Conversation script: rights to special actions in the profile

Some designs allow agents special, non-linear actions with the questionnaire. Here is our block of special abilities to manage the script.

Conversation script: rights to special actions in the profile

The conversation script has settings for special actions in the questionnaire – these are actions that affect the organized process of communication with the client. A rare project needs such “liberties”, but there is a demand and here is our offer 🙂

What are these rights?

  • Go back – the right to return to the previous questions of the scenario. Usually used for editing the conversation script when making a deal;

History of the questionnaire

  • End script – the right to force the completion of the questionnaire. Alternatively, it can be used to restart the conversation script from the beginning;

End script

  • Set call summary – the right to set the final status of the conversation in the script. Usually used instead of tags attached to questionnaire answers.

The result of the conversation

 To set up access

  1. Go to the list of CRM scripts and select the one where you want to apply these settings;
  2. In the rights to special actions, specify the roles that will have access to these features. The default is available to all users.

Access to special actions in the questionnaire

In general, there is nothing to add here. We talked about other CRM profile settings in detail (and showed that there is a YouTube playlist inside) in the basic article on creating a conversation script .

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