Robocall services

Auto-operator - Oki-Toki's voice robot to replace operators in routine tasks. It's scripted, so it's predictable, requires no training, and is ready to go right from the start.

Авто-оператор - голосовой робот



Technical mechanisms

Work with open and closed questions, single and multiple choice, multilingualism, sentence “Let’s call you back”, detection of ambiguities and ambiguous answers, repetition of a understood answer, recognition of names, addresses and numbers, the ability to parse long phrases like “Two large beers and pepperoni with double cheese”, etc.


speech synthesis

More than 15 options for voice acting. Experiment with the speed of pronunciation and the pitch of your voice to achieve your goals.


Robot Templates

Use ready-made robots from the list to quickly launch a project and adapt to your task.



The possibility of two-way exchange via API with your services. Integration with popular CRMs. Ability to send SMS, Email, Viber or Whatsapp messages.


Conversation Script Builder

Create a conversation script in the constructor and connect it to the robot. The robot will be able not only to conduct a dialogue according to the scenario, but also to enter data into CRM, set chimes, send SMS and letters.


Import dialog from MSWord & Google Docs

Do you need to conduct a survey or make a call with a complex dialogue? Import your own from MS Word or create a conversation script from scratch in our constructor. The robot will always know what to answer, and if a difficult question arises, it can redirect the dialogue to the responsible manager.


Convenient reporting

Reporting integration with call records. Email reports. Statistics for working with conversation scripts. Dialogue metrics and monitoring of “gags” in work (with sending to Telegram). Detailed and summary reports on automatic calls. Detailed and summary analytics for incoming projects.

Main functions

  • Additional payment
  • Operator's workplace € 1
  • For 1 operator per day

  • One time payment
  • Connection and service settings € 75
  • One-time fee for connecting and setting up the service

Additional functions

  • For 1 port
  • Ports in the GSM gateway € 0,75
  • In a day
  • SMS sending module € 1.5
  • In a day
  • Additional storage for call recordings € 0,15
  • for each additional 10 GB, over 10 GB, included in the subscription fee.

Additional billing for the number of Autocall attempts

  • in a day
  • from 0 to 500 pcs. included in the subscription fee included in the subscription fee
  • in a day
  • from 500 to 30,000 pcs. € 4,5
  • in a day
  • from 30,000 to 60,000 pcs. € 7.5
  • for every 10,000 attempts
  • from 60 000 pcs. € 1,2

Premium features

  • In a day
  • Determining the client's time zone € 1.5
  • In a day
  • Queue for VIP clients € 1.5
  • In a day
  • Personal domain € 1.5
  • In a day
  • Backup to the cloud € 1.5
  • In a day
  • Dedicated server € 12
  • for one server. Can be used for several modules or functions at the same time (for example, for CRM and Autodialer).

  • In a day
  • Afternoon rules of auto-call € 1.5
  • Unlimited reports up to 10 pieces included in the subscription fee included in the subscription fee
  • for every 100 reports
  • Unlimited reports from 10 pcs € 1.5

Speech recognition (for separate fragments from 1 to 15 seconds long)

  • per day
  • from 0 to 50 pcs. included in the subscription fee
  • per day
  • from 51 pcs. 0,02

Speech synthesis (for signs of printed text)

  • In a day
  • from 0 to 1000 pcs. included in the subscription fee included in the subscription fee
  • In a day
  • from 1000 to 5000 pcs. € 1.5
  • In a day
  • from 5,000 to 10,000 pcs. € 3
  • In a day
  • from 10,000 to 20,000 pcs. € 4.5
  • In a day
  • from 20,000 to 30,000 pcs. € 6
  • In a day
  • from 30,000 to 60,000 pcs. € 10
  • for every 10,000 characters
  • from 60 000 pcs. € 1.5

API requests

  • In a day
  • up to 1,000 pcs. included in the subscription fee included in the subscription fee
  • In a day
  • from 1,000 to 10,000 pcs. € 0,75
  • In a day
  • from 10,000 to 50,000 pcs. € 1.5
  • In a day
  • from 50,000 to 100,000 pcs. € 3
  • for every 10,000 requests
  • from 100,000 pcs. € 0,3

Where do you need an auto-operator?

