We create modern cloud-based call centers remotely, regardless of the agents' location, without equipment, almost for free, and with 24/7 technical support.

Multichannel Processing of Inquiries

Process voice and text inquiries quickly and efficiently with Oki-Toki.


Call Servicing Scripts

Design scripts for IVR and agents, using rules, queues, and other tools!

Different Lists for Different Tasks

Create black, white, and VIP lists for each project.

Integrations and Chat Operation Scripts

Connect convenient chats (Faceboook, Whatsapp, etc.) Configure chat operation scripts for each project!

Processing Inquiries in the Personal Account

Collect calls, SMS, and emails in the agent's personal account. Process all inquiries within one interface!


Automatic Callback for Missed Calls

Stop losing orders and customers! Connect automatic redial for missed calls!

Advanced CRM and Analytics

Upload your data to our CRM, build funnels, analyze call data.

Import and Export of Phone Database

Import or export your subscriber databases into our CRM quickly and conveniently.

Customize the Sales Funnel

Customize different funnels for different projects, using a library of templates and scripts.

Number Normalization

Get your database in a unified format after automatic conversion of uploaded numbers.

Uniqueness Control and Data Validation

The system will automatically check uploaded contacts for uniqueness and for errors.

Contact Appearance and Custom Fields

Customize the appearance of contacts as you prefer. Add custom fields and tags for more convenient contact management.

History of Interactions with the Customer

Store the entire history of communication with customers (calls, correspondence, chats) in a unified system.

Managing Access to Contacts

Set different access levels to contacts (visibility, modification), and assign responsible employees.

Customization of Reports

Customize call center operation reports as you prefer. Save the settings for subsequent visits.

Report Export

Download reports in CSV, HTML, JSON formats.

Management and Control of Agents

Set up your contact center's operation using agent control and management tools.

Agent's Personal Account

Use the agent's personal account to organize work, and to view reports, ratings, and statistics for each employee.

Different Lists for Different Tasks

Create black, white, and VIP lists for each project.


Occupancy Accounting

Compile reports on the occupancy of individual agents or consolidated reports on overall occupancy.

Standards and Tariffs

Set work standards for agents on different projects, and tariffication according to project needs.

Bonuses and Penalties

Manage bonuses and penalties for agents within the system.

Call Interception and Listening

Use the call interception or listening function for effective training of new agents and debugging their work.

Quality of Filling Forms or Cards

Control the quality of filling out cards in CRM or forms in surveys within the service.

Automatic Quality of Service Survey

Connect automatic surveys to determine the quality of service by your agents.

Simplifying Work with Templates and Scripts

Use ready-made templates and scripts to launch and optimize the operation of your call center.

Builders for Call and Chat Scripts

Use builders to design dialogue scripts and chats with customers.

Dialogue Constructor

Compose dialogues for agents for more efficient processing of inquiries.

Library of Ready-made Scripts

Take advantage of ready-made scripts that are available in our library. Or use them as a basis for your own.

Templates for SMS and email

Collect calls, SMS, and emails in the agent's personal account. Process all inquiries within one interface!

Telephony Management

Save on communication: connect your providers and flexibly configure limits and permissions for calls.


Connecting Any Communication Providers

Choose and connect the communication provider whose terms are more favorable for you.

Routing Outgoing Calls

Configure the redirection of outgoing calls according to tariffs and operators' prefixes to save on telephony.

Communication Limits

Set communication limits within the cabinet to control your expenses.

Quality of Communication Monitoring

Only use the best communication quality with automatic quality monitoring.

Internal Alerts for Control

Receive automatic SMS and email alerts when reaching spending limits or when communication quality deteriorates.

Control of Authorized Directions

Configure permissions for calls only in specific directions to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Detailed Call Statistics

Receive information on the cost, number, and duration of calls directly in the personal account.

Capabilities of the Oki-Toki Cloud Call Center

Oki-Toki helps to set up modern cloud-based call centers remotely, regardless of your location. Your agents will need nothing more than a PC or tablet with a headset.

Multichannel Processing of Inquiries

Oki-Toki simplifies the processing of messages received through various channels. Proper organization will help agents to quickly respond to voice and text messages. Oki-Toki functionalities allow:

• To set communication scripts with clients, outlining standard responses and assigning queues;
• To add customers to black, white, and VIP lists;
• To connect messengers, for example, Faceboook and Whatsapp;
• To collect all calls, SMS, and emails in the user’s personal account for quick switching between inquiries and their operational processing;
• To automatically redial unanswered calls;

The cloud call center will help you no longer lose orders and customers and will preserve 100% of received inquiries.

Analytics and CRM

Use the Oki-Toki CRM system or configure the telephony connection with an existing database. This approach simplifies the analysis of call data and allows opening the product card during the subscriber’s call.

Automatic conversion of numbers to the required format will help organize the database. Users will also be able to choose the writing order of the phone number, add fields, and tags for quick search of necessary contacts.

The capabilities of the cloud call center allow you to save complete information about interactions with the customer, which includes calls, chats, and correspondences.

Reports can be downloaded in a convenient format: CSV, HTML, JSON.

Oki-Toki offers a complete toolkit for managing the efficiency of agents:

• Personal account of the contact center manager;
• Section with work norms and tariffs;
• Information on rewards and penalties;

Create a standard list of questions that will be asked to customers to assess the work of the agent.

Templates and Industry Solutions

The service capabilities for call centers allow you to simplify work by implementing hints and dialogue scripts with the customer. The Oki-Toki library stores ready-made conversation scripts, which can be fully used or taken as a basis when preparing a guide for call center agents.

Use constructors to design chats and create a database of automatic responses. Properly organized communication algorithms simplify the work of agents and reduce their training period.

Oki-Toki is ready to provide tools for call centers in any niche: logistics, medicine, advertising, finance, jurisprudence, and solutions for government institutions.

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