Oki-Toki Tools for Outsourcing Call Centers

Why every outsourcing call center needs Oki-Toki cloud service tools: projects, reports, briefs, call scripts, CRM.

Oki-Toki Tools for Outsourcing Call Centers

Oki-Toki is a cloud-based service that was born out of our desire to build our own call center. Now, Oki-Toki is an ecosystem for professional contact centers. When we say professional, we primarily mean outsourcing call centers. More details here. These are our main customers, and the article will discuss the tools they choose us for.

“Must have”, Features, Values

Projects and Access 

  • Projects and roles – manage the capabilities and access of company employees. Use roles with a set of rights and create separate projects, invisible to other company members;
  • Change log – all changes by users within the company are logged, so no one will hide, provoking a mishap in the work process;
  • Call filter – hiding test (or those better not heard by anyone) calls. You can hide a specific call or calls by a certain feature.

Projects and Access Oki-Toki for outsourcing call centers

Fast Project Creation 

  • Upon your first entry into the system, everything needed for a quick Contact Centre launch is already set up. 
  • All main elements (scripts, queues, auto-dialling, and integrations) can be copied in two clicks. Creating a similar project could take just a few minutes.
  • We stand against fixed deductions. If on Saturday your agents weren’t working, and auto-dialling wasn’t initiated, then we will certainly not charge you for these. This implies a daily count of used services only!

Rapid project creation for outsourcing call centres

Telephony Capabilities

  • You can connect your numbers, communication agents, and equipment to our cloud, as well as create accounts for softphones.
  • We compute the cost of calls according to directions, and also select the cheapest available telephony for the call in real-time. 
  • We log all calls and every second spent on a conversation, hence our clients often use our data for cross-checking with the billing from SIP telephony providers!

Telephony features in Oki-Toki

Reports, Briefings and Templates

  • We have 27 comprehensive and detailed tabular reports for outsourcing contact centers across 6 vectors – data on agents, robocalls, telephony and the like, with a multitude of filtering options to cover the majority of your data analysis needs. 
  • We have also implemented a template save option for tabular reports, freeing up those responsible from the regular and mundane task of filter selection during complex data compilation. Select, save, use!
  • We’ve developed briefings – automated text reports (via email) that directly answer your query, as opposed to tables that provide raw data for conclusions. The reports are formatted to fit A4, ready to print and present to management. Highly recommended!

Reports, briefings and templates in Oki-Toki for outsourcing contact centers

Call Scripts Constructor

  • Almost all corporate PBXs have incoming call scripts and robot scripts. However, while designing our script, we have gone the extra mile to create a flexible constructor. With it, you can do almost everything that SIP technologies allow nowadays. Admittedly, there’s no karaoke, but we will consider it 🙂
  • Additionally, scripts can synthesize static and dynamic text (for example, based on additional client data, discuss order details for order verification) and voice recognition, which can be used to implement an infocenter on incoming lines, freeing live agents from routine client instruction.

Oki-Toki call script constructor

CRM System

  • It exists 🙂 Simple, informative, with reports and intelligent contact filtering, which can be used for outsourcing call centers.
  • Setting up a client’s profile allows the creation of complex tree-structured conversation schemes. Each answer can be linked to call features, contact fields, call tagging. And also by addition to the auto-redial with the attachment of responsibility, webhooks to an external resource, sending of a template letter/SMS and so on. 
  • Integration with other CRM is supported out of the box and using webhooks & API. 

Agent control 

  • Our report section includes a feature for agent discipline monitoring. This includes tracking their work statuses, idle time in the system, as well as pre-set triggers for disciplinary failures recorded in the reports.
  • In addition, supervisors have access to widgets with agent information, call monitoring, call interception, agent forced disconnect and a handful of other powerful features 🙂
  • Transcription is a new development direction in Oki-Toki. At the moment, it’s simply converting call recordings into a text dialogue between two parties. In perspective, it’s an AI-powered customer service quality monitor working in real-time.

Agent Control in Oki-Toki for Outsourcing Call Centers

If you’ve read this far, you may want to start a trial period in Oki-Toki. You can do this on your own or delegate it to our specialist. During the trial period, you’ll have the opportunity to consult our engineers, ask them questions or even start a simple joint project.

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