Oki-Toki News Digest for March 2019

March News: Updated agent workstation, dedicated domain, and Google Chrome plugin. Discover more in the digest!

Oki-Toki News Digest for March 2019

Agent Station


We continue our active work with the agent station, improving and expanding its capabilities every day. Below we will only describe a small part of the changes that have happened over the last month:

  • Added an SMS button: You can send an SMS to the customer’s number directly from the agent’s station;
  • Added a microphone mute button during a call with a subscriber;

you can send an SMS to the customer's number from the agent's station

  • Added an ‘Auto Callbacks’ widget, in which callbacks and their statuses are organized in a queue;

microphone mute button

  • Enhanced the interaction features with users: call, send sms, open a profile, create a chat, or disable it;

interaction features with users

  • Added the possibility to forward the subscriber to an external phone number, to a user or to a queue, styling it with a drop-down list with search functionality.

call forwarding


Designated Domain – Expanding Features

This is a premium service for companies looking to maximally personalize their PBX: The service allows you to set your logo in the tab, in the top left corner, when authorizing in the system, as well as modify the text at the bottom of the page and set your personal domain without mentioning Oki-Toki.Dedicated domain - expanding features    Dedicated domain - expanding features


Google Chrome Plugin


Extend the functionality of your Oki-Toki agent station! Notifications with multiple actions, an icon in the extensions panel with your current status and a quick transition to the agent tab on click (or opening a new one, if there are no tabs yet), click-to-call for handling links starting with tel:, callto: or sip: and other useful features.


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