Voice robot for quality of service evaluation

Automatically make outgoing evaluation calls and view statistics in your personal account. Need bad review notifications? Connect the webhook and receive notifications by mail, CRM, telegrams or just SMS.

Auto attendant for incoming calls

By connecting a robot operator to the incoming line, you can make life easier for your customers by remembering short, sometimes not, numbers. It is enough just to say the name, surname, department or topic of the appeal, and the robot will forward the call.

Automatic service renewal reminder

Connect the robot to auto-dialing, integrate with your CRM, ERP or any other platform. The robot will automatically call your client, offer to extend the service, and after selecting the status, it will notify your managers about a successful transaction or the need to contact. Forgetfulness is not about him?

Confirmation of an order

Integration with CRM, Autodialer tool and robot with synthesis. Such a symbiosis of tools will reduce human labor to a minimum! Free people up for serious tasks or vacations. ?


Surveys are always needed. Elections to the authorities are coming, or you need to find out an opinion about a purchase or service. By connecting the robot to a simple task, you will not only save money and time for operators, but also reduce the time it takes to complete the task!

Taking orders

Oki-Toki’s virtual assistant is always ready to take an order, check the availability of goods, send out a notification about the order, issue an invoice and confirm the order with the client.

Help & Support

Record all calls 24/7 with the help of Oki-Toki’s virtual assistant. He will not only communicate with the subscriber, but also enter all the data into the questionnaire, send messages to those responsible, fill out an application, and by connecting the knowledge base, he will be able to advise on the most popular issues.

Operator who can!

Robot operator, an operator who can! It can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can work for 10-50-100 or more operators. He will not ask for a day off or pay for a shift, there will be no extraneous noise in the “background” during a conversation, and he will not hang up during a conversation with a nervous client!
Try our robot and evaluate its abilities, and our technical support will help with this!

Listen to call examples

Service quality assessment

Processing of incoming applications

Frequently asked questions about the Voice Robot tool

Do you have a cloud solution or do I need to buy a server?

We only have a cloud solution.

What voice does the robot speak?

There are male and female voices to choose from.

What languages are available for voice acting?

We can connect almost any language for you.

What is the price?

Up to 1 ruble for 30 seconds of conversation.

How long does it take to set up and launch?

From 5 minutes to 1 hour, if you know where to click.

Can the robot send SMS?

Yes, sure.

Is it possible to interrupt the robot during a conversation?

Yes, sure.

Is there an integration of the Robot with other CRM, ERP, PDF :) ?

Necessarily! We have an open API and flexible webhooks.

Can I connect my own SIP numbers or PBX?

Yes. 99.999% of connections can be made independently through the cabinet.

Are communication costs included in the price?

No, the connection is connected separately.

Use additional tools as needed

Business Chat for website

Oki-Toki chat is a single center for processing calls and customer messages in social networks, e-mail, on the website and in instant messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype.

  • Connect to Chats Conferences, Video Conferences and Screen Sharing.
  • Work globally and competently.
  • Expand telephony functionality.
  • Automate sales and support with chatbots.
  • Manage chat quality with KPIs, alerts, smart reports, and rewards.
Conversation scripts

A tool for systematizing, controlling and automating the process of communication with customers.

  • automatic messages to respondents by mail or SMS,
  • automatic notifications of responsible or customers, for example, about a sale or an application,
  • integration with other CRMs to collect or send data during the dialogue,
  • creating your own conversation script templates,
  • survey quotas,
  • linking answers to contact fields in the card,
  • training of employees without affecting the statistics of work projects,
  • individual KPIs for operators and much more.
Speech analytics

Conversation scoring, transcripts and speech analytics are three Okie-Toki tools that will allow you to control the quality of calls in your call center!

