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Utilize the Oki-Toki features to launch an inbound line, a cold sales department, a support service, or order intake. The capabilities of Oki-Toki enable an end-to-end operation of a call center. Highlight the key aspects and employ persuasive language.

Functional Capabilities for Outsourcing Call Centers

All Essential Tools for Call Center Operations

Management and Control of Agents

Optimize the performance of your contact center with tools to control and manage your agents.

  • Agent’s Personal Dashboard. Utilize the agent’s personal cabinet as a powerful tool for organizing workflow and for gaining valuable insight from detailed reports, ratings, and employee performance statistics.
  • Presence Detector. With the presence detector capacity, you can monitor the time spent by each agent at their workstation in real-time.
  • Occupancy Accounting. Construct detailed reports on individual agent’s activities or generate comprehensive summaries on overall team occupancy.
  • Standards and Tariffs. Determine performance standards for agents on different projects, along with appropriate tariff settings based on specific project needs.
  • Bonuses and Penalties. Efficiently manage your incentive system with the ability to assign bonuses and penalties within the application.
  • Call Interception and Listening. Enhance agent training and performance optimization by utilizing call interception or listen-in features.
  • Quality of Data Entry. Ensures efficient CRM data quality control or survey responses with the platform’s robust tracking features.
  • Automated Quality of Service Survey. Engage in an automatic survey method that gears towards gauging the quality of service provided by your agents.

Advanced CRM and Analytics

Upload your data to our CRM, build funnels, analyse call data.1

  • Import and Export of Phone Database. Import or export your customer databases into our CRM swiftly and conveniently.
  • Configure Your Sales Funnel. Create various sales funnels for different projects, utilizing our template and scripts library.
  • Number Normalization. Achieve a uniform database format following the automatic transformation of uploaded numbers.
  • Uniqueness Control and Data Validation. System will automatically check for data uniqueness, as well as errors in the uploaded contacts.
  • Contact Appearance and Custom Fields. Customize the appearance of your contacts as per your convenience. Add custom fields and tags for easier management of contacts.
  • Customer Interaction History. Keep a record of your entire communication history with customers (calls, emails, chats) all in one system.
  • Contact Access Management. Set different levels of access to contacts (visibility, editing), and assign responsible agents.
  • Report Customization. Customize reports on call center operations as per your convenience. Save settings for future visits.
  • Report Export. Download reports in CSV, HTML, JSON formats.

Multichannel Handling of Requests

Process voice and text requests quickly and efficiently with Oki-Toki.

  • Call handling scripts. Design scripts for IVR and agents, using rules, queues and other tools!
  • Different lists for different tasks. Create black, white and VIP lists for each project.
  • Integrations and chat operating scripts. Connect convenient chats (Faceboook, Whatsapp, etc.) Adjust chat operating scripts for each project!
  • Processing enquiries in the personal account. Collect calls, SMS and email in the agent’s personal account. Handle all requests in one interface!
  • Automatic callback for lost calls. Stop losing orders and clients! Connect an automatic callback in case of a lost call!

Advanced Functionality of Auto-Dialing

• 5 dialing modes: Preview/Callback, Predictive, Progressive, Ultra, Power,
• flexible settings for the number and interval of attempts,
• possibility to use in conjunction with the auto-informer,
• adjustment of calls according to clients’ time zone,
• integration with external CRM,
• automatic processing of lost calls.

Voice Robot for Routine Tasks

• Any voice in the recording: your own voice or synthesized voice,

Voice Broadcasting or Automated Information Delivery

• Recording and setting up standard voice messages and greetings


  • Additional Payment
  • Agent's Workspace € 1
  • For 1 agent per day

  • One-Time Payment
  • Activating and Setting up the Service € 75
  • One-time fee for service connection and setup

Paying for Oki-Toki is beneficial!

Pay for What You Use

In our service, you only pay for what you use! More work – you pay more, and a little less – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty Score

For using our service, we credit units to a special account. You can use these bonus funds to pay for any Oki-Toki tools.


If you’re unable to top up your account in Oki-Toki, you can always take out a loan to cover a week’s worth of work.


Services are provided under an offer agreement. Payment is accepted through bank transfer or Visa/MasterCard. Document delivery is done through Electronic Document Management.

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Oki-Toki - The Ultimate Service for Outsourcing Call Centers

Outsourcing call centers are becoming an increasingly popular solution for companies that want to provide quality customer service without the expense of an internal call center. These contact centers give companies the opportunity to optimize call processing operations without the need for additional internal resources.

An outsourcing call center will provide companies with access to cutting-edge technologies and experienced specialists without the need to invest in costly equipment and staff training.

Outsourcing call center services ensure reliable operation of customer support, contributing to increased customer loyalty. Each project can be hidden from other staff members, ensuring operational confidentiality.

Oki-Toki cloud service is a specialized software for such centers, featuring multichannel call handling and convenient project management. Its use saves time on installation and software updates, and also provides easy access to the system from any location with internet.

