Oki-Toki News Digest for June 2018

Oki-Toki Updates for June 2018. Testing voice recognition in IVR, launching tickets, optimizing user interface and CRM. Find out more in our blog!

Oki-Toki News Digest for June 2018

We continue to actively work on the service, implementing new features and perfecting the existing functionality. In June, these were: voice recognition using Google (still in test mode), preparation and launch of a ticketing system for handling your requests, interface refinement, and CRM optimization. Read more in the digest.


Google voice recognition in the ivr3 cube (testing)


We offer free use of an improved IVR with voice recognition. It has the functionality of recognizing not only words but also phrases. By specifying several synonymous words, you give the client the opportunity to deviate from standard answers and respond instead of “yes”, for example, “of course”, “agree”, “uh-huh”, “want to try”.

Google voice recognition in the ivr3 cube (testing)


Hold Music


When “moving” to the new interface we forgot a small but important option – “hold music” for calls, which allowed your clients to listen not to beeps, but pleasant music. Thank our clients for noticing and we promptly returned it. Wishing everyone big sales and profits 🙂


Preparing the Ticketing System


Recently, we’ve added more agents to our technical support team, and our response time has increased. However, some issues fell through the cracks, replacing others of equal importance. Enter the ticketing system! Be ready for more efficient and organized support.

Preparing the ticket system


100 Interface Fixes


We are constantly striving to add new talented developers to our team, giving them essential tasks, such as revising descriptions or making interface elements more user-friendly, and repeating this process countless times. If you notice any inaccuracies, please let us know. We will definitely review and take action. Thank you for being with us!


Urgent CRM Optimization


[Moving up a level in anything always brings along remnants of the past, and without immediate action, there may be consequences. In this new phase, we offer even more capabilities, speed, and improvements. If you notice any fallbacks, tell us! We are always on the customer’s side!

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