “I didn’t enter this” or “It’s not me”.


Starting a new project in an outsourced call center or hiring a new employee in a call center involves several steps, one of which is learning what to say during a call. Usually they give a printout or a document that you need to learn, conduct an exam and go to work. Oki-Toki scenarios can make this step easier by keeping the complexity to a minimum. A special “Sandbox” for beginners will help not to spoil the work statistics and at the same time the operator will be able to fully train. Consistent display of questions on the screen with hints will help, without memorizing to letters, to quickly get involved in the project for both beginners and experienced operators.


Reporting is an important component of any campaign. Without reporting, there is no understanding whether the goals are being achieved, how the operators work, whether they have any difficulties when making calls, and what is happening with the project in general.

Leave a request and get detailed advice from a specialist.

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