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Outsourced Call Center

Utilize oki-toki features to launch an inbound line, cold sales department, support service, or order reception. oki-toki capabilities enable the operation of a call center from A to Z.

Functional Capabilities for Outsourced Call Centers

All the necessary tools for call center operation

Management and Control of Agents

Configure your contact center’s operation using tools for control and management of agents.

  • Agent’s personal account. Use the agent’s personal account for organizing work, as well as for viewing reports, ratings, and statistics for each employee.
  • Presence detector. Determine using the presence detector how much time each agent spent at their workplace.
  • Occupancy accounting. Compile reports on individual agents’ occupancy or summary reports on overall occupancy.
  • Norms and tariffs. Establish work norms for agents on different projects, as well as tariffs according to the needs of the project.
  • Bonuses and penalties. Manage bonuses and penalties for agents within the system.
  • Call interception and listening. Use the call interception or listening feature for quality training of new agents and debugging their work.
  • Quality of form or card filling. Control the quality of filling out cards in CRM or forms in surveys within the service.
  • Automatic survey on service quality. Connect an automatic survey that will help determine the quality of service by your agents.

Advanced CRM and Analytics

Load your data into our CRM, build funnels, analyze call data.

  • Import and export of phone database. Import or export your subscriber bases into our CRM quickly and conveniently.
  • Configure sales funnel. Set up different funnels for different projects using a library of templates and scripts.
  • Number normalization. Get your database in a uniform format after automatic transformation of loaded numbers.
  • Uniqueness control and data validation. The system will automatically check the uploaded contacts for uniqueness, as well as for errors.
  • Contact appearance and custom fields. Customize the appearance of contacts as convenient for you. Add custom fields and tags for more convenient contact management.
  • History of interactions with the client. Store the entire history of communication with clients (calls, correspondence, chats) in a single system.
  • Contact access management. Set different access levels to contacts (visibility, modification), and appoint responsible employees.
  • Customization of reports. Customize reports on call center operation as convenient for you. Save settings for future visits.
  • Export of reports. Download reports in CSV, HTML, JSON formats.

Multichannel Query Processing

Process voice and text queries quickly and efficiently with oki-toki.

  • Call service scripts. Design scripts for IVR and agents, using rules, queues, and other tools!
  • Different lists for different tasks. Create black, white, and VIP lists for each project.
  • Integrations and chat service scripts. Connect convenient chats (Faceboook, Whatsapp, etc.) Set up chat service scripts for each project!
  • Handling of queries in the personal account. Collect calls, SMS, and email in the agent’s personal account. Process all queries in one interface!
  • Automatic callback for missed calls. Stop losing orders and clients! Connect automatic redial for lost calls!

Advanced Dialer Functionality

• 5 dialing modes: Preview/Callback, Predictive, Progressive, Ultra, Power,
• flexible settings for the number and interval of attempts,
• possibility of use in conjunction with an auto announcer,
• adjustment of calls according to the clients’ time zone,
• integration with external CRM,
• automatic processing of lost calls.

Voice robot for routine tasks

• any voice recording: own voice or synthesized voice,
• automatic SMS sending,
• connection to your telephony,
• detailed statistics with a recording of each conversation,
• connection of working hours schedule taking into account the time zone,
• operating speed similar to a call-center of 100 agents,
• possibility of connecting an agent to close the issue
• dialer integration and webhooks for sending notifications during operation.

Voice mailings or auto informing

• recording and setting up standard voice messages and greetings,
• automatic notifications to clients about the amount of debt, orders, account balance,
• integration with external CRMs to use during the call (addressing the client by name, etc.),
• synthesis and recognition of speech for voice messages,
• creating dialogue scripts with clients using tone dialing,
• possibility of connecting your telephony,
• scheduling of mailings,
• connection of the “call-drop” function.


  • Additional Payment
  • Agent's Workspace € 1
  • For 1 agent per day

  • One-Time Payment
  • Activating and Setting up the Service € 75
  • One-time fee for service connection and setup

Paying for oki-toki is beneficial!

Pay for what you use

In our service, you only pay for what you use! The more work – you pay more, and very little – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty account

For using our service, we credit units to a special account. Bonus funds can be used to pay for any oki-toki tools.


If you can’t top up your account in oki-toki, you can always take out a loan that will last for a week of operation.


Services are provided by contract offer. Payment by bank transfer or Visa/MasterCard. Document delivery by electronic document interchange.

Reviews on Oki-Toki from Other Services

Oki-Toki Google Chrome browser

oki-toki - Service for Outsourced Call Centers

Call center outsourcing services are becoming an increasingly popular solution for companies that want to provide quality customer service without the expense of an internal call center. Such contact centers give companies the ability to optimize call processing processes without the need for additional internal resources.

Outsourced call center solutions provides companies access to advanced technologies and experienced specialists without the need to invest in costly equipment and personnel training. 

The services of an outsourcing call center ensure reliable functioning of customer support, which contributes to increasing customer loyalty. Each project can be hidden from other employees, ensuring the confidentiality of work.

