5 Useful Reporting Features

There are many different reports in Oki-Toki, and now we will talk about tools that make it easier to work with them.

5 Useful Reporting Features

Report export options


  • There are 3 report upload formats available: MS EXCEL, Google Sheets, HTML. Choose the one in which you usually work with data. We read Google sheets.
  • (new!) Download Transcripts
  • Upload audio archive. Important! For this procedure, you will need to link a cloud drive (Yandex, Google, Dropbox) in the \”Integration\”/\”External Resources\” section.

It is possible to separate the upload of recordings to an external disk for certain projects, thereby securing the user’s access of one project to another. More about projects here.


Report access control


You can close or open access to the report for a group of users using \”icons\” at the top right of the screen. Select the roles that can view this report. Read more about the roles here.

Report access management


Getting reports via API


Implementation of API report export provides great opportunities for integration, creating convenience in working with them. We have convenient documentation, with which you can set up uploads with external services or your own server. The section is located in the \”Integration\” menu called \” API Documentation \”.

Ability to share links to reports


If you need to provide report data to a colleague in Oki-Toki, you can create a journal, copy the finished link from the browser line and send it to him by any available text messenger or mail.


Report templates for frequent and recurring activities


In Oki-Toki, you can create report templates with specified parameters, they will significantly speed up the work process. To do this, select the required filtering conditions and click “Create a new template” next to the required template type (Public/Personal).

Creating a new report template


Then enter a name for the template and save it to apply the above selected settings.

Saving the created template


I hope this note was helpful, and if you still have questions, technical support will be happy to answer them!

Andrey Fedyakin

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