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Outsourcing call center

Use the functionality of Oki-Toki to launch an inbound line, a cold sales department, a support service, or taking orders. The capabilities of Oki-Toki allow you to ensure the work of the call center from A to Z.

Functionality for outsourced call centers

All the tools you need to run a call center

Management and control of operators

Customize your contact center with agent control and management tools.

  • Operator’s personal account . Use the operator’s personal account to organize work, as well as to view reports, ratings and statistics for each employee.
  • Presence detector . Use the presence detector to determine how much time each operator spent at the workplace.
  • Employment accounting . Generate occupancy reports for individual agents or summary reports for total occupancy.
  • Regulations and billing . Set the standards for the work of operators on different projects, as well as billing depending on the needs of the project.
  • Bonuses and penalties . Manage bonuses and penalties for operators within the system.
  • Interception and listening to a call . Use the call interception or listening feature for high-quality training of new operators and debugging their work.
  • The quality of filling out questionnaires or cards . Control the quality of filling out cards in CRM or questionnaires in surveys within the service.
  • Automatic survey about the quality of service . Connect an automatic survey that will help determine the quality of service by your operators.
Advanced CRM and analytics

Upload your data to our CRM, build funnels, analyze call data.

  • Import and export of telephone base . Import or export your subscriber bases to our CRM quickly and conveniently.
  • Set up a sales funnel . Customize different funnels for different projects using a library of templates and scripts.
  • Normalization of numbers . Get your base in a single format after automatic conversion of downloaded numbers.
  • Uniqueness control and data validation . The system will automatically check the downloaded contacts for uniqueness, as well as for errors.
  • Appearance of contacts and custom fields . Customize the appearance of your contacts the way you want. Add custom fields and tags for easier contact management.
  • History of interactions with the client . Keep the entire history of communication with customers (calls, correspondence, chats) in a single system.
  • Managing access to contacts . Set different levels of access to contacts (visibility, change), as well as assign responsible employees.
  • Report customization . Customize call center reports the way you want. Save your settings for future visits.
  • Export reports . Download reports in CSV, HTML, JSON formats.
Multi-channel processing of calls

Handle voice and text messages quickly and efficiently with Oki-Toki.

  • Call Service Scenarios . Design scenarios for IVRs and agents using rules, queues and more!
  • Different lists for different tasks . Create black, white and VIP lists for each project.
  • Integrations and scenarios for working in chats . Connect convenient chats (Faceboook, Whatsapp, etc.) Customize chat scenarios for each project!
  • Handling inquiries in your account . Collect calls, SMS and email in the operator’s personal account. Handle all calls in one interface!
  • Automatic callback for lost calls . Stop losing orders and customers! Connect automatic chime when the call is lost!
Advanced dialer functionality

• 5 dialing modes: Preview/Callback, Predictive, Progressive, Ultra, Power, • flexible settings for the number and interval of attempts, • the ability to use in conjunction with an autoinformer, • adjusting calls according to the client’s time zone, • integration with external CRM, • automatic processing lost calls.

Voice robot for routine tasks

• any voice on the recording: your own voice or a synthesized voice, • automatic SMS sending, • connection of your own telephony, • detailed statistics with a record of each conversation, • connection of a work schedule taking into account the time zone, • the speed of work is similar to a call center for 100 operators, • the ability to connect an operator to close the issue • integration for auto-calls and webhooks to send notifications during work.

Voice mailings or auto-informing

• recording and setting up standard voice messages and greetings, • automatic notification of clients about the amount of debt, order, account balance, • integration with external CRM for use when calling (addressing the client by name, etc.), • speech synthesis and recognition for voice messages, • creating scripts for dialogue with clients using tone dialing, • the ability to connect your own telephony, • mailing schedule, • connecting the call-reset function.


  • Additional payment
  • Operator's workplace € 1
  • For 1 operator per day

  • One time payment
  • Connection and service settings € 100
  • One-time fee for connecting and setting up the service

It is profitable to pay for Oki-Toki!

Pay for what you use

With our service, you only pay for what you use! More work – you pay more, and very little – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty account

For the use of our service, we credit c.u. to a special account. Bonus funds can be used to pay for any Oki-Toki instruments.


If you are unable to replenish your Oki-Toki account, you can always take out a loan that is enough for a week of work.


Services are provided under an offer agreement. Payment by bank transfer or Visa/MasterCard. Sending documents via EDI.

Reviews about Oki-Toki from other services


Iulia Raiscaia

Feedback from the Startpack service Pros: extensive functionality, a huge number of reports. The company itself is ready to develop new products to improve the quality of work. Integration of statistical data, disciplinary reports and reports. A convenient platform for a company with a large number of clients. Linking a personal manager to a client, which is important at the first stages of working with the program. Full automation of calls, recording and archive of all telephone conversations. API integration. At the same time, the cost of these services on the market is low. Cons: Lack of a number of widgets when moving to a new opera place, although this can be considered as an advantage, since it does not scatter the attention of the operator when calling


Bogdan Koshevoy

Feedback from the Voipoffice service We have been working with Oki for more than 3 years. Excellent service for the implementation of projects and at a very good price. If there are people, pay, if there are no people, don’t pay. We have already implemented a large number of projects on the Oka platform. Very convenient widgets for tracking indicators and flexible settings. If you want to quickly launch a project that will work stably, I definitely recommend Oki. We have not had situations in 3 years that the oki did not work for more than 4-5 minutes and this happens very rarely.



