Oki-Toki News Digest for July 2019

In July, we focused on several tasks. We worked on the possibility of authorization through social networks and task management in dialers. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for July 2019

Article: Experimental Feature: Dialer without Scripts

Sometimes it becomes necessary to control the timing of the call according to complex conditions – for example, depending on the number of the attempt and the result of the last attempt, assign the next call to the subscriber.

Authorization via social networks

We have completed work on additional authorization methods – integration with Facebook and VK social networks. We are currently working on integration with Google mail. Now the user can link a social network to his profile and subsequently log in with one click. You can link a social network in the settings of your Oki-Toki profile, and the authorization buttons are located under the login and password entry form. In the future, we plan to develop the direction of interaction with Oki-Toki through social networks, offer your ideas and follow the news! integrationintegration

New task management in dialers

Implemented complex and task filtering in dialer. Whereas previously filtering options were limited to scheduled next call time and filtering by phone number, now you can also filter by responsible user, time zone, import number, and more. New Flexibility – New Task Management! New

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