Tools for IT Department Automation

Essential tools for IT departments of contact centers - API, webhooks, automation, logging, and data backup.


Service Management

Только браузер
Use the Oki-Toki service without installing additional software and equipment.
We have servers with high availability (SLA 99.9%) and redundancy as close to the customers as possible.
Our cloud automatically expands when the load exceeds 50%. There will always be room for your projects.

Data Security and Access Management

Хостинг на ваших серверах
Hosting on Your Servers
We can transfer the database and recording storage to your server. The safety of your data now rests on your shoulders. :)
Управление доступом
Separate access between projects and distribute access to management, reports, and widgets using roles and projects.
Журнал действий и изменений
Access and Change Log
Any changes in the project will not go unnoticed, whether it's a call deletion or a change in contact data.


Интеграция по API
Use our API and connect your CRM, ERP, PDF, and ICQ :) We have not only an extended and convenient API but also technical support that answers questions. :)
Send notifications via API, email, or pigeon mail about any events in the system.
Готовые интеграции
Ready-made Integrations
Set up data exchange with popular services like ZohoCRM, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc. If you didn't find the CRM you need in our ready-made integrations — create a ticket, and technical support will try to help as soon as possible.

Utilize additional tools as needed


Having trouble with reports? Does your call center need convenient reporting for a manager? Start using Reports!

  • Automatic sending of reports at the specified time.
  • Ready-made templates for all types of projects and kinds of works.
  • Clear reports without unnecessary data.
  • Division by projects.
Tools for the IT Department

Essential tools for IT departments in contact centers include APIs, webhooks, automation, logging, and data backup.

Service Management

Browser only. High availability. Scalability.

Data Security and Access Management

Hosting on your servers. Access management. Access and change logs.


APIs. Webhooks. Ready-made Integrations.

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IT Department Management and Automation Tools in Oki-Toki

Modern business envisages an IT department, which is an integral part of the organization. For the effective operation of IT infrastructure and business processes, as well as ensuring uninterrupted work, it is necessary to use modern IT tools for automation.

Oki-Toki presents a set of software for managing and automating the IT department, which will help optimize work processes, improve their efficiency, and enhance customer service quality.

Set of Tools for IT Department Automation

Service Management

The ability to work only in a browser allows not to install additional software on computers and other devices. This significantly simplifies the implementation process and reduces the costs of maintenance and software updates. Such type of connection during work provides higher security and data protection, as users can work in a secure mode and use modern encryption methods.

Organizing high availability, which is ensured by having servers with high availability (SLA 99.9%). It means the service is almost always available and ready for use by customers. Additionally, the system provides redundancy, minimizing the risks of failures and malfunctions in operation. This is achieved thanks to the close placement of servers to customers, ensuring faster and more stable access to the service.

The service has a scalable architecture, allowing the cloud infrastructure to automatically expand when the system load exceeds 50%. Thus, the service is always ready for increased load and can support work with any number of clients and projects. As an IT infrastructure management tool, the automatic scaling approach prevents downtime and ensures high system responsiveness and performance. Moreover, the Oki-Toki service provides its customers with flexibility and scalability according to their needs. Thus, Oki-Toki’s scalable service architecture ensures stability and readiness to work with any number of clients and projects. Customers can be confident that the service will always be ready to work, regardless of the increase in load volumes.

Data Security and Access Management

The service of hosting the database and recording storage on own servers. It means that customers can independently manage the preservation of their data and ensure their security. We can transfer the database and recording storage to the client’s server, allowing control of data at the infrastructure level. This can be a convenient solution for organizations that have high data security requirements and do not want to rely entirely on cloud services.

The approach of providing the possibility to separate access between projects and manage them. For this purpose, a system of roles and projects is used, which allows flexible access management for users.

Roles grant access to various system functions, for example, dialer management, listening to call recordings, and reports. Each role has its access level and capabilities defined by the system administrator.

Projects, in turn, allow to separate access to data between different user groups. Administrators can create projects and assign roles to them, thereby defining the access level of users to certain projects. Thus, the roles and projects system in the Oki-Toki service ensures flexible and convenient user access management to various system functionalities. Administrators can control and customize user access levels to data and system functions, ensuring security and work efficiency.

In Oki-Toki, you can always be sure that any changes in the project will be recorded and not go unnoticed. For this, we provide an access and changes log that allows tracking all user actions in the system. The access and changes log contains information about who and when performed a particular action in the project. For example, you can learn when a new contact was added, who last edited the deal information, or when a call was made. This log is a reliable IT tool for control and ensures transparency when working with projects in the Oki-Toki service. You can always check who made changes and when they were made, helping prevent errors and unauthorized actions.


In Oki-Toki, to improve the IT infrastructure management system, an extended and convenient API is provided, allowing integration of our system with various external services. You can use our API to connect your CRM, ERP, PDF, and even ICQ.

To integrate our system with your applications, we provide complete documentation and ready-made code examples that will help you quickly set up the connection. Our technical support is always ready to assist you with any questions about using the API.

Using our API, you can automate processes in your company, speed up customer interaction, and improve service quality. You can integrate our system with your CRM to receive information about customers and deals, manage dialer calls, and much more.

Using our API allows extending our system capabilities and integrating it with your applications. Contact our technical support, and we will be glad to assist you with the integration setup.

To simplify the integration process with other services, we offer the service “Ready-made integrations with popular services”, such as ZohoCRM, Zendesk, Salesforce, and many others.

Using our ready-made integrations, you can easily set up data exchange between our system and your CRM, accelerating work with customers and deals. Ready-made integrations are already set up and ready to use, significantly reducing setup time.

If you didn’t find the CRM you need in our list of ready-made integrations, you can create a ticket in our technical support, and we will try to help you solve this problem. The company provides extended technical support, always ready to assist our customers with any questions about using our system and its integration with other services.

Using tools for IT department automation in Oki-Toki is important for optimizing work processes, improving customer service quality, increasing security, and system reliability. Their use reduces the costs of maintenance and software updates, increases work efficiency, and enhances business processes overall.

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