Industry Solutions

Call Center for Banks and Financial Institutions

Utilize dialer, voice broadcasts, automation and integration with CRM to swiftly and efficiently reach out to existing and potential clients!

Functional Capabilities for Financial Institutions

Choose the tools necessary for the operation of a financial center or bank!

Automated Dialing with IVR Robot

Utilize the powerful combination of ‘Robotic Auto-Dialing’ and IVR (Interactive Voice Response), be it voice-based or standard, to familiarize customers with new services or products as well as to provide them the choice of further dialogue development.

Automated Dialing and Message Playback by Robot

Conduct voice broadcasts with a robot, playing pre-recorded messages to subscribers.

Automated dialing with agent-assisted customer response

Optimize your agents’ working hours by utilizing dialer for number selection. Establish a connection with the agent the moment a customer responds.

Callback on Missed Incoming Calls

Don’t miss a single call. Set up automatic callbacks for missed incoming calls.

Integrations for Automating Call-Outs and Sales Processes

Boost your sales volume by setting up the integration of Oki-Toki with your other systems.

Voice IVR for Inbound Line

Connect a voice IVR to the incoming line, set up triggers for specific words, phrases, and their synonyms, and distribute calls among agents and departments.

Call Recordings

Record and listen to the conversations of agents and managers with customers to enhance the level of service.

Customer Personalization

Address the customer by name during an incoming call or provide them with the necessary information from their account (such as debt amount or credit) when making a robot call.

Integration with SMS Services

Connect the necessary SMS distribution services and send the required information to the customer directly from the Oki-Toki dashboard.

SLA Reports

Utilize SLA reports to monitor the response time of agents to inquiries.


  • Additional Payment
  • Agent's Workspace € 1
  • For 1 agent per day

  • One-Time Payment
  • Activating and Setting up the Service € 75
  • One-time fee for service connection and setup

Paying for Oki-Toki is beneficial!

Pay for What You Use

In our service, you only pay for what you use! More work – you pay more, and a little less – your costs will be microscopic.

Loyalty Score

For using our service, we credit units to a special account. You can use these bonus funds to pay for any Oki-Toki tools.


If you’re unable to top up your account in Oki-Toki, you can always take out a loan to cover a week’s worth of work.


Representations in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Services are provided under the offer contract. Payment by non-cash transaction or using Visa/MasterCard. Document dispatch through electronic data interchange.

Reviews on Oki-Toki from Other Services

Oki-Toki Google Chrome browser

Cloud Service for Bank Call Center and Financial Organizations"

Oki-Toki is not just a reliable, but also a high-quality tool for contact centers of banks and financial organizations. We understand how important it is to have a full range of features that will help you streamline your contact center’s operations and ensure effective communication with clients. Oki-Toki offers a wide range of capabilities, including virtual PBX functions, interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, reporting, and much more. Our team is always ready to provide solid support and help in setting up and using the service. 
h3>Oki-Toki for Financial Sector Call Centers/h3>
Oki-Toki is perfectly suited for various types of financial organizations, including banks, insurance companies, investment firms, pension funds, credit unions, leasing companies, and FinTech companies:

  • Banks: Oki-Toki will assist in managing calls, and agents can handle issues related to accounts and loans, provide consultations on financial products and services, as well as resolve problems with banking operations.
  • Insurance Companies: Call centers of insurance companies with Oki-Toki will be able to effectively handle customer inquiries about policies, insurance services, and payouts, explain insurance terms and requirements, and also assist in solving issues and problems related to insurance policies.
  • Investment firms: Agents have the ability to timely advise clients on investments and asset management strategies, as well processing account opening requests and transactions.
  • Pension Funds: Call centers of pension funds with Oki-Toki can provide information about pension rights, process applications for pension payouts and changes in pension data, as well as advise clients on pension matters and pension planning.
  • Leasing Companies: Oki-Toki will empower call centers to handle customer inquiries about leasing services and agreement conditions, provide information on leasing opportunities and services, consult on leasing matters and the selection of suitable offers, as well as resolve issues and problems related to leasing transactions and payments.
  • FinTech Companies: Agents, utilizing Oki-Toki, will be able to resolve customer queries regarding digital financial services and platforms, process applications and requests related to electronic payments and transfers, support customers in the usage of mobile applications and online banking, along with resolving issues and problems related to digital financial products and technologies.

We provide flexible and efficient tools for call centers of financial companies, helping them effectively process calls, improve communication with clients, and enhance service quality.

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