Outsourced call center software features

What are the features of special software for an outsourcing call center in the Oki-Toki cloud service., specifics of the activity.

Outsourced call center software features

With the growing number of outsourcing call centers, their consolidation, and in general in connection with their existence, there is a need for a specialized solution for outsourcing call centers. We, at Oki-Toki, think about the needs of outsourced call centers, creating special functions that arise from the peculiarities of their work. They have already accumulated enough to create a comfortable environment in which it is convenient for the call center to conduct operational activities. So, let's talk about the important elements of this environment.

Cloud execution

  • Redundancy and protection
  • Capacity scalability
  • Pay by consumption

Operators working on multiple projects

  • Single interface for work
  • Operator work scenarios

Special reporting for operators

  • Consolidated accounting of working hours
  • Accounting for disciplinary violations

Collaboration with the customer

  • Providing access to the customer
  • Collaboration with customer managers

Deployment speed

  • Rapid changes
  • Ease of learning
  • Work from the browser

Uniform KPI for operators*

Now it is easy to compare operators – we have created a unified scoring system for operators, which combines both objective (automatically calculated) indicators and subjective (estimated). In combination with the exchange of services of operators, they form a competitive environment for selection and recruitment of personnel.

Service Billing*

The ability to receive prepayment from the client, agree on the composition and cost of services, and automatically write off the cost of services rendered from the client's prepayment – wonderful opportunities to build a safe and stable business.

Oki-Toki and communication services

  • Connect without limits
  • Consider the connected

Call filter

Possibility to hide calls from reports by number or created rule. Use it to exclude internal and control calls from billed (paid) traffic.

Operator billing

Now, you can create simple rules for billing the work of operators in the BUSY, AWAY, PCP statuses. Connect to Oki-Toki for free 14 days if you have not connected yet and explore new opportunities if you are already our client!

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