Feedback from the Otzovik service We have been working with Oki since 2018, we found them when we opened an online store. The service is very flexible. At first we had a couple of operators, and we bought only 2 operator positions. Now there are more operators, we spend, of course, also more, but there are no “extra” and imposed payments. There are 10 operators – you pay only for 10 operator places. You don’t need, for example, a voice robot – you don’t pay for it, you need it, you connected it. But there is a personal manager only at the stage of connection and the test period. Generally satisfied.



Feedback from the Indexcall service There are pluses and minuses in the operation of the system. Although in general a positive impression. From the conveniences: a clear interface and work from the browser, the capabilities of the dealer. IVR is very cool. Creating voice greetings or scripts is really cool. Of the minuses: the raw interface of the operator’s workplace, there are a number of shortcomings. It’s a little annoying that many related functions are in different sections. It would be nice to add more hints. In general, more satisfied with the work than not.

Oki-Toki - service for outsourcing call center

Often, business owners do not want to implement or consider it inappropriate to create an internal call center for call processing and transfer the functions of a sales or technical support department to outsourcing CC partners. At the same time, operators of such call centers can conduct several projects. Therefore, to switch between tasks and serve customers at a high level, they need a special set of tools in the outsourcing call center program. Oki-Toki cloud service is specialized software for call centers with multi-threaded call processing and managing multiple projects simultaneously within one call center. Flexible configuration and use of the cloud version saves time on introducing a new client and expanding staff. Thanks to the innovative set of functions in the Oki-Toki system, it is easier for operators to service diverse projects. For example, you can simultaneously make outgoing calls to offer a service, inform, consult a client, and receive incoming calls to make sales, provide information about the status of an order, or help in solving technical difficulties.

Advantages of the Oki-Toki service for an outsourcing call center

At the launch stage, a lot of attention is paid to the choice of a program for an outsourcing call center. In this case, a more familiar solution is to select and install the program out of the box. At Oki-Toki, we offer a more modern alternative – a cloud solution. The main advantages of using Oki-Toki cloud PBX:

  • Ability to work from any electronic device: Oki-Toki operates on PCs, tablets and smartphones;
  • Integration with other services used by the outsourcing call center through the webhooks tool, it is also possible to set up fine integration through the API;
  • Easy and fast data upload to CRM module. The database is loaded from a simple excel file or through API integration. You can create and use as many contact fields as needed for a business task. When exporting the database, it is possible to unload the entire history of communication with the client;
  • Easy scalability: connecting a new operator will take only a few minutes. Cloud software for call center operators is designed for 1,000 employees who can simultaneously serve 10,000 lines;
  • Individual technical support;
  • Using several telecom operators for calls through the Oki-Toki service. You can connect any telecom operator, as well as use several SIP operators at the same time: this will help save money and allow you to continue working in the event of a failure at one of the providers. Thin call routing allows you to solve any problems on the incoming or outgoing line. Using special reports and widgets, you can always track the quality of communication and the cause of the failure;
  • 14 days of free use: to get access to all the features of the cloud call center, just leave a request. This will allow us to assess the feasibility of using Oki-Toki;
  • Recording the history of all actions of operators and administrators of the outsourcing call center to investigate incidents;
  • The ability to automatically notify the customer about the fulfilled conditions, dialing standards, the number of attracted customers or hot leads;
  • Guest access with fine-tuning rights for customers of an outsourcing call center and a call filter to clean test calls from all reports;
  • The ability to distribute access rights for contact center employees according to roles and projects.

Opportunities of the virtual workplace of the operator

The virtual workplace for the call center operator of the Oki-Toki system contains the operator’s personal account, where you can see reports on calls made and employment throughout the day. Operator statuses (you can come up with them yourself) will help management see the full picture of the operator’s employment. The presence detector at the workplace automates the verification of the operator’s performance of his duties, and the special functions of “wiretapping” and “interception” enable the supervisor to help the operator in a difficult situation. A supervisor or administrator, working in the Oki-Toki service, can generate reports on the work of operators in order to see the workload of employees and the time in the system. Widgets are provided in the operator’s place in Oki-Toki to simplify the work with operators. The “Employees” widget will display who is in what status and for how long, “Chats” will help you quickly communicate information to colleagues or management, and “Calls” will create conferences with the mouse and forward calls to responsible persons. The Oki-Toki cloud service has a call recording function. Senior managers, supervisors and other responsible personnel will be able to assess the level of competence of employees, the quality of customer service or, if necessary, provide a recording to confirm the conversation. Management will be able to track disciplinary violations of contact center standards: missed calls, keeping a customer on the line for a long time, exceeding the call duration, and many other indicators. The operator’s place, as well as the entire functionality of the Oki-Toki system, can be fine-tuned to differentiate user access rights. Try it and see the functionality of Oki-Toki, and 14 days of free use and the help of a technical support employee will reduce the cost of starting and eliminate the need to find an employee who is familiar with Oki-Toki.

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