News digest Oki-Toki for June 2018

Oki-Toki news for June 2018. Testing voice recognition in IVR, launching tickets, working on the interface and optimizing the CRM. Read more on the blog!

News digest Oki-Toki for June 2018

We continue to actively work on the service, introducing new features and improving existing functionality. In June, these were: voice recognition using Google (still a test version), preparing and launching a ticket system to process your requests, finalizing the interface and optimizing CRM. Read more in the digest.

Google voice recognition in ivr3 cube (testing)

We offer you to use the improved IVR with voice recognition for free. It has the functionality of recognizing not only words, but also phrases. By specifying several words of synonyms, you give the client the opportunity to deviate from the standard answers and answer instead of yes, for example, of course, agree, yep, I want to try.


Music on hold

When moving to the new interface, we forgot a small but important option – music on hold of the call, which allowed your customers to listen not to beeps, but to pleasant music. Thanks to our customers for noticing and we promptly returned it. Big sales and profits to all 🙂

Preparing a ticket system

Recently, the guys in technical support have been added, and the time for processing requests by our technical support has increased. And some questions were completely lost in the correspondence, replacing other equally important questions. Meet the ticket system!


100 interface little things

We try to add programmers to the team and give them simple but necessary tasks – to replace descriptions somewhere, to make interface elements clearer somewhere, and so on many, many times. If you notice an inaccuracy, please let us know, we will definitely look into it and take action. Thank you for being with us!

Urgent CRM optimization

The transition to a higher level in any business always drags the tails of the past and, if urgent measures are not taken, there may be consequences. The new round has even more power, speed and improvements. If you notice otherwise – write! We are always on the client's side!

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