  • automatic selection of an audio recording for verification,
  • voice distortion to eliminate subjectivity,
  • statistics of operators' assessments and the work of the quality control department,
  • karaoke mode (matching the text of the audio recording and highlighting the text while listening),
  • tracking interruptions, pauses, the use of obscene (obscene) words in a conversation with a client,
  • tracking the compliance of the questionnaire with the transcript of the conversation.

Reviews about Oki-Toki from other services

Oki-Toki Google Chrome browser

Robo calling software

In this day and age, many companies and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to improve their customer service, increase work efficiency, and reduce personnel costs. In this, they can be assisted by a voice robot that can replace operators in routine tasks.

For warm sales and solving problems with product delivery or service provision, a contact center operator is still irreplaceable. All other tasks, such as informational calls, order support, and surveying, can be performed using the voice robot for phone calls Oki-toki – an auto operator.

In this article, we will consider what a voice robot for calls is, how the Oki-toki service works, and what advantages it can provide for business. We will also consider examples of using the voice robot and provide recommendations for its effective use.

Voice Robot Capabilities

The voice robot works on scripts and does not require training, and can also synthesize and recognize human speech. With speech recognition and synthesis technologies, it is capable of making hundreds of parallel calls, conducting surveys, accepting orders, sending messages to the responsible parties, handling applications, and much more.

The voice robot from Oki-toki offers companies many advantages and opportunities:

  1. Ready to work immediately after creation. The voice robot operates according to the dialogue script and does not require training. It can automatically process calls and customer responses, allowing employees to deal with more important tasks.
  2. Recording any voice. To notify the client, you can record any voice or use the synthesized speech of the robot;
  3. Integration. The robot can take and send information to your system via API and Webhooks.
  4. Sending messages. Customers can request additional information, which will be sent to them via SMS, email, or a specific messenger. This is a convenient way to improve communication with customers and provide a more effective solution to their issues;
  5. Reducing the cost of manual labor. The voice robot for calls can replace a person in performing routine tasks such as informing customers, surveying, and selling. This helps to reduce personnel costs and increase work efficiency.
  6. Improving customer service efficiency. The voice robot can quickly process a large number of calls and customer requests, which improves service and increases the level of customer satisfaction.
  7. Time zone. Robot calls can be adjusted taking into account a certain time zone. Oki-toki can only make calls during the client’s working hours;


The voice robot for processing calls has many other advantages, including the ability to process a large number of calls simultaneously, support for working in different languages, and the possibility of integration with other services. Companies using a robot operator can save a lot of time and resources, as well as increase the level of their work efficiency.


How the robot caller Works

The auto operator from Oki-toki works based on advanced speech recognition and synthesis technologies, using a dialogue script system.

Script System

The voice bot operates according to pre-set dialogue scripts created in Oki-toki. Scripts can be configured to solve various tasks, for example, accepting orders, surveying customers, or selling. The company can set up dialogue scripts independently, selecting appropriate questions and answers;

Speech Recognition

Voice robots use advanced speech recognition technologies that allow them to recognize customer responses and take corresponding actions;

Speech Synthesis

Use of speech synthesis technology to reproduce questions according to the script and to communicate with customers. This technology allows the auto operator to make the dialogue more natural.

The voice robot operator of the call center is capable of automatically processing a large number of calls, allowing companies to serve more customers and reduce the load on staff. In addition, auto operators can work around the clock, providing communication with customers at any time of the day and night.

Examples of using Robocall service

The Oki-toki auto operator can be used in various fields of activity and for solving different tasks. Here are a few examples of using the voice robot:

