Hashtag of the Call: How an Agent can Comment on Calls

Automatic Comments on Calls with Conversation Scripts in the Cloud System for Contact Centers Oki-Toki.

Hashtag of the Call: How an Agent can Comment on Calls



It’s convenient when there’s a field where you can write a call tag during a conversation, it’s great if you can filter calls by these tags and it’s fantastic if you can attach a contact to the report when exporting.

With these wishes in mind, we have revised our existing tools to enable this and aimed to make life as easy as possible for the agents.

Creating a tag is simple, there are 2 options – pre-write in the scripts or write in the corresponding field of the script processing window.

This article relates to the product: Dialogue Scripts from Oki-Toki

When calling, it’s enough for an agent to choose an answer tied to the call hashtag, choose from the drop-down list or write manually.

Note – we prompt agents with options for writing tags that have been entered before.

Hashtags: Example of using hashtags in a questionnaire




The call log now displays call tags by default (if they exist). You can’t edit a call hashtag, but if needed – let us know. If desired, you can also filter calls by these. Note that the selection criteria for tags are cumulative.

Tag Filtering

Hashtags: Search for a call by tag filter

Tag Display

Hashtags: Display of tags in call log

Addendum: An additional filter has appeared in the call log, now you can attach contact information to the report. Check the “Attach Contact” box and get information about them received from CRM.

New filter: Attach Contact

If you have any questions about “Call Hashtags” or about the service in general, create a ticket and the tech support team will always help you find an answer or a solution to your problem.

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