How to use a package of minutes in a GSM gateway

Management of minute packages in the GSM gateway. Setting up a GSM gateway: selection of allowed prefixes (directions), charging frequency and cost per minute.

How to use a package of minutes in a GSM gateway

The mobile operator includes in the subscription fee a certain number of grace minutes, which can be spent per day or per month. Sometimes these package offers are so attractive that they are the reason for choosing a package.

Which destinations (prefixes) are included in package minutes

Bundled minutes will be processed for prefixes (destinations) that you allow for use. What kind

Package minute price

You can manually set the price per minute. It would be correct to calculate the cost of the package divided by the number of package minutes. The resulting price per minute for other operators will be more than zero, which is good, call routing by price (LCR) will "save" package minutes, preferring cards where these prefixes will be free. Price

Updated: Prevent overuse of bundled minutes

Check this box so that no traffic goes to the prefixes specified in the package at the end of the package minutes. Attention! PUT it always, if you are not ready to pay the high cost of minutes on top of the package. Prohibit

Frequency of accrual of package minutes

Set up auto-recharge according to the conditions of your operator, usually all minutes are credited on a certain day or every day in equal parts. Before replenishment, the remaining minutes will be reset to zero. Periodicity

How to add and write off package minutes manually

By adding and subtracting the desired number, you can change the number of package minutes. This will come in handy if you are changing a package in the middle of the month or just mastering our new feature. How

Activity log

This log shows where the minutes were spent and how the settings changed. Magazine

Notification letters about the status of package minutes

When package minutes change, a notification will be sent to the mailbox. alert letters Enjoy and share your experience. Thanks to Ivan Dubovik PP "Istok".

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