How to Top-Up Your Oki-Toki Balance

Guide: How to Top Up Your Oki-Toki Cloud Service Balance.

How to Top-Up Your Oki-Toki Balance

The first thing a new client encounters at Oki-Toki is – how and where to top up the balance? The menu is located in the ‘Company’ section, under the ‘Documents and Payments‘.

This article pertains to the product ‘Cloud Call Center‘.
Let’s break down the process of the first top-up into stages:

  1. Setting up the payer;
  2. Setting up the client;
  3. Choosing a payment method from the provided 5:
    • Fondy payment;
    • LiqPay payment;
    • Yandex payment (RU);
    • Payment by Alpha-Bank (RU);
    • Sense Bank payment (Alpha-Bank) (UA).


Setting up the Payer


Payer setup is carried out in the “Setup” tab and includes two options:

Individual: This option is used for topping up the balance through Yandex. The most critical and mandatory field in the setting is the “E-mail”. When topping up through Yandex, you need to enter the e-mail that you specified in the individual settings into the “Comment” field. This way, Oki-Toki will understand who the money came from and which company’s balance they need to be credited to. The remaining fields are not mandatory but can help Oki-Toki to contact you if such need arises.

Legal entity: This option is necessary for automatically crediting funds in case the balance is topped up through “Alpha-Bank”. In this case, the most important field is the “Registration Number”. When paying through a current account, we will match the payer’s details (TIN/Regnum/UEC) with the value entered in this field and credit the funds where they should be.


Setting up the customer’s card


The customer’s card is configured in the same tab and is necessary for generating the act of performed services. We recommend filling out the form as fully as possible to end up having a correct act that will not need to be amended.


Method of payment selection


  • Payment with LiqPay is available in two ways:
    • Directly from the cabinet: By going to the balance replenishment menu, select the method “LiqPay”. Enter the replenishment amount, create a bill. After this, the bill with the “Pay” button appears in the payment list. You only need to click on the button and make a payment.
    • Download the pdf file of the formed bill and pay it according to the details.


    • Payment through Yandex: choose the payment method “Yandex”, use our wallet number specified there or follow the link;
    • Payment through “Sense Bank (Alpha-Bank Ukraine)” and “Alpha-Bank Russia” is identical to payment through LiqPay. Having formed a bill, you pay it in a way convenient for you.

    How to top up Oki-Toki balance


    Additional information:


    Go to Cost Calculation Calculator

    Important! When paying via Yandex, for automatic crediting of funds, be sure to add the email you specified in the individual settings in the comment.

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