Oki-Toki News Digest for November-December 2019

Oki-Toki News for November-December 2019: new webhook capabilities, outbound webhook tariffication, priority queue. Find out more in our digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for November-December 2019

CRM Webhooks


For the new interface, event handling with CRM forms has been added. Now you can use all the functionality of events, using as a trigger condition a question or answer from the CRM.


Webhooks for Disciplinary Violations


We have added new webhook capabilities, adding to the trigger conditions various disciplinary violations. This will be useful to companies that strive to control and manage Oki-Toki from their own server to the maximum extent.


Tariffication of Outgoing Webhooks


Until today we only tariffed incoming API calls (for example, adding a task to autodial from your server), today we have enabled tariffication for outgoing webhooks, i.e., those that call external resources in “Events” or CRM push-bots. Usually, such calls are few and their use is of practical value, if you have unexpectedly too many of them, it is a good reason to optimize their use.


VIP-Announcement and Additional Opportunities


Our system has long featured a premium option – priority queue. When an incoming call comes into a queue with this option active and there are no free agents, the system can assign an agent to this client who is currently in conversation in a non-priority queue while notifying in advance by playing a pre-set audio recording. In our recent update, we’ve also made it possible to play a separate recording for the client who is about to have an agent “taken” from them.


Hotkeys at the agent station


We’ve implemented call management at the agent station using hotkeys. Available actions include:

  • When a call comes in: accept the call (Space\Enter key); reject the call (ESC key).
  • During a call: transfer\take off hold (N key), mute\unmute (M key), end the call (ESC key);
  • Status management: change to “Ready” (R key); switch to “Away” (A key).

All actions work when the agent station tab is active.


Article-Guide block


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2. Interactive Voice Response or IVR
3. How to Integrate Google Sheets and Call Center Reports

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