News digest Oki-Toki for February 2020

Oki Toki news for February 2020: new features, optimized reports and base imports, and improved conversation scenarios. Read the digest!

News digest Oki-Toki for February 2020

News digest Oki-Toki for February 2020

Bulk List Operations

Added a simple but useful function of bulk deletion and adding numbers to the lists. It is located inside the list in the Management tab. Massive

Filter by import number

We expanded the list of reports in which you can filter data by import number. Now there is a filter in the reports: Call log (Queues and calls); Summary report (Queues and calls), Summary report on tasks (Dialer), Attempt log (Dialer).

Optimization of reports asd sec and routing

We have completed the next stage of the overall optimization of the service. This time the optimization touched upon the reports located in the sections Users, Queues and calls and SIP-telephony. Reports load faster and are able to handle a much larger amount of data.

Improved work with scenario cubes in integrations

The news will please those who regularly encounter setting up events that are triggered by the passage of a call through the call script cube. Previously, you had to look for its unique ID in the source code of the script page. We put things in order and now you can find the desired cube from the droplist inside the searchable event. Improved

Small Database Import Optimization

A feature of bulk import is a pause before the start of data loading, which can last up to a minute. This is due to the global queue for loading imports into our database. Since many clients use imports to load many small databases, we have created a separate queue for small imports (up to 200 tasks), which are imported almost without delay. Such imports are marked with the Manual tag. Optimization

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