The cloud service oki-toki is specialized software for such centers, possessing multi-channel call processing and convenient project management. Its use saves time on installation and software updates, and also ensures easy access to the system from anywhere with internet.

Thus, customer service outsourcing call center using the cloud service oki-toki becomes the ideal choice for companies that want to focus on their core tasks and ensure a high level of customer service.

Benefits of the oki-toki service for outsourced call centers

At the project launch stage, much attention is paid to choosing a program for the outsource call center services. While the more usual solution is to choose and install a program “out of the box”. In oki-toki, we offer a more modern alternative – a cloud solution.

Main advantages of using the oki-toki service:

  • Ability to work from any PC: oki-toki operates on a cloud platform, allowing agents to work from any personal computer connected to the internet. There’s no need to install special software, which simplifies access and enhances the mobility of employees. This is especially convenient for remote work and collaborative working in distributed teams;
  • Time and resources saving: Due to the simplicity of setting up and using the cloud service, you save time and resources that are usually spent on servicing traditional systems. All the necessary functional equipment and software are already in the cloud, and you only have to take advantage of modern communications;
  • Integration with other tools: oki-toki easily integrates with CRM used by the call center outsource solution. It allows creating a unified information environment and optimizing workflow processes. It’s possible to create integrations with other services via webhooks, and there’s also an option to setup integration through API;
  • Simple and quick loading of numbers into the dialer and CRM: The database is loaded from a simple Excel file or through API integration. You can create and use any number of contact fields needed for business tasks;
  • Incoming calls: Outsourcing incoming calls allows companies to effectively manage the flow of incoming queries, ensuring quick response and quality customer service. Using IVR you can direct the call to the right specialist, there’s also call forwarding and conference call creation options;
  • Ease of scaling: The cloud service oki-toki allows easy system scaling according to your business needs. You can quickly add or remove numbers, configure new agents and expand functionality without the need to acquire additional equipment. Such a flexible approach allows quickly responding to demand changes and ensuring a comfortable work environment for the call center; 
  • High reliability and security: oki-toki operates on stable servers, ensuring high reliability and availability. Your data and calls are securely protected, and the system is regularly updated to ensure security and compliance with modern standards;
  • SIP-telephony: You can connect any communication provider, and also use several SIP operators simultaneously: this helps save funds and ensures continued work in case of a failure at one of the providers. Detailed call routing will solve any tasks on incoming or outgoing lines. Using special reports and widgets, you can always track the quality of communication and the reason for failure;
  • Test period: oki-toki offers 14 days of free program use for settings and user training. To access all the capabilities of the cloud call center, simply leave a request on the website;
  • System access for clients: Guest access with fine-tuned permissions for clients of the outsourced customer service and a call filter to cleanse test calls from all reports;
  • Roles and projects: Flexible management of employee access rights based on their roles and projects. oki-toki allows dividing the work of the call center into different projects, ensuring independent management and control for various tasks. Each project can be hidden from other employees, ensuring confidentiality and operation security;
  • Technical support: One of the significant advantages of oki-toki is access to qualified technical support. The team of specialists at oki-toki ensures reliable and prompt system operation, allowing your contact center to focus on quality customer work and achieving marketing goals.

Capabilities of the Virtual Agent Workspace

The contact center outsourcing services can take advantage of all the benefits of the virtual agent workspace, which includes a number of convenient and useful functions:

  • Information about calls and occupancy: The agent can check the number of successful and unsuccessful calls, as well as their occupancy during the workday. This allows for prompt control of one’s own work effectiveness;
  • Setting agent statuses: The ability to change and set statuses in the workstation allows agents to indicate their readiness for calls, which simplifies work organization and call processing;
  • Presence at the workplace: Automated presence control helps management to track when an agent is at their workplace, as well as if they were late for a shift or arrived early;
  • “Listening in” and “interception” functions: For supervisors and administrators, tools are available for listening to conversations between agents and clients in real-time and the ability to intercept calls, which allows providing help and training in real-time;
  • Widgets: Convenient “Users,” “Chats,” and “Active Calls” widgets are provided at the workplace, facilitating effective interaction and coordination of agent activities; 
  • KPI: Management will be able to track disciplinary violations of the contact center’s work norms, such as missed calls, long customer hold times, exceeding conversation duration, and many other indicators;
  • Call recording: oki-toki records conversations with clients, which is very useful for the company. All agent dialogs are stored in the system, and they can also be downloaded to your computer or to the cloud. The recordings also help in training staff and improving skills in communicating with clients. 

These capabilities of the virtual workspace make the agent’s work more productive, simple, and convenient, which contributes to effective communication with clients and ensures high-quality service.

oki-toki – a modern and efficient service for contact center outsourcing services. Its multifunctional capabilities allow easy organization of call reception and processing, project management, service quality control, and important data analysis. The cloud solution provides flexibility and scalability, making oki-toki an optimal outsourced contact centre services.

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