Where in the CRM is Call Information Stored?

How to View the Customer Call History Without Opening the Call Report? How to highlight the important ones or the ones where a conversation took place? Taking all these factors into account, we have updated the “contact” feature in CRM.

Where in the CRM is Call Information Stored?

How can you inspect the call history of a customer without opening the call report? How can you distinguish important calls, or those where a conversation took place? Given these factors, we have updated our “contact” feature within our CRM. Simply click on the “calls” link, and get a call reference for this contact in multiple display modes.


Important Calls


If you’ve had conversations with tagged notes, you will see them here. More about call tags can be found in this article. All lines are clickable – conversations’ recordings and detailed information about the call is accessible.

Important calls in Oki-Toki


Conversation List


Only successful conversations with an agent are displayed. If the customer had a conversation with several agents during a single call, you’ll see multiple lines for one call.

Conversation list in Oki-Toki


All Calls


In this mode, all calls are shown, not just conversations, specifically calls related to this customer (incoming, outgoing, callbacks, predictive).

All calls in Oki-TokiΣΣ ΣΣBy default, references display only data for the last 30 days, a longer period is rarely requested, but if you feel a need for data for the entire period (more precisely, since the launch of this feature), then click the link “More”.

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