Oki-Toki News Digest for July-August 2021

Start reading right now about the new tools of the Oki-Toki service. Turnarounds of contact center agents, disciplinary control, and quotas for surveys.

Oki-Toki News Digest for July-August 2021

Agent Shifts

You can now entrust the task of maintaining a strict work schedule to Oki-Toki! Create work schedules, keep track of the absences, lateness or early departures of your agents. The KPI counter and shift report will ensure that you stay informed about any discrepancies.

Quotas in the new interface

Our new interface now hosts another CRM tool – quotas, which are ideally suited for outsourced call center projects. Set the parameters of your CATI research and the number of required surveys and we will monitor the research progress and inform the agents upon reaching the limit. We are looking forward to the report on filling the estimates soon.

Quotas in the new interface of Oki-Toki

Revamping Disciplinary Control in Oki-Toki

We decided to abandon the outdated disciplinary control mechanism and move everything to the KPI counter:

  • All existing disciplinary standards have been added to the KPI counter;
  • The “Disciplinary Limits” tab in the queue settings will be abolished, and some of its elements that are not standards (presence control, AHT, etc.) will be moved to the respective sections in the queue settings;
  • The discipline report will be frozen, and will be removed in a few months. We’ll notify about this in advance.

Overhaul of disciplinary control in Oki-Toki

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