Phone Sales Technique: Best Phone Sales Scripts

Implementing the right scripts will increase your sales! Read in our article how to prepare a cold call script.

Phone Sales Technique: Best Phone Sales Scripts

A cold calling script is a plan of conversation with a client. It helps set the dialogue in the right direction and contains answers to popular questions and common objections. In other words, this is a sales script that makes it easier for a manager to cold call potential clients.

Purpose of the script

The script helps to train new operators faster, unifies the approach to sales, and allows you to quickly implement best practices. In addition, the sales scenario structures information about a product or service, broadens the horizons of new operators, allowing it to be correctly described and freely talked about its properties. The Oki-Toki script allows you to:

  • Prepare the manager to answer any questions;
  • Save the progress of the dialogue in the call history (questionnaire);
  • Collect customer and communication data into a contact card;
  • Automate sending SMS & e-mail according to a template;
  • Manage dialer: schedule a call, transfer a call;
  • Interact: receive and send data to other CRMs;
  • Other conveniences: Manage the person responsible for the contact, assign tags to the call, contact, questionnaire.

The script can include all kinds of questions: situational, guiding, problematic and extracting. So, situational ones clarify the details of the request, and guides help the client come to the conclusion that ordering a product or service will solve his problem. Problematic and extractive questions remind the client of his “pain” and focus on it.

How to prepare cold calling scripts

The script must contain a classic sales scheme, which includes:

  • Representation of the company and the manager;
  • Finding out the needs of the client;
  • Presentation of goods or services;
  • Work with objections;
  • Making a deal.

The script must contain emotions. You need to get all the important information from the client, present your product with high quality, but do not drag out the conversation. When developing a conversation script, you must immediately decide what result should be achieved during the call. It is important to take into account the portrait of the target audience, gender, age and social status of potential customers. As for the product, the script should clearly state its features and benefits so that the customer immediately understands their benefits. You also need to think about the flexibility of the script and understand how much the manager can deviate from the developed template. You should have several conversation scenarios that are based on the expected answers. When calling a cold customer base, the manager must clearly explain the reason for the call and be able to explain where he got the contacts of a potential client.

Scripts in the Oki-Toki cloud service

The cloud service for call centers has a wide range of options for working with scripts: You can create a large number of conversation scripts in the system and link them to projects. This function is used by different clients, although it is a necessity for outsourcing CCs. The conversation script is displayed on the screen of a PC or other device, which makes it easy to use. The ability to save the history of communication with the client. If the script was not completed to the end, the manager can note which questions he has already managed to go through with the client. Oki-Toki allows you to integrate into any CRM to save important data, place an order or fill out a customer card. You can learn more about saving and using scripts in our service by clicking on the link .

TOP 3 books for salespeople

Special literature will help to improve the skills of managers in the technique of cold sales. For example, the book ” Masters of Sales “, which was compiled by A. Misner and D. Morgan. The authors spoke with 80 well-known salespeople and asked them to share their best practices, give useful tips and give case studies. The book is suitable for those who work in both areas: B2B and B2C. The next book we can recommend is Cold Calling Techniques. What Really Works , by Steven Schiffman. This is a reference book for an employee who is constantly improving in telephone sales. The manual became a worldwide bestseller. The author of the book is one of the most famous sales coaches in America who has trained many sales agents. He collaborated with AT&T and Motorola. The book contains extremely useful information related to telephone sales techniques and cold calling scripts. Schiffman tells how to work with excuses and serious objections. With structured chapter material, managers can learn how to bypass secretaries and talk to the real decision maker. The author also gives numerous examples from his practice. Another book No thanks, I’m just looking. How to turn a visitor into a buyer » G. Fridman. This is a real guide to closing deals, which allows you to increase sales and achieve positive emotions from customers.

Implementing the right scripts will increase your sales

Constant training of employees, improvement of scripts and use of Oki-Toki tools will allow you to increase sales of a product or service. Try our call center tools for yourself during a free trial.

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