Quality Control in the Call Center: Commenting on Evaluation Sheets

How to open your outsourcing contact center and not burn out. A step-by-step action plan is already in the Oki-Toki blog.

Quality Control in the Call Center: Commenting on Evaluation Sheets

It’s no longer news that Oki-Toki has introduced an agent dialogue evaluation system to ensure quality control in the contact center. However, now, the evaluator can leave comments about the calls in addition to the rating. For this, we’ve introduced a ‘Comment’ field to our evaluation forms‎.‎

Evaluation forms are part of the “Conversation Evaluation” product.
Here’s how it works:

  • Now, when rating a dialogue, you can provide additional comments in the ‘Comment’ field explaining the basis of your rating for an agent. Comment Section.Evaluation forms: field for leaving comments
  • In the evaluation log, you can view the comment left by the evaluating employee. Conversation Evaluation Log.Evaluation forms: check list   


It’s important to remember that “Comments” are just an additional “assistant” and it does not factor into the KPI statistics as it can’t be converted into any evaluation or figure.


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