Call Center Report Builder – DataMixer

DataMixer – the new Oki-Toki tool set to streamline your reports. Delve into our notes to understand its necessity and setup procedure!

Call Center Report Builder – DataMixer

In this article we are going to talk about the call center report builder – DataMixer. This is a tool that will become indispensable for receiving regular reports from chosen logs. Now, gathering data from call logs, dialer logs, etc. will be significantly simpler; just set up DataMixer once and the need for constant digging in reports will become a thing of the past. 

Report preparation

We go to the “Project Resources” section, select DataMixer. Name the report, indicate its periodicity, the projects used and the user-recipients.

Report builder: Setting up a report in DataMixer


Let’s move on to the settings itself. We are interested in two tabs that we will be working with.

The first tab is responsible for setting the data sample, in the URL-filter of which we write the URL of the required report, which may be a call log, agent log, etc.

Report builder: setting the data sample


Obtaining the URL link is very simple. We form a report in any of the logs and copy the data from the address bar.

Report Constructor: where to get the link with data


The fields in the report will allow you to select exactly those data that we want to see in the report.

Report Constructor: Example of data in the report



The “Example of data” tab will allow you to form a report based on the parameters you have previously entered. The result can be displayed in the interface or you can export the table to your disk.

Report Constructor: Preview of the formed report


What in the end?

The DataMixer report constructor optimizes the preparation of complexly assembled reports. Once you have worked on this Frankenstine from the data world, you automate the process of preparing and sending the planned report to the mailbox. We recommend working with the datamixer, and we are ready to improve it for you!

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