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Organize a call center for making cold sales, using the capabilities of Oki-Toki. Call scripts, notification templates, a multifunctional agent's workplace and supervisory control features, and much more.

Услуги Телемаркетинга - Сервис Холодных Звонков

Functionalities for Cold Calls

Choose the tools necessary for cold dialing!

Dialer with transfer to agent upon client's response

Optimize agent’s working time by using dialer for dialing numbers. Establish a connection with the agent upon the client’s response.

Voice mailings

Connect an auto-informer to notify clients about current promotions, new services, or products. Use a speech synthesizer or prerecorded messages.

Call scripts

Design call responsescripts yourself or use ready-made templates.

Notification Templates

Use ready-made templates to send notifications directly from the dashboard.

Integration with external CRM or using an internal one

Connect your CRM and transfer all information in both directions. Or use our CRM to keep data of all clients.

Agent's Workplace

Use the agent’s personal account to organize work, as well as to view reports, ratings, and statistics for each employee.

Work Control

Determine with the help of a presence detector how much time each agent spent at their workplace.

Standards and Tariffs

Set work standards for agents on different projects, as well as tariffs depending on the needs of the project.

Call Interception and Listening

Use the call interception or listening feature for high-quality training of new agents and to fine-tune their work.


  • Additional Payment
  • Agent's Workspace € 1
  • For 1 agent per day

  • One-Time Payment
  • Activating and Setting up the Service € 75
  • One-time fee for service connection and setup

Paying for Oki-Toki is advantageous!

Pay for what you use

In our service, you only pay for what you use! The more work – the more you pay, and very little – your expenses will be microscopic.

Loyalty Account

For using our service, we credit u.e. to a special account. Bonus funds can be used to pay for any Oki-Toki tools.


If you’re unable to replenish your account at Oki-Toki, you can always take a credit that will be enough for a week of work.


Representations in Russia and Ukraine. Services are provided by a contract offer. Payments by bank transfer or Visa/MasterCard. Sending documents via EDI.

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Call Center for Telemarketing: The Path to the Customer through a Call

Telemarketing call center is an exciting and important area of work, designed for those who possess the art of communicating with people. This technique of persuasion is not intrusive or unpleasant, but rather based on the ability to leave a positive impression of oneself. Telemarketing agents contact clients by phone calls and follow a strategy designed to achieve the best results.

One of the key performers in telemarketing call centers is specialists whose main task is to sell products or services. Their work involves not only attracting the attention of clients but also developing their interest in the product. The professionalism and experience of employees play an important role in achieving success in this area.

The main tool of a telemarketing specialist is perfect product knowledge and the ability to present it correctly. To convince the client, it is necessary to demonstrate product knowledge, its advantages, and show how it can meet the specific needs of the customer.

Telemarketing software is constantly changing and developing, and successful specialists always strive to improve their skills and find new ways of effectively interacting with clients. Oki-Toki helps companies increase sales and improve customer relations by providing various tools and high-level features for effective telemarketing software.

Methods of attracting customers through telemarketing

The main task of telemarketing services is to increase sales volumes and improve relationships with clients through quality service. Examples of approaches to attract clients include:

  • Active calls: Telemarketing agents use the dialer tool of Oki-Toki to initiate outgoing calls based on a pre-compiled list of potential clients. These calls can be aimed at presenting products or services, offering promotions, or invitations to events.
  • Incoming calls and flexible scripts: Oki-Toki provides the ability to receive incoming calls from clients who have shown interest in a company’s products or services. With various call script options in Oki-Toki, customer requests are processed significantly faster. This allows managers to improve their relations with clients.
  • Surveys and marketing research: Telesales companies is used for conducting surveys and marketing research. Managers use dialogue scripts from Oki-Toki to collect feedback from clients, conduct surveys, identify market needs, and analyze consumer opinions. CRM questionnaires from Oki-Toki – a convenient tool that helps to collect and analyze data more efficiently. The quota tool allows monitoring the effectiveness of the research and determining whether the goals have been achieved. Integrating CRM questionnaires into the telephone marketing services processes enhances customer service and reduces costs, achieving better business results. 
  • Order processing and customer support: Within telemarketing, agents actively process orders, serve customers, and promptly address questions and issues. Thanks to Oki-Toki tools, their work becomes even more productive, allowing them to provide customers with excellent service and quick resolution of all requests.

