Conversation Script: Special Action Rights in the Application Form

Some projects grant agents unique, non-linear actions with the questionnaire. Here is a description of our special permissions block on the conversation scripts.

Conversation Script: Special Action Rights in the Application Form

The conversation script has settings for special actions in the questionnaire— these are actions that affect the organized process of interacting with the customer. It’s rare that a project requires such “freedoms”, but there is demand, and here’s our proposal 🙂 

What are these permissions?

  • Go back — the right to return to previous questions of the script. It is usually used for corrections in the conversation script when making a deal;
  • Questionnaire history — a function for viewing the history of answer choices in the questionnaire;

Conversation script : "go back" option

  • End the script — the right to forcibly end the questionnaire. As an option, it can be used to restart the conversation script from the beginning;

ending the script with warning

  • Set call outcome — the right to set the final status of the conversation in the script. It is usually used instead of tags linked to questionnaire responses.

Conversation script. Example of setting a call result

 For Access Settings 

  1. Go to the list of CRM scripts and choose the one in which you want to apply these settings;
  2. In the rights for special actions, specify the roles that will have access to these features. By default – it is available to all users. 

Conversation script. List of rights in settings

All in all, there’s nothing to add here. We have thoroughly talked about (and showed, there’s a YouTube playlist inside) other CRM form settings in our basic article about creating conversation scripts.

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