How to rent a GSM gateway

Answers to frequently asked questions related to renting a GSM gateway. How to choose a tariff for a call center. Ability to make a multi-channel mobile phone.

How to rent a GSM gateway

How to choose a communication tariff for a call center?

Determine the dominant directions in mobile communications, if you have more than 2 operators, then you should give up unlimited phones and take several cards for each telecom operator. If you use dialer, then take cards with 2x, 3x – multiple stock. An exact calculation cannot be made, since it is significantly affected by the quality of the base and the dialing parameters.

How to make a multi-channel mobile phone for a call center?

Oki-Toki automatically combines numbers into a forwarding ring and you’re done – your mobile number is multichannel. 🙂

Where will calls be received while Sims are coming to you?

Make a forwarding on the SIM cards to some number that you will have and receive calls. When the SIM cards are installed in the gateway, the forwarding will turn off automatically.

When will I start paying for the gateway?

The first charge for port rental will be made after your SIM card is installed.

How will the operator choose which card to call through?

The operator does not need to choose which SIM to call through, the system automatically selects the card with the cheapest rate for each call.

And for a small number of operators?

For one operator, use one unlimited SIM card, this will save you money for monthly payments.

How quickly will the gateway be connected to my call center?

We connect your SIM card within the next working day after receiving it.

What else do you need after connecting it?

Yes, you need to create a tariff plan for it in the routing module, configure the routing of incoming and outgoing calls. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact our support team on the Customer Service Portal.

Where to send the SIM card?

Ukraine, Kiev, New Mail No. 95, for Alexey Khudoleev, +380-99-0122331 Russian Federation, specify the delivery method by phone +7-965-6058773 Kazakhstan, Astana, st. Kuishi Dina 17, office 513, BC Aurika, in the name of Yerbol Sarsenbiev, Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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