Telemarketing is a dynamic process where techniques can be supplemented depending on the strategy and goals of the company. In addition to the main approaches, you can use an interactive voice response (IVR) from Oki-Toki with speech recognition and dialer. These innovations allow for the automation of customer service and call handling, making the process simpler and more effective. Thus, telemarketing successfully achieves business goals and improves relations with clients.

Advantages of cloud call center for telemarketing in Oki-Toki 2 variant

Creating and managing a call center for telemarketing is a current task for many companies. In the modern world, where customer bases and competition are constantly expanding, it is important to use effective tools for communicating with potential and existing clients. Cloud call centers offer unique advantages for various telemarketing tasks, and Oki-Toki is one of the leading cloud solutions in this area.

Dialer with transfer to agent 

One of the important aspects of successful telemarketing is maximizing agents’ time and optimizing the dialing process for clients. That’s where the cloud call center Oki-Toki comes to help. Thanks to the functionality of dialer with transfer to agent, one group of agents becomes possible to work on several projects simultaneously. This ensures the optimal distribution of working time, as well as reduces waiting time for clients.

Example: Imagine a company conducting a series of marketing research among its client base. With the implementation of dialer, the system automatically calls the client’s number. This allows agents to avoid many problematic moments:

  • Reducing waiting time: Previously, agents could spend considerable time waiting for a dial tone or trying to reach the client. Dialer allows instant connection with the client at the moment of readiness, reducing time expenditures.
  • Reducing stress: Manual dialing of cold numbers sometimes caused nervousness among agents, especially during unsuccessful dialing attempts. Dialer eliminates this factor, as it dials automatically, freeing agents from unnecessary stress.
  • Maximizing work time: Agents no longer spend time on routine tasks related to dialing numbers and waiting for dial tones. Instead, they can fully focus on communicating with clients, asking important questions, and analyzing received responses.

Essentially, dialer significantly optimizes the dialing process for clients. The company can now save time and financial resources, reducing the time spent on dialing and improving the quality of interaction with clients. 

Voice mailings 

Providing informational support to clients and offering them up-to-date offers is a key task of telemarketing. The cloud call center Oki-Toki offers the possibility to use voice mailings, which allow for promptly notifying clients about news and special offers. For the auto-informer of Oki-Toki, you can record voice messages yourself or use robots Yandex TTS and Google.

Example: Suppose a company has discounts on its products. With voice mailings from Oki-Toki, the company can send a voice message to clients inviting them to the presentation and information about discounts. This enables the company to promptly contact clients and reinforce their interest in the offers.

Voice mailings allow conveying information to the client not just with a text message, but with a lively and dynamic voice. When a client receives a personal voice message – it creates a closeness and individuality in interaction.

Thanks to the possibility of mass mailings of voice invitations, the company can quickly communicate its offer to a huge audience of clients. Moreover, the voice message can be listened to even when the client is on the move or doing other tasks, making this method of communication much more convenient and engaging.

So, what are the key advantages of this approach? 

  • Firstly, voice mailings create an individual and trustful interaction with clients. 
  • Secondly, they ensure prompt delivery of information and evoke a high level of engagement. 
  • Thirdly, it’s a powerful tool that allows the company to stand out among competitors and leave a good impression on its clients.

Thus, voice mailings from Oki-Toki are suitable for companies wishing not only to attract clients’ attention to their promotions and discounts but also to create a real interaction based on emotions, persuasion, and promptness.

Quick setup and launch 

For startups and new projects, it is important to quickly start attracting clients and promote their product or service in the market. In this case, the cloud call center Oki-Toki offers a significant advantage. Minimal time for setting up and launching allows to quickly start dialing potential clients and offering them the product.

