Changes in the ‘Variables’

Great news for those who love to work with variables but found it difficult to master the tool due to its non-user-friendly structure in the Oki-Toki interface.

Changes in the ‘Variables’

Our service is continually enriched with new features, and over time, we’ve noticed a surplus of variables which became convoluted for the regular user to navigate.

This article pertains to the tool Oki-Toki for IT department.

variables veriables queue
Variables in queue setup

h3>Format Improvement/h3>
We conducted an audit of all variables that existed in the system – new and old, working and “dead”. Relevant ones were brought into a unified format; non-functioning and obsolete ones were hidden from the clients’ sight but still operate for old projects.

The process of configuring project work should become clearer and more reliable.

variables veriables CRM
h3>Implementing Variable Interaction Interface/h3>
The “Events and Integrations” section has become more user-friendly. Queues, dialers, and CRM now have an intuitive form with a list of all available variables.

We hope that our users will be pleased with the updated functionality and derive the maximum benefit from it. We will continue to work on improvement and adding new features in order to make our product even more convenient for our users.

Andrey Fedyakin

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