Oki-Toki news digest for April 2020

Oki-Toki News for April 2020: Time zone definition in the operator’s seat and a big bug cleanup. Read more!

Oki-Toki news digest for April 2020

Determining the time zone at the operating location

We have added the ability to determine the time zone for manual outgoing calls (only for clients operating within the Russian Federation). You can manage calls and determine the time zone here (see screenshot), and use it in the CRM form. Now you can protect customers from unexpected calls at odd hours, and the definition of time in the CRM questionnaire will allow you not to wish good morning to a subscriber who is already in the evening 🙂 DefinitionDefinition

Solving problems when connecting to the operating place

Intuitive tips have been added for operators who are experiencing connection problems at the workplace. If they do not help, then other solutions are available there at the link to our blog 🙂 Solution

Big cleaning of bugs and inconveniences in the system

Periodically, we open a witch hunt for bugs and rough edges. At the end of April, the next stage of such a hunt started. Upon completion, next month, we will post a list of fixes. We wish you convenient and comfortable use of the Oki-Toki service!

Disabling import in the old interface

Unfortunately or fortunately, nothing lasts forever and the old interface does not meet modern requirements for a long time. The other day we completely disabled imports in the old CRM interface, providing imports in the new interface. This import already has all the functions from the old one, besides it is faster, smarter, clearer. Solution

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