Operator call evaluation – a tool Oki-Toki

Evaluation of the operator's work will help organize the control process, analyze the speech of employees and standardize the quality of interactions. More in note!

Operator call evaluation – a tool Oki-Toki

The quality of the work of the contact center is generally described by two characteristics – the availability and quality of the conversation of operators. The first, in turn, is determined by the availability of communication channels, other technical parameters, as well as the accuracy of planning the work of operators. The second is the knowledge, skills and motivation of the operators. To simplify the assessment of these parameters of the operator, we at Oki-Toki have prepared a new tool – “Evaluation of the work of the operator” – it will help organize the control process, analyze the speech of employees and standardize the quality of interactions with the client. With the help of the created assessment questionnaires, you can evaluate the training of the operator, the conversation script, and also prepare the assessment base for the implementation of employee incentive and motivation systems. Grade

Preparing a test plan

To get started, create a test plan in the “ Conversation Analysis” menu

  • select a survey template. If you do not have your own yet, then take as an example the one proposed by us,
  • set deadlines for tasks,
  • appoint staff to conduct the assessment.

If the staff is small, then the administrator can independently evaluate the operators, but with large numbers it already makes sense to create a staff of supervisors or even outsource quality control. You can control the implementation using the “conversation assessment log” , and the filters available there will help reduce the time spent on analyzing the results. magazine

Selecting Calls to Evaluate

You need to select calls to check using the “call log”, it has convenient filters that will simplify the selection. When the list of calls is loaded on the page, the next thing to do is to copy the generated url address and paste it into the “test plan” Magazine

How the questionnaire works

The control questionnaire consists of questions and instructions, in one or more categories. In the settings, you can specify the number of points awarded for a particular positive answer. The created questionnaire can be used as a template for several projects. Access to a particular profile is configured according to the rules that are set in the Oki-Toki project. This determines whether this employee can use this questionnaire or not. So you can share questionnaires between a group of controllers. 

Analysis of results

Then, based on the ratings, the operators and queues are rated, the conversation rating log and the analysis summary report, which has filtering options, will help with this:

  • Operators
  • checking,
  • categories,

After the results obtained, you can create the most diverse rating:

  • The most common operator problems
  • The most frequent problems of the project (of all operators),
  • The best operators
  • Best Queue Groups

etc. This data is used as the information basis for rewards or penalties in the management process. Consolidated

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