Example: Imagine a startup developed a new product and wants to quickly enter the market. With Oki-Toki, they can quickly set up their call center for telemarketing and start dialing potential clients, presenting their new product and offering its advantages. Such an operation start helps the company quickly gain a new audience and increase sales volumes.

Why can Oki-Toki become the ideal solution for a startup that aims for a quick market entry with a new product? Here are a few key arguments:

  • Speed and Flexibility: Oki-Toki provides an amazingly fast and flexible way to set up a call center for telemarketing. The startup will not have to spend time deploying complex systems or training staff. All they need is to upload their contact list and start dialing clients practically instantly.
  • Personalization and Engagement: Sending emails or text messages about a new product can be effective, but voice communication exceptionally powerfully impacts consumers. The voice can express emotions and underline the importance of an offer. Oki-Toki allows the startup to personally address each potential client, creating deeper interaction.
  • Immediate Feedback: The advantage of voice calls is that the startup can instantly receive feedback from clients. This allows adapting their product or approach based on the real reactions and wishes of clients, which can significantly improve the end result.
  • Uniqueness and Memorability: A voice call presenting a new product will be more memorable and unique than usual advertising materials. This helps the startup stand out among competitors and create a vivid impression on potential clients.
  • Ease of Use: Oki-Toki provides an intuitive interface, making it attractive for the startup team, even if they have no experience in marketing and telecommunications.

Therefore, Oki-Toki becomes a key tool for a startup that wants to effectively soar in the market with a new product. Thanks to the speed of setup, uniqueness of voice communication, possibility of feedback, and ease of use, the startup can quickly achieve results, creating a positive impression of their product.

Flexibility and adaptation to market segments 

Each market segment has its features and requirements. The Oki-Toki service provides opportunities that allow effectively working both in the B2C sphere and in B2B. In the B2C sphere, cold calls imply a more personal approach to clients, whereas B2B cold calls require complex techniques for attracting clients and concluding profitable deals between companies.

Example: A company engaged in B2B telemarketing uses the cloud call center Oki-Toki to attract new clients. Agents actively use the dialer functionality to deliver key messages about the product or service. At the same time, the flexibility of voice mailings allows providing partners with interesting information about offers and terms of cooperation.

Reports and analytics 

One of the important aspects of successful telemarketing is analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and determining key success indicators. The cloud call center Oki-Toki provides various reports and analytical data that help companies assess the results of their telemarketing efforts.

Example: Imagine a company conducted a large telemarketing campaign to promote a new product. With reports from Oki-Toki, they can assess the number of calls made, client responses, sales, and other important metrics. This allows the company to identify the most effective strategies and optimize their future telemarketing actions for achieving the best results.

The cloud call center Oki-Toki provides many advantages for telemarketing solutions, making the process of communicating with clients more flexible, effective, and productive. Innovative features, such as IVR with speech recognition and dialer, help optimize the work of the call center and provide quality customer service. Oki-Toki – a reliable partner for companies aiming to improve service levels and enhance relations with clients.

Cost of services in the cloud call center Oki-Toki: key factors and opportunities to save

When developing a call center for telemarketing outsourcing on the Oki-Toki cloud platform, the cost of services depends on the volume of work. If the company uses more resources, the fee will be accordingly higher. What factors influence the determination of the cost of cold calls in such a call center?

  • Firstly, the number of working days and agents per week matters. If the call center operates on weekends as well, this can affect the overall cost of services.
  • Secondly, the volume of call recording storage and statistics can also affect the cost. More data means more expenses for storing information.
  • Thirdly, companies can choose additional services, for example: smart reports “Reports”, “Daily dialer rules”, “Speech synthesis” and other premium features, which can also influence the overall cost.

To learn more about the exact cost for their project, clients can use the Oki-Toki calculator. This tool allows calculating an approximate amount of expenses on the service and helps plan their budget.

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