Contact Center Quality Control: Comment on Scorecards

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Contact Center Quality Control: Comment on Scorecards

It is no longer news that Oki-Toki has a system for evaluating operator dialogues , which allows you to ensure quality control of the contact center. But now the inspector, in addition to the assessment, can leave a comment on the call. To do this, we have added a “Comment” field to the score sheets‎.‎

The score sheets are related to the Conversation Score product

How it works:

  • Now, evaluating the dialogue, in the “Comment” field, you can additionally comment on the basis of what you put this or that mark on the operator. Comment.
    "Comment" field
  • In the evaluation log, you can see what comment the reviewer left. Conversation Evaluation Log.    

Reviewer comment

It is important to remember that “Comments”‎ is only an additional “helper”‎ and it is not included in the KPI statistics, as it cannot turn into any score or number.

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