Oki-Toki News Digest for March 2019

News for March: Updated operator space, a dedicated domain, and a plugin for Google Chrome. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for March 2019

opera place

We continue to actively work with the operator's station, improving and expanding its capabilities every day. Below we describe only a small part of the changes that have occurred to him over the past month:

  • Added an SMS button: you can send SMS directly from the operator's place to the client's number;
  • Added a button to mute the microphone when talking with a subscriber;


  • Added widget Dialers, in which dialers and their statuses are grouped by queues;


  • Enriched the functionality of interaction with users: call, send sms, open a profile, create a chat or disable it;


  • We added the ability to redirect a subscriber to an external phone number, to a user, or to a queue, using a searchable drop-down list.


Dedicated domain – function extension

Premium service for those companies that want to personalize their PBX as much as possible: the service allows you to set your logo in the tab, in the upper left corner, when logging into the system, as well as change the text at the bottom of the page and set your personal domain without mentioning Oki-Toki. DedicatedDedicated

Plugin for Google Chrome

Expand the functionality of the operator's place in Oki-Toki! Notifications with multiple actions, an icon in the extensions panel with your current status and a quick transition to the operating place tab on click (or opening a new one if there are no tabs yet), click-to-call to process links starting with tel:, callto: or sip : and other useful features.

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