Callback – a reverse call service for the site from the oko-toki

What is a Callback, how to set up a connection with a client through the site, dialer lost clients.

Callback – a reverse call service for the site from the oko-toki

There are many ways to lose customers, even those who are interested in your product or service. But there are several ways to prevent this. Most call centers and outsourcing contact centers have such an option as Callback”. Depending on the service used, Callback” appears:

  • in the format of a conventional manual chime;
  • as an automatic chime in case of a lost incoming call;
  • as a button on the site, by clicking on which you can specify your phone number and name, after which a task for the operator will be created.

We wrote more about what Callback” is and how to use it correctly in our article.

The article refers to the Cloud Call Center product.

How to use Callback for incoming calls

Callback” is used as an dialer mode for handling lost calls and “call back”.

Lost customer call is incoming call,

  • not reached the operator;
  • in which the client hung up without waiting for the operator’s answer;
  • which was rejected by the operator;
  • received when all operators are busy or there is not a single operator on the line;

For example, the client called the incoming line – but there were no free operators for him, and in order not to lose the client, his number is added to the Callback” mode dialer. When a free operator appears, an automatic call comes in, connecting the client who did not get through to the operator. The peculiarity of this type of dialer is that it first dials a free operator, warns him about the planned call, and then initiates a call to the client.

The main thing is to specify the desired dialer in the Callback” mode in the queue settings for incoming calls.

Auto-call Callback in queue settings

How to set up dialer – Callback in Oki-Toki

In the Auto Calls” section, create a new one by selecting Callback mode”. Detailed instructions for creating an auto – call are in a separate article on the blog.

Auto-call Callback for lost calls

  • During dialer in Callback mode, the operator hears a voice message warning of a call. You can create it as a robot, upload it as a file, or leave it as default.

Voice message to the operator

  • If you need a call delay after a voice message to the operator, specify the desired length of time in the settings.
  • Set the required number of operators for dialer to work. If there are fewer operators on the line, the callback will not ring.
  • The waiting time for the responsible person is applied if Stickiness” is configured – the call goes to the specific operator to which this client is assigned. When the time comes when the task is scheduled to ring, the countdown will begin. When the waiting time for the responsible one passes, the task will be released from the responsible one and go to the first free operator.

There is a separate blog post about Sticky Callback“.

Callback on the site, it is also a callback widget

Callback” can be used to connect the client with the company through the site, which helps to use the advertising budget more efficiently and increase sales.

You need to create an application form, integrating it on the site, where the client will leave his phone number. This number will get into the CPM or directly into the dialer for further connection of the client with the operator. Such tasks are processed automatically and sequentially, which optimizes the work of operators and greatly reduces the likelihood of losing a client.

Application form on the website


  • You can create a direct call from the site, connecting the client with the company – Webcall“. That is, by pressing the “Call” button, the client connects to the operator or the call goes to the queue to wait for a free operator.
  • Callback” is also used by the operator while working with the questionnaire, if the client asks to call back later. The operator on the button Call back” indicates a specific day and time, then the task is added to the dialer. Or the operator can manually call the customer back from the operator’s position.
  • You can make a report on the number of lost calls and dialer in the Callback mode”, more details in the article on the blog.

Auto-call Callback for lost calls

  • You can set the “Black list of numbers” on the dialer Callback” and these numbers will not be called and sent to the operator, which will save his time.
  • There is a separate article on the blog about dialer modes.  
  • Get data about lost calls to your server or email using the Create webhook function.

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