  • Automated customer calling. A voice bot is an effective tool for automatically calling a large customer base and solving various tasks, such as transferring information, conducting surveys, notifying about changes in conditions, etc.
  • Customer Surveying. When a customer calls the call center, the robot can automatically ask questions and fill out a form. This reduces the customer’s waiting time on the line and increases the call center’s work efficiency.
  • Incoming Calls. The voice robot for incoming calls will be able to accept calls around the clock, hold a dialogue with the customer, and record the information received.
  • Voice Auto Secretary. The voice bot can function as an interactive voice auto responder, which automatically directs calls to the necessary departments or offers specific response options to customer questions.
  • Orders. The auto operator can be used for automatic processing of orders and service requests. The customer can leave a request or order, the auto operator will process the request and send it to the responsible employee of the company according to the dialogue script.
  • Informing. The auto operator is used for automatic customer dialing to provide information about new products and services, conduct customer surveys and receive feedback, remind about upcoming events, notify about changes in conditions, etc.
  • Operator Performance Evaluation. The robot can automatically conduct customer satisfaction surveys after they contact the call center. This allows for quickly obtaining feedback and improving the quality of service.
  • Sales. The voice bot can be used for automatic sale of goods and services. It can conduct a dialogue with the customer, ask questions, offer products or services, as well as place orders.

These are just a few examples of the auto operator’s usage. The possibilities of its application can be diverse and depend on the specific needs of the company. Thanks to their flexibility and automation, voice bots are becoming increasingly popular and in demand in business.

Advantages of a Voice Bot for a Call Center

The bot is capable of making hundreds of parallel calls and can quickly notify about debts, receipts, discounts, changes in loyalty program terms, or convey other information.

The voice bot service for interactive calls will improve the performance of a regular call center and reduce its maintenance costs (by at least 25%) as the bot resolves numerous routine tasks without an operator’s help. Among the main advantages of the bot are:

  • Flexibility and multitasking. The calling robot can be used in any project;
  • IVR Replacement. The robot calling for interactive calls is an excellent replacement for a classic IVR. The customer does not need to memorize and press numbers. It’s enough to respond to the bot verbally.
  • Minimal lost calls. The number of lost calls and the cost of processing missed calls are nearly zero. Companies that respond to messages as quickly as possible will see an increase in loyal customers;
  • Call center optimization. The ability to optimize the call center by reducing staff;
  • Switching the client to a specialist. A bot, with speech recognition capabilities, can quickly and accurately determine which operator or department should receive the call, speeding up the call processing and improving communication with clients.
  • Call reception. The bot for incoming calls allows for quick and accurate handling of calls and provides customers with the necessary information, accelerating the process of resolving their issues and reducing wait time for a response.
  • 24/7 operation. Alerting people and urgently providing them with necessary information can be done at any time of the day;
  • Saving working time of call center specialists. Simple and repetitive tasks can be delegated to the bot, without involving a person.

Advantages of the Oki-Toki robocall service

Oki-Toki is one of the most popular and advanced services that has created a robocall service. It offers numerous opportunities to optimize work and improve customer service, using speech recognition and synthesis technologies.

The robot caller operator helps the call center increase efficiency, reducing manual labor costs and improving customer service quality. It provides automatic execution of many tasks such as customer calls, surveys, notifications, sales, and orders.

The advantages of the Oki-Toki auto operator are evident, the bot not only saves time and resources, but also increases the number of customers a company can serve in a short time. In addition, the auto operator can work round-the-clock, ensuring communication with customers at any time of the day and night.

However, it should be noted that a call bot operator cannot fully replace the human factor in business. Some tasks require human involvement, such as solving complex problems or interacting with customers in cases where empathy and understanding are required.

Technology Development

The Oki-Toki robocall service is a powerful tool for improving business operations. With the advancement of speech recognition and synthesis technologies, voice bots are becoming more accurate and efficient. Additionally, with the capabilities of cloud technologies, the voice bot can be easily integrated into the existing business system.

The prospects for the development of robocall system technology are very large. The future is likely linked to the creation of bots that can recognize and process customer emotions, take into account the context of communication, and make more complex decisions. There is also potential for the development of technologies that allow auto operators to work with greater accuracy and handle an even larger number of calls. In any case, the Oki-Toki voice bot represents an important step in business automation and improving the quality of customer service.

To test customer calling and receiving calls with the bot free for 14 days, it’s enough to make a request.

Leave a request and get detailed advice from a specialist.

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