Walkie Talkie: Corporate & Enterprise

These are deployment options for those who have big plans. Oki-Toki: Corporate and Enterprise - packages of products for customers demanding relationships format: contracts, support and conditions for providing access to information.

Corporate & Enterprise

This page is about the contract
with service guarantees and special services

For Oki-Toki: Corporate and Enterprise packages, we prepare an agreement and an NDA agreement, discuss
conditions and regulate the procedure and quality of service provision and additional services.

Выделенные сервера

Dedicated servers

Аккаунт менеджер

Account manager

Домен и брендирование

Domain and branding

Специальный режим работы

Special operating mode

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers provide more security than the cloud, guarantee the availability of resources for your projects. You can offer your own data center or use ours.

Account manager

Your assistant and representative in our company. It will help you learn new features, manage the project and solve emerging technical problems.

Domain and custom branding

Oki-Toki will be provided with your symbols and on your domain name. This is not a useless little thing to strengthen the opinion of the company for remote employees.

Special operating mode

For you, technical support will start work an hour earlier and finish it an hour later and will not stop it when problems block your work.

2 versions of Oki-Toki:
C&E for two customer profiles

Oki-toki: Corporate

  • Hosting in a private cloud Oki-Toki
  • All premium features included
  • Account manager
  • Domain and custom branding
  • Consistent updates and performance monitoring
  • Special operating mode of TP
  • IP-ATC cloud,
  • Private cloud payment included in usage price
  • Services Autodialing, Recognition and API are paid additionally for consumption

Oki-toki: Enterprise

  • Boxed version or hosted in the client's cloud resource
  • All premium features included
  • Account manager
  • Domain and custom branding
  • Consistent updates and performance monitoring
  • Special operating mode of TP
  • IP-PBX independent,
  • Server fees are not included in the estimate
  • Services requiring additional resources are included in the price without restrictions

Premium Services
users of corporate packages

Quality control department and automatic speech analytics

Shift management and time tracking

KPI monitoring and payroll automation

Hiding contact details from operators and logging access to records

Special reporting system for managers (reports)

Logging changes and actions of employees


Do you have a boxed version?

Yes, it can be deployed on your server or in the cloud

Can I host it in my cloud?

Yes, sure

How can I communicate with the developers?

Leave your contacts in the form "application" on the page and we will contact you.

Is the cost of integration included in the cost of the license?

Integration is paid separately

Do I need to pay anything other than the cost of the license?

There are pay-as-you-go modules, such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, and transcription.

Do you provide source code?


Use additional tools as needed

Cloud call center

All the functionality that a call center might need in your browser!

  • Multichannel call processing,
  • Advanced CRM and analytics,
  • telephony management,
  • Management and control of operators.

And much more!


The omnichannel platform integrates calls, web chats, email, social networks, instant messengers and mobile applications. In such a unified environment, it is very convenient for people to work, and the combined data creates the conditions for the work of bots – reliable and functional assistants.

Auto call
  • 5 dialer modes: Preview/Callback, Predictive, Progressive, Ultra, Power,
  • flexible settings for the number and interval of attempts,
  • the possibility of using in conjunction with an autoinformer,
  • adjustment of calls according to the time zone of customers,
  • integration with external CRM,
  • automatic processing of lost calls.

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Oki-Toki Google Chrome browser

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