Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

How to Identify Speech Errors in a Call Center Agent’s Work with the Help of the Oki-Toki Speech Analytics Tool, Direct and Inverse Search.

Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

Speech analytics is a crucial tool for contact centers, enabling voice data analysis and operator error detection. It utilizes speech recognition – a module that is already embedded within the Google Chrome browser, significantly simplifying setup and allowing access to the tool for free.

Speech analytics operates in real-time and is integrated with KPIs, Reports, and the Salary module, enabling thorough data analysis and decision-making based on the information obtained.

How Speech Analytics Work in Oki-Toki

Speech analytics can significantly ease the workload of the quality control department by detecting issues in customer communication without the need to listen through each dialogue. The tool can identify the presence of specific words from a list (direct search), and their absence (inverse search), enabling a more precise conversation analysis, and pinpointing agent performance issues. Overall, speech analytics is a comprehensive and affordable tool for enhancing the performance of your contact center.

To connect speech analytics in Oki-Toki, go to the KPI and Discipline section., create a rule and select the necessary queues and auto-dials.

Speech analytics for call centers

The principle of speech analytics work lies in that the voice data is recorded in an audio file format and sent to a server for processing. Then, speech recognition algorithms transform the audio file into text, which is then analyzed to identify key words and phrases, as well as evaluate the quality of service.

Speech analytics provides supervisors and the quality control department with useful information that helps improve the call center’s performance. They can receive feedback on the agents’ work and identify customer service problem areas. For example, speech analytics can reveal that many customers are complaining about a long wait time in the queue, and help optimize processes in the call center.

Thus, speech analytics is an essential tool for call center managers, which allows enhancing the quality of customer service and optimizing workflow processes.

Learn more about speech analytics service You can read about Oki-Toki in a separate article.

What mistakes can be detected with speech analytics in call centers? 

Speech analytics in call centers can help identify various errors and problems that may arise when communicating with customers. Here are a few examples: 

  • Insufficient competency of agents: analysis of conversations and identification of cases where agents lack sufficient knowledge or skills to address customer issues. For instance, this could be incorrect or incomplete provision of information about the product or service. 
  • Problems with customer service: speech analytics can detect situations where agents do not adhere to established standards of customer service. For instance, this could be rude treatment of a client, lengthy pauses, or insufficient attention to the client’s problem. 
  • Insufficient understanding of customer needs: instances where agents do not fully understand customer requests and complaints. This could lead to incorrect problem resolutions or incorrect information being provided to the customer. 
  • Lack of effective sales skills:By using speech analytics in sales, you can identify situations when the agents lack successful selling techniques. For instance, these could be incorrectly asked questions to identify customer needs, or missing active offers of additional products or services.

Speech analytics allows for an automatic processing and analysis of large volumes of conversation, identifying key moments, mistakes and shortfalls. As a result, businesses have the opportunity for early problem detection and implemented prevention measures. Besides, speech analytics can assist in agent’s educational process, identifying common mistakes, and offering corresponding improvements.

How speech analytics can improve contact center operations:

With the help of a speech analytics tool, agent dialogues can be assessed and contact center performance can be optimized, utilizing the insights gained.

For example, the analysis of speaking pace and breaks in conversation helps agents to adjust to a fitting communication tempo with the customer. A conversation that is too slow or too fast may negatively impact the impression of the company’s performance.

Conversation transcripts are essentially records of all interactions in a contact center. Studying these records helps in highlighting common questions and issues customers face, paving way to devise the most effective solutions. This leads to improved service quality and increased customer satisfaction levels.

Monitoring the quality of service is a crucial task in a contact center. Speech analytics proves to be an asset in maintaining service quality and assessing if the agents are performing satisfactorily. It also helps in recognizing the top-performing agents and those who might need additional training.

For details about performance indicators and the WFM system for call centers from Oki-Toki, read our separate article. 

Speech Analytics in Scripts Development

Owing to speech analytics, enterprises can delve deeper into customer interactions and evaluate the efficiency of current service scripts. By analyzing key words, phrases, and tones, speech analytics reveals the most successful approaches to communication with customers.

Moreover, speech analytics allows identifying weaknesses in the current service scripts and pinpoint areas that require improvement. For instance, if agents often encounter similar problems or ineffectively respond to certain queries, it may be an indication of the need for changes in the scripts and for training agents in more effective service strategies.

Read more about ready scripts for the call center in a separate article on the blog.

In conclusion, speech analytics is an essential tool for improving contact center performance. It helps identify issues, raise the service quality, determine the most effective agents and significantly improve the contact center’s work.

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