Oki-Toki News Digest for August 2019

In August, we have prepared for you a block of guide-articles, a new import of Oki-Toki users, and an update of DB servers. Read more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for August 2019

Block of Tutorial Articles


Manual: Handling Incoming Calls
Auto-informer with Voice Message and Button Press


New User Import


We have abandoned the old way of importing existing Oki-Toki users into your company, developing a universal tool for mass import. Simply copy the column with mailboxes of future users (both existing and new ones) and the invitees will receive an invitation letter by email.

Location of the section, its appearance and an example of an invitation letter:

New import of Oki-Toki users Oki-Toki invitation letter


Database Servers Update

The transition to the new servers is complete. On the menu: increased performance, storage for databases and overall reliability (we expect so). In general, the i9-9900 cluster is neat and easy to manage. Current load – 10%. We are ready by September!

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