Job Responsibilities of a CC Supervisor

What are the job responsibilities of a supervisor in any contact center. Recommended list from independent contact center consultant Dmitry Galkin.

Job Responsibilities of a CC Supervisor

The job description should be working, and not downloaded from the Internet for show, only then it fulfills its purpose and is a powerful management tool. I set out to detail the duties of a supervisor and painted them in detail. It turned out as many as 30. This document is not of a demonstration nature, and after minimal adaptation it is applicable for the practical management of the activities of the CB in a particular business.

The supervisor must:

1. Draw up the work schedules of operators – for the subordinate group, monitor their observance, if necessary – update. Receive requests from operators to change schedules, decide on the appropriateness of rescheduling schedules. If he cannot resolve the issue himself, report to the head of the CC immediately. Put yourself on the schedule, coordinate schedules with the head of the CC. Schedules are drawn up a month ahead, that is, for each day there must be a schedule one month ahead relative to the current date. 2. Monitor how subordinate operators maintain a work culture in relation to colleagues and subscribers and comply with production discipline, as well as work schedules. Report violations to the Head of the CC immediately. 3 . Provide operators with all the necessary support in their work , help in difficult / non-standard situations with clients and organizational issues – within the approved regulations, if it is impossible to resolve the issue on their own – immediately report to the head of the CC. 4. Conduct training of operators according to the plan agreed with the head of the CC. Prepare training plans. Making a decision on the admission of a trained operator to work on a project is under personal responsibility. 5. Compile, submit for approval to the head of the CC individual development plans for subordinate operators, bring them to the attention of operators and implement them. Operators' individual development plans must be drawn up a month in advance and updated weekly no later than the last working day of each week. 6. Strictly comply with the regulations established by the head of the CC in … Confirm the adoption of the updated regulations no later than 2 (two) business hours from the moment they are published. If necessary, ask clarifying questions to the head of the CC. 7. On the instructions of the head of the CC, or based on the actual production need to process incoming and outgoing contacts with subscribers in various channels of client access (telephone, online chat, e-mail, etc.) in accordance with service scenarios and established service quality standards. Processing by the supervisor of contacts with subscribers is allowed only if other tasks set by the head of the CC (including managerial ones) are resolved and do not require the participation of the supervisor. 8. Immediately inform the head of the CC about any abnormal or non-standard or threatening business continuity or not provided for by the regulations within … situations or about situations that threaten people's life and health. If in doubt about the criticality of the situation, immediately inform the head of the CC. 9. Immediately inform the head of the CC about the desire of operators to receive a promotion or income level / take advanced training courses / quit / take a vacation / time off. Coordinate with the head of the CC time off, holidays, any types of planned / unscheduled absence – personal and subordinate. 10 . Prioritize responding to operators' inquiries over inquiries from other employees of the company, with the exception of business owners. If the supervisor is in conversation with the client (see point 5), politely place the client on hold and provide any necessary assistance to subordinate operators. 11 . Make the correct preliminary calculation of the advance / salary of subordinate operators according to the rules established by the head and transfer the results of the calculations to the head of the CC for verification in a timely manner. 12. When paying an advance / salary, personally check, by interviewing subordinate operators, the fact that they received the money in full and report in writing to the head of the CC through the interface … about the presence / absence of questions / objections of operators on charges. 13 . Communicate with colleagues from other departments in all work matters. Receive questions from operators that need to be resolved, take them under control, escalate them to other services, transfer answers to subordinate operators. Establish such order in subordinate departments. 14 . To undergo training (including taking part in trainings, coaching, briefings, etc.) in accordance with the plan approved by the company and the instructions of the management. 15. If, in one way or another, the existence of client claims is revealed, within 30 minutes from the moment the claim is discovered, prepare a draft written response and submit it to the head of the CC for approval. 16. Report to the head of the CC on the actual need for the required tools/resources/means for the performance of work. 17. Prepare reports on the work done personally and by subordinate operators, provide it to the head of the CC within the framework of established regulations or upon request. 18. Take part in production meetings – by decision of the head of the CC. 19 . Participate in interviews of candidates for the position of operators – by decision of the head of the CC. 20 . Allocate operators for training related projects and their maintenance – by order of the head of the CC. Connect and disconnect task operators – by order of the head of the CC or according to the actual need. 21. Know and be able to work on all projects that CC serves. 22. Demonstrate personally the implementation of all production plans with a coefficient of at least 1.2 to those established for all indicators for operators. 23. Within the work schedule – constantly be in touch. 24 . Require operators to strictly adhere to established standards of work and customer service. 25. Identify weaknesses in customer service and sales processes . Report the findings to the Head of the CC immediately. 26. In relation to operators – to behave extremely politely and correctly , to contribute to the formation of a healthy atmosphere in the team. 27. Carry out personal individual development plans established by the head of the CC. 28. Observe production discipline , internal labor regulations, safety precautions and fire protection standards. 29. Follow instructions from superiors related to the above responsibilities. 30. Strictly keep trade secrets. Enjoy. This template closes the control loop on the head of the call center, I'm somewhat authoritarian, but with a little tweaking of the document, you can provide different escalations.

Dmitry Galkin, independent consultant on the creation and management of contact centers

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