Effective report Reports: the entire CC on page A4

How to make an effective report on the work of the contact center. How to keep management up to date with clear reports.

Effective report Reports: the entire CC on page A4

Reports – an effective report on key indicators of the contact center in the format of a landscape sheet. Great format for a guide.

Use a report if you don’t want to spend time analyzing different reports!

  • The report gives all and only the necessary data about the work of the company.
  • The data is generated for a period (day/week/month/year), and the values in the report store the history of changes.
  • The reports are stored for a long time, we don’t even know how long, and the data of the reports is only half a year.
  • The history of changes allows you to see the dynamics of the company’s performance. This will help to identify errors and weaknesses in time, for prompt intervention or, for example, to revise the company’s strategy.
  • The report can be received by mail by setting up automatic sending.
  • The report is generated automatically and regularly. It’s comfortable.

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How to create a report

  1. Go to the “Reports” section , press the “‎New report”‎ button.
  2. Specify the performance indicators of the company you want to monitor effective report: How to create a report 
  3. The last step is to add/remove sections from which the report will be generated. effective report: Add/remove sections

Report is ready

  • During the specified period, you will receive a compact report on key indicators in your mail – an effective report.
  • You will be able to observe the dynamics of the company’s performance and compare them with previous periods.
  • You no longer need to generate a report every time – it will come to you automatically.
  • You can change the conditions for generating a report at any time, the changes are applied immediately 

Use the report – it is a convenient, easy and effective control tool.

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