Online chat for website

Oki-Toki chat is a single center for processing calls and customer messages in social networks, e-mail, on the website and in instant messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype.


Multichat - manage all your chats in one place

Oki-Toki chats is an application for communicating with customers via Telegram, WhatsApp Business, Viber messengers, social networks Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, voice assistants using a single operator workplace and phone application.

You can integrate your business resources with Oki-Toki Multichat using the REST API and get unified access to the whole variety of instant messengers and e-mail.

Connect the Oki-Toki widget to your landings and support pages for a stable personalized connection with customers on the site. Answer their questions, guide them through the site and use (?) other “secret technologies” to learn more about the client.

Store all data in one chat – pages of interest, source of visit, completed orders, completed forms, call records and message history – and it will be easy for you to navigate in the history of communication.

Expand telephony functionality
Receive not only customer calls, but also requests from other sales channels: chat on the website, ordering a call back, social networks, instant messengers. All at once in one window: you will not miss anything, and customers will be able to choose their usual method of communication.
Connect to Chats Conferences, Video Conferences and Screen Sharing
Use the possibilities of live video communication for support and sales! Invite to Calls, Video Chat and Screen Sharing from mail, social networks and instant messengers.
Work globally and intelligently
Oki-Toki Chat supports your global ambitions, so before sending it, it checks the spelling of messages and automatically translates them into the language of the visitor. Together, this gives our clients the opportunity to competently work in international markets from the first day of using our service.

How to Manage Quality in Chats?

The best chats with automation, knowledge base and artificial intelligence will start working for your business when you master the tools for monitoring quality in chats.

Alert Tool

We use the “Alerts” tool to control the rules for working with chats. For example: the duration of waiting for the operator and being “in work”. This tool creates an alert for the operator to pay attention to, then a strict reminder, and if he does not process the chat, then the chat will be transferred to another operator. Such extreme cases are considered incidents and reduce the operator’s KPI.

Chat KPIs

The rules for working with chats are not the only standard that defines KPI. You can build KPIs based on chats processed and messages sent, track shift scheduling, apply speech analytics requirements, or use external data sources to evaluate agent performance.

KPI чатов

KPI data flows into ready-made reports – “Reports”, intended for managers and customers. These reports contain only useful data, which makes them especially easy to remember.

Premium Management

The result of working with KPI is the Bonus Management tool, in which various indicators collected over the period are converted into numerical points for rewarding operators.

Управление премиями
KPI чатов
Управление премиями

These tools reduce conflict in relationships, simplify management, save time on issues, and allow you to focus on growing your business by the rules you create. Try our quality control automation tools for remote and office teams.

How to automate sales and support using chatbots?

Support operators and sales managers perform many actions with messages throughout the day. A noticeable part of them is a routine, simple, but requiring attention. We at Oki-Toki have created bots to automate simple and repetitive tasks. With a simple API, you can provide information about balance, order status, make an appointment and implement other ideas to rationalize, optimize (?) your business. Bots in Oki-Toki communicate in the language of the client, which is very important in today’s global world.

The bots can greet, announce the schedule of the operators, announce the waiting, remind you of a question that is waiting for an answer, report a change in the status of an issue, or answer simple questions from the FAQ.
Data collection
The bots can greet, announce the schedule of the operators, announce the waiting, remind you of a question that is waiting for an answer, report a change in the status of an issue, or answer simple questions from the FAQ.
With the help of the dialog constructor, you can train Oki-Toki to perform more complex tasks, for example, to conduct dialogs in order to completely replace the operator in routine tasks, such as registering a service request or filling out an insured event questionnaire.

Online chat for website

  • Unification of calls, mail, social networks and instant messengers.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.
  • Developed tools for the CC supervisor, operator and manager.
  • Reports, report builder, and smart contact center reports.
  • Auto-dialing, speech analytics, conversation scripts, voice robots, chat bots, support bots, etc.
  • Ready-made connectors for seamless integration with many CRMs and ERPs.
  • Technical support with unsurpassed cynicism and infuriating professionalism.

Questions and answers

What social networks and instant messengers do you have integration with?

Integration with Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and Line, Messenger, Meta(Facebook), Instagram is available.

Is there a chat on the site?

A call from the site, a chatbot, a callback from the site and a chat to the site are available.

Is there integration with SIP telephony?

Integration with any SIP numbers with flexible routing and static call tracking is available.

Can I test for free?

14 days free period available. During the trial period, you are assigned a technical support employee who helps with settings and training.

API integration

We have an extended API and flexible webhooks. Using the API and webhooks, you can get any reporting, event, or integrate a corporate chat.

What else is there for sales and consultations?

Leave a request and get detailed advice from a specialist.

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