Creating sales scripts from a Google Docs document

The sales script is an important optimization component of the call center. This note is about the convenience of importing a script into Oki-Toki directly from Google Docs.

Creating sales scripts from a Google Docs document

A sales script allows you to standardize the approach to communications and automate some actions (send a letter, SMS, etc.), but how to automate the creation of a script?

It is not possible to do this completely automatically now, but it is quite possible to create it from a previously prepared text document.

Video: how to upload Oki-Toki CRM sales script using google docs 

What can be extracted from the script?

  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Hints for them
  • Help popup text

What will have to be done after import?

  • Binding contact fields ;

 sales script: Assigning a contact field in crm

    • Settings for adding/removing tasks from dialers; 

sales script: Adding to auto dialing

    • Tag assignment; 

sales script:Hashtag assignment

    • Sending alerts;

 sales script: Setting up an alert template

    • Input field formats;
    • Set up a sequence of questions. 

 sales script: Setting questionnaire priorities

Thus, import allows you to create a skeleton of a future scenario. In the future, there will be little skilled work to revive it. The main benefit of this feature arises if the customer or some contractor provides a “script” as a text document.

Where to begin?

    • The script must be in google docs document format. If you have it in Ms Word format or otherwise, then import it there first;
    • The document must have Edit and Read permissions;

 sales script: Setting rights to edit and read a document

  • Question and answer numbers are not needed. They will be assigned from top to bottom after import;
  • Follow the formatting rules. see table below.

Loading the script in Oki-Toki

  1. Go to the “ Oki-Toki CRM ” -> “Import” -> “Select Document” section ;

 sales script:Importing a dialog script

sales script:Importing a dialog script "Select Document"
2. Allow access to the account section in which the document “Google account” is located , -> “Document” ;

 sales script: Google account authorization

 sales script: Selecting the document to be imported

3. After processing the Google document, the name and the generated sales script will be pulled up automatically and all that remains is to click save.

 sales script: The result of importing a document

Questions and answers

Q: Can I update an existing script?

A : Whoops. No. But you can create a new one!

Q: What happens if I make a mistake with formatting?

A : You will find out while previewing the import result.

PS If you have any questions about creating a “Dialogue Script” or about the operation of the service, create a ticket and the technical staff. support will help you find a solution.

PSS Script Formatting Table and full document example here !

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