Job Duties of a Contact Center Supervisor”

What are the potential responsibilities of a supervisor in any contact center. Recommended list by independent contact center consultant Dmitry Galkin.

Job Duties of a Contact Center Supervisor”

The job description should be working, not downloaded from the Internet just to check a box. Only then does it serve its purpose and becomes a powerful management tool. I set about detailing the duties of a supervisor and spelled them out in detail. I got a whopping 30. This document is not meant for show, but with minimal tinkering can be useful for practically managing CC operations in your business.

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The supervisor is obliged to:

  1. Prepare agent work schedules – for the subordinate team, monitor their observance, if necessary – update them. Accept requests from agents to change schedules, decide on the appropriateness of rescheduling. If he cannot decide the issue himself – report to the contact center manager immediately. Enter yourself in the schedule, coordinate the schedules with the contact center manager. Schedules are drawn up a month in advance, meaning there should be a schedule for a month ahead for each day relative to the current date.
  2. Monitor how subordinate agents adhere to the working culture in relation to colleagues and subscribers and maintain production discipline, as well as work schedules. Report violations to the head of the contact center immediately.
  3. Provide agents with all the necessary support in their work, assist in complex/non-standard situations with clients and organizational issues – within the approved regulations, if unable to resolve the issue independently – promptly report to the Contact Center Manager.
  4. Train agents according to a plan agreed with the contact center manager. Prepare training plans. Make decisions about granting trained agents permission to work on the project – under personal responsibility.
  5. Develop, present for approval to the Contact Center manager individual development plans for subordinate agents, communicate them to the agents and implement them. Individual development plans for agents should be drawn up for a month in advance and refreshed weekly no later than the last working day of each week.
  6. Strictly adhere to regulations, set by the contact center manager in … Confirm the acceptance of updated regulations no later than 2 (two) working hours from the moment of their publication. If necessary, ask the contact center manager for clarification.
  7. By the task of the Contact Center manager, or based on actual production necessity, it’s crucial to handle inbound and outbound contacts with subscribers through various customer access channels (phone, online chat, e-mail, etc.) in accordance with service scripts and established quality standards of service. An agent’s contact with subscribers is allowed only if other tasks set by the Contact Center manager (including managerial ones) are resolved and don’t require the agent’s participation.
  8. Immediately inform the contact center manager about any non-standard, irregular, or threatening situations that could disrupt business continuity or that are not anticipated by regulations. This also applies to situations that endanger human life and health. In case of doubt about the criticality of the situation, promptly alert the contact center manager.
  9. Immediately inform the contact center manager about the agent’s intention to receive a promotion in position or income level / undergo further training / resign / take a vacation / day off. Coordinate with the contact center manager on days off, vacations, any kind of planned / unplanned absence – personal and subordinates.
  10. Priority should be given to answering agent’s inquiries over other employees’ requests, except for the business owners. If the supervisor is engaged in a conversation with a client (see par.5), politely put the client on hold and provide all necessary assistance to the subordinate agents.
  11. Accurately calculate advance/salary for subordinate agents according to rules set by the manager and submit the calculation results to the Contact Center leader for review within the established deadlines.
  12. When making advance/payroll payments – personally verify by surveying subordinate agents the fact of their full money receipt and report in writing to the call center leader through the interface… about the presence/absence of agents’ questions/objections to accrued payments.
  13. Interact with colleagues from other departments on all work matters. Receive inquiries requiring resolution from agents, take them under control, escalate to other servicers, pass the answers to subordinate agents. Establish such order in subordinate departments.
  14. Undergo training (including participating in workshops, coaching sessions, briefings, etc.) in accordance with the company-approved plan and directives from management.
  15. If any customer complaints are identified in one way or another, prepare a draft written response within 30 minutes of discovering the complaint and submit for approval to the Contact Center manager.
  16. Report to the contact center manager on an as-needed basis regarding the required tools/resources/means necessary for carrying out tasks.
  17. Prepare reports on the work done personally and by subordinate agents, present it to the contact center manager within the established regulations or upon request.
  18. Participate in production meetings – at the discretion of the contact center manager.
  19. Participate in candidate interviews for agent positions – at the discretion of the contact center manager.
  20. Engage agents in training for related projects and their servicing – as directed by the Contact Center Manager. Assign and unassign tasks to agents – as directed by the Contact Center Manager or based on actual needs.
  21. Know and be able to work on all projects, serviced by the contact center.
  22. Demonstrate personal fulfillment of all production plans with a ratio no lower than 1.2 to the set for all indicators for agents.
  23. Within the working hours – to be constantly in touch.
  24. Demand from agents to strictly adhere to established standards of work and customer service.
  25. Identify deficiencies in customer service and sales processes. Report any findings to the contact center manager immediately.
  26. In relation to agents – behave extremely politely and correctly, contribute to the creation of a healthy atmosphere in the team.
  27. Execute personal individual development plans, set by the Contact Center Manager.
  28. Adhere to production discipline, the rules of internal labor regulations, safety techniques, and fire protection standards.
  29. Execute the commands of the superior management, related to the duties listed above.
  30. Maintain commercial confidentiality strictly.

Take advantage. This template places the control loop in the hands of the call center manager, I’m a bit authoritarian, but by slightly adjusting the document, you can provide various escalations.


Dmitry Galkin,
independent consultant on the creation and management of contact centers

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