Oki-Toki News Digest for June 2019

In June, we prepared several key user guides and revised the cost calculation for voice recognition. Plus, out went our first server, paving the way for a new and improved replacement. Find out all the details in our digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for June 2019

Changes in the Billing for “Voice Recognition”


We have reviewed the pricing for voice recognition and realized that it is difficult for clients to estimate future costs, and it is not always profitable for those with small volumes. Therefore, we have simplified the cost calculation system for this service.

  • Up to 50 recognitions per day – free
  • From 50 and above – 0.01 euro cent for each recognition.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about expanding the functionality of “Voice Recognition”? – be sure to contact us via chat or ticket system!


8 Features of Oki-Toki Reports


Often only a small part of the capabilities of Oki-Toki reports is used. Read our new note about reports.


How Call Recording Files are Stored


For storing call recordings, you can use both the Oki-Toki storage and third-party services – Google, Yandex & Dropbox. You can read more in this note.


Unique Call Numbers


Many large corporations that utilise our product often duplicate the call information from Oki-Toki onto their own server. However, they occasionally face an issue where multiple calls over a six-month span end up having identical Session IDs (SID). This was due to the occasional reset of the ID counter, with each server maintaining its own unique count of SIDs.

We have rectified this inconvenience by introducing unique call numbers. Currently, the final testing phase is in progress. Soon, the unique tally of calls will be implemented across all companies!


Replacement of de1 server


A month ago, we commenced testing a new, sleek and powerful server based on the i-9900k processor, eventually replacing our first, rather outdated server in Germany.

Its capabilities will effortlessly handle any client load on it!


SMS Message Routing


Large outsourcing companies often use telephony and SMS-SIP providers from their clients, but until now, we were lacking the capability for SMS routing.

Now, routing is available thanks to the notification templates in the ACD! Find out more in this note.

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