Consequently, an outsourcing contact center utilizing the cloud service Oki-Toki becomes an impeccable choice for companies wanting to focus on their core tasks while ensuring a high level of customer service.

Benefits of the Oki-Toki service for an outsourcing call center

A significant amount of attention is paid to the selection of software for the outsourcing contact center at the project launch stage. The more customary decision is to choose and install ‘out-of-the-box’ software. At Oki-Toki, we propose a more modern alternative – a cloud solution.

The major advantages of using the Oki-Toki service are:

  • The Ability to Work from Any PC: Oki-Toki operates on a cloud platform, allowing agents to perform their duties from any internet-connected personal computer. There’s no need to install specific software, which eliminates access barriers and enhances employee mobility. This is particularly convenient for remote work and collaborative efforts in distributed teams;
  • Time and Resource Savings:Thanks to the simplicity of setup and use of the cloud service, you save time and resources, which are usually spent on the maintenance of traditional systems. All the necessary functional equipment and software are already in the cloud, and all you have to do is take advantage of modern communications;
  • Integration with other tools: Oki-Toki easily integrates with the CRM used by the outsourcing contact center. This allows creating a unified information environment and streamline work processes. You can create integrations with other services via webhooks, there’s also the opportunity to set up integration through API;
  • Easy and swift uploading of numbers to auto-dialer and CRM: The database can be uploaded from a simple Excel file or through API integration. You have the ability to create and use any number of contact fields necessary for business tasks;
  • Incoming Calls: Outsourcing of incoming calls allows companies to effectively manage the stream of inbound queries, ensuring swift response and superior customer service. With the aid of IVR, a call can be directed to the appropriate agent, and there’s also the possibility of call forwarding and conference creating;
  • Scalability simplicity: The Oki-Toki cloud service enables easy system scale-up based on your business needs. You can promptly add or remove numbers, configure new agents and expand functionalities without the need to purchase additional equipment. This flexible approach allows rapid response to demand changes and ensures a comfortable operation of the call center;
  • High reliability and security: Oki-Toki operates on stable servers, ensuring high reliability and availability. Your data and calls are securely protected and the system is regularly updated to ensure security and compliance with modern standards;
  • SIP Telephony: You can connect any communication provider, and also use several SIP-agents simultaneously: this will assist in cost saving and allow you to continue work in case of a failure from one of the providers. Sophisticated call routing will solve any tasks on the incoming or outgoing lines. Using special reports and widgets, you can always track the quality of the connection and the reason for the failure;
  • Trial Period: Oki-Toki offers 14 days of free use of the software for configurations and user training. To gain access to all cloud call center features, simply leave a request on the website;
  • System Access for Clients: Guest access with finely-tuned permissions for outsourcing call center clients and a call filter for clearing test calls from all reports;
  • Roles and Projects: Flexible access rights management based on an agent’s roles and projects. Oki-Toki enables the division of call-center work into various projects, ensuring independent management and oversight for distinct tasks. Each project can be hidden from other agents, guaranteeing confidentiality and operational security;
  • Technical Support: One of the significant advantages of Oki-Toki is access to skilled technical support. The Oki-Toki team ensures reliable and efficient system operation, enabling your contact center to focus on quality customer service and achieving marketing targets.
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The Capabilities of a Virtual Agent’s Workspace

An outsourced call center can harness all the advantages of a virtual agent’s workspace, which encompasses a range of convenient and beneficial features:

  • Call and Occupancy Information: An agent can check the number of successful and unsuccessful calls, as well as their occupancy rate throughout the working day. This allows for the effective control of work performance;
  • Setting up agent statuses: The ability to change and customize statuses at the agent’s workspace allows agents to signal their readiness for calls, streamlining organization of working hours and call handling;
  • Workplace Presence: Automated presence tracking helps management to monitor when an agent is at their workstation, as well as whether they’re late for their shift or have arrived early;
  • Features of “listening in” and “interception”: For supervisors and administrators, tools are available for listening to agents’ conversations with clients in real time and for intercepting calls. These features allow for providing assistance and training in real-time;
  • Widgets: The workplace includes convenient “Users”, “Chats” and “Active Calls” widgets, which ensure effective interaction and coordination of agent activities;
  • KPI: The management will be able to track disciplinary violations of contact center norms, for example missed calls, long customer hold times, exceeding conversation length, and many other indicators;
  • Call Recording: Oki-Toki records conversations with customers, which is highly beneficial for the company. All agent dialogues are stored in the system, and they can also be downloaded to your own computer or to the cloud. Recordings also aid in training staff and perfecting customer communication skills. 

These virtual workspace capabilities make an agent’s job more productive, straightforward, and convenient, promoting effective communication with clients and ensuring high service quality.

Oki-Toki is a modern and efficient service for outsourcing call centers. Its multifunctional capabilities allow easy organization of call receipt and processing, project management, service quality control, and critical data analysis. The cloud solution provides flexibility and scalability, making Oki-Toki an optimal choice for outsourcing.

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