Voice analytics for contact centers

How to identify speech errors in the work of a call center operator using the Oki-Toki speech analytics tool, direct and inverse search.

Voice analytics for contact centers

Speech analytics is a tool that helps the quality control department (administrator, supervisor) to identify speech errors in the operator's work by keywords. It uses speech recognition, the module of which is built into the Google chrome browser itself (that's why we analyze the speech of the operator, and not both sides). Oki-Toki can recognize both sides, but this is a server operation and is paid separately (Transcript Tool).

Why Speech Analytics is good

  • free
  • easy to set up
  • works in real time
  • integrated with KPI, Reports and salary module

Speech analytics can capture both the presence of specific words from the list (direct search) and their absence (inverse search). Let's look at both modes with examples.

Direct Search

This method is suitable, for example, for searching for “parasite words”. In the interface, the finished rule looks something like this: \"Speech


Your actions:

  1. Create and name the new rule;
  2. Specify the queues to which this rule applies;
  3. Fill the dictionary with “parasite words” (one per line);

Additional features that may be useful:

  • You can mark such calls in the Call log by adding a hashtag in the rule settings;
  • Use the "Inverse Rule" to look for instances where keywords were not spoken;
  • “Report to chat” – we will notify supervisors in the general chat about rule violations.

Final example of work: if the operator during the conversation says “short” in the “Oki-Toki” queue, then we will mark this call with the hashtag “parasite word” and notify the supervisor in the chat about this.

More about Inverse Search

The method will be useful in projects where it is necessary to talk about the action or use special words in the dialogue. The setting principle is the same as in the previous example, but in this case, use the “Inverse Rule” setting, and in the dictionary indicate the words that the operator must pronounce.


Speech analytics is a simple and very useful tool that will become an integral part in workflow automation. We have no doubts about its practical usefulness and effectiveness, this is a must-have feature for any CC that works on the high quality of services provided.

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