Tools for Contact Center Agents

We make convenient tools for operators to work with the client and the team. We also simplify the assessment of achievements through KPI and automate payroll.


Working with a client

Планирование звонка
Call planning
Just agreed with the client on the date and time of the next call? Schedule it immediately in the system!
Задержка перед автозвонком для ознакомления с карточкой
Delay before auto-call to familiarize with the card
Turn on customer call delay to have time to read the card and prepare for the call.
История общения
Communication history
Displaying the history of communication during a conversation will reduce the time to search for past calls and resolve issues with the client.
Возможность прослушивать звонки
Ability to listen to recent conversations
Not only view who was called, but also listen to the recordings of your calls, for example, to remember or double-check order details.
Сценарии разговоров
Using conversation scripts, you can standardize communication with the client, as well as automate the work with calls, letters and SMS. Read more here
Дружественные интеграции
Friendly Integrations
Oki-Toki CRM can be integrated with any modern CRM, many telecom operators, file storages and other external services. To do this, we have ready-made plugins and API .


Возможность учёта времени “на обеде” и “работа с документами”
Possibility to track time “at lunch” and “work with documents”
Need to go to lunch or do some paperwork? Select this status, and Oki-Toki will automatically distribute calls between the remaining operators, and the supervisor will see the reason for the pause and your comment.
Внутренний чат
Internal chat
Communication with colleagues has never been so quick and convenient. In one window, communicate with the client, ask for help in a private chat, and view general company notifications.
Виджет “Пользователи”
Widget “Users”
Need to forward a call or call your manager, but not sure if he's there? The special widget “Users” will display what status the user is in, of course, if you have the right to do so.

Personal KPI achievement statistics and salary

Выполнение KPI
KPI fulfillment
There are KPIs in every Call Center and they need to be met. We have made the "Indicators" widget, which displays a list of indicators in real time, the required and current values, and the accrued bonus.
Управление зарплатами
Good work is rewarded, but violations are punished. How much was accrued per day of work, were there any violations, who should count on the bonus? Thanks to automation, it is possible to build management of the virtual balance of operators, replenishment and debiting of virtual funds from it for the work performed.

Use additional tools as needed

Speech analytics

Conversation scoring, transcripts and speech analytics are three Okie-Toki tools that will allow you to control the quality of calls in your call center!

  • automatic selection of an audio recording for verification,
  • voice distortion to eliminate subjectivity,
  • statistics of operators' assessments and the work of the quality control department,
  • karaoke mode (matching the text of the audio recording and highlighting the text while listening),
  • tracking interruptions, pauses, the use of obscene (obscene) words in a conversation with a client,
  • tracking the compliance of the questionnaire with the transcript of the conversation.

Is it difficult to work with reports? Does your call center need convenient reporting for the manager? Start using Reports!

  • Automatic sending of reports at the specified time.
  • Ready-made templates for all types of projects and types of work.
  • Clear reports without unnecessary data.
  • Division by projects.

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