How to improve the work of the call center operator

How to improve the work of contact center operators, increase efficiency and optimize processes.

How to improve the work of the call center operator

The work of a call center operator is quite monotonous and routine. During the working day, a specialist has to handle a continuous stream of incoming calls or dial the numbers of cold and warm clients. At the same time, the employee must provide high-quality advice to potential and existing customers, tell them in detail and clearly about the product or service. In outsourcing call centers, operators work on several projects at once, which may not have anything in common. But even in such conditions, operators must be able to represent each company and each product. To improve the quality of work of employees, you can use practical methods, for example, the introduction of more functional call center software. But before choosing a new program, you need to determine the information load on the operator. The analysis evaluates the load when making outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls. Next, we will consider methods for optimizing and motivating the work of call center employees.

Operator optimization

1. Using conversation scripts

If your employee works recently, he does not always know what to answer to the client and makes mistakes. This negatively affects sales and customer loyalty. The solution is to add a conversation script to CRM so that the operator, even when receiving his first call, knows what to answer! A special dialog box will display information about what to ask the client and what to inform him about. The script will help make the conversation shorter and deeper. It increases the confidence of employees, allows them to have a conversation more calmly and not make mistakes. You can read more about scripts for operators for a call center in our article .

2. Dialer for outgoing calls

How does the work of a call center operator improve due to dialer? If your business is built around outgoing calls, you can improve agent efficiency by implementing dialer. The call center employee will not manually dial numbers and listen to beeps. Dialer frees a person from routine operations, because even a simple dialing takes 5-7 seconds, and waiting for an answer takes 20-30 seconds. Outgoing calls are made according to a pre-prepared base, so the operations of choosing a phone number and dialing it can be shifted to the dialer function. The specialist saves his time and energy for useful actions. Read more about Oki-Toki dialer here .

3. Automatic distribution of incoming calls

With this feature, operators do not have to compete with each other to receive a call. The system automatically distributes incoming calls according to the script embedded in the software. Depending on the settings, the distribution may take into account the qualifications, workload of operators, or be guided by data from your CRM.

4. Automatic status switching

This way of organizing the work of agents consists in assigning statuses: call (dialing), busy (in a conversation), PCP (post-call processing), free (ready to answer calls) and absent. The status “Absent” is set by the operator before leaving the workplace for a short time. In addition, such a status can be assigned to him by the system if the operator misses the call. This approach allows you to evenly distribute the load among the group members, and the operators who have finished the call get a pause before the next call, which is necessary for entering information into the database. Read more about operator statuses in our article .

5. Connecting CRM with reference information

Connecting CRM with all the information about the client and the orders made by him simplifies the work of a specialist. If you integrate the database with the Oki-Toki cloud software, the system will be able to automatically dial the client’s number. CRM enables operators to work quickly and competently. Thanks to the database, the employee will receive all the important information at the right time. Benefits of using it: ● Saving data about calls and phone numbers; ● Information monitoring, data comparison; ● Storage of data on all clients of the company and their appeals. CRM helps to process all the important information and accurately remember the right amount of data.

6. Ability to track the quality of your work (KPI)

Motivation of call center employees is a necessary condition for quality customer service. To determine the size of the bonus or piecework wages, employees are assigned KPI – the efficiency ratio to which the employee should strive. These indicators may include: ● number of sales; ● Number of failures; ● Average call duration; ● Subscriber retention time on the line; ● Work breaks. Oki-Toki cloud software allows each operator to track their KPI at any time. Read more about KPIs in our article .

Oki-Toki will help you improve the work of operators

Operator optimization is a necessary step in any call center. This entails increasing profits, getting rid of monotonous or redundant work, and concentrating only on what really matters. Tools: dialer, voice mailings, voice robot, conversation scripts or scripts are the first steps to improve the work of agents. Try ready-made tools for optimizing the work of operators in the Oki-Toki cloud service and see how effective they are! Need time to think? Our proposal is Make a decision after using all the possibilities!. Request 14 days of full access and see if the tools work!

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