Oki-Toki News Digest for October 2019

Oki-Toki news for October 2019: Refactoring of queues and dialers, project audio folders, simplified number connection. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for October 2019

Refactoring queues and dialers

We boast of putting things in order in queues and dialers, both at the code level and visually: we put things in order in tabs, sorted out the functionality, changed the appearance of the queue and dialer lists by adding quick links, as well as informative statistics on queues and dialers. RefactoringRefactoringRefactoring

Project audio folders

A few colleague companies gave us an idea that would be very helpful for outsourced call centers working with many different customers: uploading audio recordings of project conversations. This is a hardwired solution with no controls. Connect external storage, create a project with queues of this project, done. Now, when we send recording files to your external storage, a separate folder with the name of the project is created inside the external storage, and all project records will be moved to it. You do not need to give the customer access to the system, it remains to share a folder on your Google or Yandex Disk.

Simplified number connection

We simplified the start of new customers by making integration with some of the suppliers in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and also added guides for connecting your telephony. Over time, we will expand the list of providers, eliminating the need for many days of hassle with searching, studying tariffs and connecting telephony. The innovation is available in the list of suppliers of your company, it can be seen in the screenshot. There is nothing to talk about here – you need to use it 🙂 Simplified

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