Increase Sales with AMOCRM’s Automatic Call Service

5 cases that will help answer questions related to automatic calls and amoCRM. We will tell you why you need integration with amoCRM.

Increase Sales with AMOCRM’s Automatic Call Service

There are many different CRM systems on the market. Nevertheless, almost every quarter there are new ones. AmoCRM is one such product that is rapidly growing in popularity. Given the interest of customers in this CRM, we could not pass by. In the article, we tried to solve the 5 most popular cases related to auto calls and AmoCRM.

Automatic calls and amoCRM

Why integrate something with amoCRM, because you can call anyway? When you receive several requests per day, then dialer is not needed. Managers set tasks, after which notifications come in, according to which they call the client. But what if there are 100 or 1000 applications per day for one manager? The average percentage of picking up the phone on the first try is only 60 percent, and applications continue to come! Accordingly, the remainder of applications that were not received on the first try is growing. Also, one should not forget about the time required to solve routine tasks (notification of a promotion, assessment of the quality of service) and waiting during beeps. In such a situation, dialer comes to the rescue. Read the following 5 case studies that have helped our clients.

Case 1: Automatic calling of new requests by a robot

When entering amoCRM, the application is automatically added to the Oki-Toki dialer service for dialing according to the algorithm that you need! It is up to you to decide how to follow the robot – call and play a message or find out what the client is interested in and connect with the operator. You can learn more about autoinformer mode here.

Case 2: Automatic call when the status of a transaction is changed by a robot

Do you need to notify customers about a promotion, product delivery, or increase sales by calling old leads? There is a simple solution! Each status can be attached to your dialer and dialing algorithm. So, when the status of the lead changes to the desired one, he will automatically get into the dialer.

Case 3: Automatic dialing for new requests and connection with the operator

The third case is similar to the first, except for the automatic connection with the operator when the client answers. When a lead is created in amoCRM, it automatically gets into the dialer. The Oki-Toki service in the background (you can choose different modes of operation, more details here) dials the client and, when answering, automatically connects to the operator. At the beginning of the conversation, the operator will open a lead card from amoCRM! The operator does not hear beeps, no need to press additional buttons, everything happens automatically!

Case 4: Automatic dialing when the transaction status changes and connection with the operator

Need to handle missed calls after the first try? Conduct a survey? Take advantage of this feature! Each status can be attached to your dialer and operator group. The status of the lead will change to the required one and will be added to the Oki-Toki dialer service. After that, the service will start calling clients in the background. When the client answers, a connection with the operator will automatically occur. At the same moment, a deal from amoCRM will open.

Case 5: Automatic creation of a contact and a deal

Most often, this case is used to create warm contacts and deals in amoCRM after calling the cold base by the Oki-Toki robot. How does it work? Upload the database and specify what actions should create a deal. Voila! Only those who clicked the button, showed consent or simply listened to the end get into amoCRM.

Optional: Automatic change of transaction status

This task-case always works in conjunction with other cases and helps to automate status changes. The most popular is the status change when the client presses a button or when a call attempt ends. After that, the task is removed from the dialer.

Useful feature for outsourcing companies

Oki-Toki service adheres to the idea of “flexibility”. This integration is no exception. You can connect as many amoCRM accounts as your business needs. With your dialers and work algorithms!


We tried to cover the most popular and useful cases for our clients. If we have not taken into account some points or you would like to integrate new services with Oki-Toki, please contact Technical Support or write to sales@oki-toki.net. We will consider the possibility of improving the integration. We work for you!

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