5 Useful Features of Working with Reports

In Oki-Toki, there are numerous diverse reports and we’ll now disclose to you the tools that simplify working with them.

5 Useful Features of Working with Reports

Report Export Capabilities


  • Three report export formats are available: MS EXCEL, Google Sheets, HTML. Choose the one you usually use to work with data. We highly recommend Google Sheets.
  • (new!) Stenography Export
  • Audio file archive export. Important! This procedure requires linking a cloud drive (Yandex, Google, Dropbox) in the “Integration” / “external resources” section.

It is possible to partition the external disk storage by specific projects, thereby securing access from one project user to another. Further about projects here.


Managing Access to Reports


You can restrict or grant access to the report for a group of users using “icons” at the top right of the screen. Choose the roles that can view this report. Read more about the roles here.

Managing Access to Reports

Getting Reports via API


Implementing report export via API provides ample opportunities for integration, making them easier to work with. We have a user-friendly documentation, with it you can configure the export with external services or your server. The section is located in the “Integration” menu and is called \API Documentation“.

Ability to share report links

 If you need to provide report data to a colleague in Oki-Toki, it’s possible to create a log, copy the ready-made link from your browser’s address bar, and send it via any available text messaging app or email.

Report templates for frequent and recurring actions

 In Oki-Toki, you can create report templates with set parameters, which will significantly accelerate your work process. To do this, select the required filtering conditions and click on “Create New Template” next to the necessary template type (General/Personal).Creating a new report templateAfterwards, enter a name for the template and save it to apply the above-selected settings.Saving created templateI hope this note was helpful, and if you still have questions, our support team would be more than happy to answer them!

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