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Calculate the cost of a cloud service for your call center or task using the calculator.

It is profitable to pay for Oki-Toki!

We - in Oki-Toki, there is no single price for everyone. Each client pays as much as he uses.

Pay for what you use

With our service, you only pay for what you use! More work - you pay more, and very little - your costs will be microscopic.

Bonus for large deposits

Replenishment for 1 000 EUR, bonus +100 EUR. Replenishment for 2 000 EUR, bonus + 250 EUR. Replenishment for 3 000 EUR, bonus + 400 EUR.


If you are unable to replenish your Oki-Toki account, you can always take out a loan that is enough for a week of work.


Services are provided under an offer agreement. Payment by bank transfer or Visa/MasterCard. Sending documents via EDI.

Reviews about Oki-Toki from other services


Iulia Raiscaia

Feedback from the Startpack service Pros: extensive functionality, a huge number of reports. The company itself is ready to develop new products to improve the quality of work. Integration of statistical data, disciplinary reports and reports. A convenient platform for a company with a large number of clients. Linking a personal manager to a client, which is important at the first stages of working with the program. Full automation of calls, recording and archive of all telephone conversations. API integration. At the same time, the cost of these services on the market is low. Cons: Lack of a number of widgets when moving to a new opera place, although this can be considered as an advantage, since it does not scatter the attention of the operator when calling


Bogdan Koshevoy

Feedback from the Voipoffice service We have been working with Oki for more than 3 years. Excellent service for the implementation of projects and at a very good price. If there are people, pay, if there are no people, don’t pay. We have already implemented a large number of projects on the Oka platform. Very convenient widgets for tracking indicators and flexible settings. If you want to quickly launch a project that will work stably, I definitely recommend Oki. We have not had situations in 3 years that the oki did not work for more than 4-5 minutes and this happens very rarely.



Feedback from the Otzovik service We have been working with Oki since 2018, we found them when we opened an online store. The service is very flexible. At first we had a couple of operators, and we bought only 2 operator positions. Now there are more operators, we spend, of course, also more, but there are no “extra” and imposed payments. There are 10 operators – you pay only for 10 operator places. You don’t need, for example, a voice robot – you don’t pay for it, you need it, you connected it. But there is a personal manager only at the stage of connection and the test period. Generally satisfied.



Feedback from the Indexcall service There are pluses and minuses in the operation of the system. Although in general a positive impression. From the conveniences: a clear interface and work from the browser, the capabilities of the dealer. IVR is very cool. Creating voice greetings or scripts is really cool. Of the minuses: the raw interface of the operator’s workplace, there are a number of shortcomings. It’s a little annoying that many related functions are in different sections. It would be nice to add more hints. In general, more satisfied with the work than not.

Call center price from Oki-Toki cloud service

Setting up a call center from scratch is a rather lengthy, complex and costly process. The old way of organizing a turnkey call center involves purchasing a license for software, servers (at least 2), IP phones, as well as project preparation, deployment, development of integrations, technical support and a lot of unpredictable things. Because of this, the return on investment in a contact center can take several years. A modern alternative to this approach is Oki-Toki, a cloud-based call center that has a much lower setup and launch cost. In addition, the prices for organizing a call center from scratch in the cloud are quite transparent and depend only on the actual volume of use and the selected functionality. Access to the service is possible both from a PC and from modern gadgets, which makes it possible to save money on the purchase of equipment.

Oki-Toki call center cost

You can calculate the cost of creating a call center from scratch, optimized for your tasks, using a special calculator. When calculating, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • Number of working days in a week;
  • Will the software be used on weekends;
  • The maximum number of jobs on weekends and working days;
  • How much storage is needed for MP3 recordings (10 GB by default);
  • The number of calls using dialer (up to 500 per day – free of charge);
  • Number of API & Webhooks calls (up to 500 per day – free);
  • Number of GSM gateways with your SIM cards
  • Premium feature: Accounting for the client’s time zone;
  • Premium function: Connecting the SMS sending service;
  • Premium feature: Custom domain.

Benefits of a cloud call center

In the Oki-Toki cloud CC, the client pays only for the opportunities and services used. With significant volumes of work, the costs are higher, and if there are very few calls, the costs will be only 15 EUR. In any case, the turnkey call center price is predictable and accurate. Also, Oki-Toki users can:

  • Use bonus funds to pay for any instruments;
  • Take a loan for a week if for some reason it is not possible to replenish the account;
  • Receive services under an offer agreement, paying for them using Visa/MasterCard;
  • Receive documents using EDI.

How to start using the Oki-Toki service

In order to start using Oki-Toki, just fill out the form at: . it is advisable to select a telecommunications service provider in advance. You can combine sim and sip numbers to reduce the cost of calls to mobile numbers. After that, you can proceed to the organization of workplaces for managers. During the first 14 days of use, the cost of a call center for an online store or other company is zero. We have ready-made solutions for law and financial firms, delivery services, advertising agencies and government agencies. We offer to test the service for free! After 14 days, you should replenish your account in your personal account. At the request of the client, we can make a presentation of the system via Skype. There are Oki-Toki servers in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Germany. And, importantly, you can offer your own servers for storing data.

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